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Writing objectives for capstone projects online

Writing objectives for capstone projects online mit capstone project rutgers for money fun writing prompts for elementary students ´╗┐go island is brought to you by German auto import network rock the VIU its orientation day for new students here at vancouver island university in nanaimo on today's show small farm operators go online comic books inlay smith and loving yourself on the streets of junkin that and more in the next 30 minutes you're watching go island on shaw TV channel for students at the university level and below are back to school today in districts all across the island we're at the Vancouver Island campus in nanaimo where new students are being greeted and welcomed and orientated to the campus here and it looks like a whole lot of fun and kind of makes me want to be a student again but todd Jones behind the camera says he has nightmares about going to school I think it'd be a whole lot of fun unless of course we get hit in the head with a ball today that's not going to happen small farm operators on gabriola island are getting help marketing the fruits of their labors through the world-wide-web here's annette lucas vancouver island university campus here in nanaimo is a pretty fun place to be as long as the rain holds out just a little bit longer because well we wouldn't want to stop the game of twister or the game of giant Jenga that's taking place on campus just a few of the many activities here at Rock the VIU orientation day for new students at vancouver island university we're going to look into that a little bit more later on this edition of go Island but first zombies and the undead have been growing in popularity lately and we're going to take another look at a story now that our very own Derek Johnstone put together that takes a look at comic book artist Nevin Arnold from ladysmith the second issue of Calvera is ready for release later this month you're watching go island on shaw TV channel for joanna hesketh is the coordinator in the office of enrollment management and how does that fit into what's happening here on campus today i'm so the opposite of enrollment management here really focuses on helping students make a transition to university so we do things like recruitment and retention initiatives so the student ambassadors you see running around in the gray t-shirts with the rainbows on the front those were our student volunteers here and they're here to help our students get engaged with the campus so we help with student success on campus and recruitment on-campus awesome now what is the objective of today's event because I really does seem like a big party with a whole lot of fun but but people are getting ready to get serious and into their education now absolutely on the Golan who head like this is really to help students make that transition to university and we try to make it as comfortable as it would possibly be it can be scary for students that first aid you know they might not know a face so this waving group students according to their program area so if they're a marketing student there with other marketing students we give them a chance to know somebody who's going to be in their classes so when they show up there's a familiar face there and we also introduce them to the campus so they know where their buildings are you know where the library is they know where student affairs is I they know how to connect to all of those areas before they get here what is the general sort of feeling on campus the last few days and today a lot of anticipation anxiety excitement I mean it's big deal for a lot of students to start absolutely we actually had something called summer warm-ups leading up to this so students could come on campus and they could get their student card their gym membership and over the past three days you've actually had about over 100 students do that with our student ambassadors so students are coming in they're checking out there getting excited there you know getting a feel for things and a day like today is just all about having fun you know having having a burger you know playing a game having some activity or getting involved in some activity and just enjoying themselves so that when they get here the first day they can they can carry on with that now what did you think when you looked out and because it is pouring rain right now and Todd's bumping into people because we're all huddled underneath every little bit of dry spot we could find it doesn't seem to be putting a damper on the energy or the atmosphere absolutely not this is the west coast I need we have to get from all over the world here today so welcome this is what it's like out here I'm and you know we have often programs that happen all throughout the year this is just your first chance to get a look at that we go rain or shine we are you know full-on I we bring the energy and that a lot of that has to do with our student ambassadors they knew leading up to the day we checked the weather on the hour if you gettin any better it's getting better nope that's okay we are full on we're into this let's go let's have some fun and really get these guys you know started off something you're definitely going to have to get used to going to university here on the west coast we're gonna take a short break we'll be back with more on this edition of go Island still to come today on go a road trip for gelato in Vancouver and Dan con talks about self-love in Duncan that and more still to come today on go you're watching go island on shaw TV channel for these guys here you can see their chief chattery they are cold but a little bit okay a lot of rain is not stopping the new students here at Vancouver Island universities orientation day from getting into the BBQ lineup which is where we are right now it's also one of this spots for shelter that everybody's running to we're gonna throw things over now just something else that's cold and maybe offseason it's gelato here's a road trip with junya tozi on a day like today I think I'd like some coffee instead of gelato you're watching go island on shaw TV channel for Anthony Oh beachy is from Nigeria ty say your name right I'm to new BJ oh I was kind of close so what are you doing here at vancouver island university I'm here for my mba program in vancouver island university and i'm just arrived about two weeks ago and what do you think of Nanaimo as a whole so far well then i was a great place if there's one thing i notice that they love old people elderly people around and the nemo and they're very nice a very welcoming the culture is open from right from the ferry from horseshoe bay in vancouver before i arrived here what point i go to nanaimo asking questions is very easy people are ready to help and go the extra mile to assist you are not something very amazing way to go good to hear that so today is your first kind of orientation day where you get to meet a lot of the other students on campus what do you think of the energy so far here at VI you today yeah it's been good experience the turnout is very amazing is interesting that people are coming up people I excited about going back to school friends meeting friends making a lot of new friends unfortunately the rain won't let us have the best of the deal but it's been a great day and you can see how the students are all out there queuing right on the rain they don't care people are over there dancing even the rain the rain is not even enough to stop them and not something wonderful and you know totally different from what I'm used to so I'm happy to be here excellent now I imagine that you had a lot of choice I mean where you chose to go to university and what made you choose VI you here in animo well I choose VI you for a number of reasons particularly the NVA program here is quite robust and is a combined is a dwell MBA and master's in international business so when you're done you have and again it in comparison with the US and the UK and other places where convoy I've tried to compare even across Canada you find that the MBA programs some of them seem to emphasize poly quantitative MBA which is more of tech skills that soft skills but you have what you have here at vancouver island university is more like a balance between the soft and the technical skill so you're not going to expect to see all the numbers and it's a balance between t2 and that for me that's something interesting being able to combine my technical skills and as well as soft skill because in the world of today just can't succeed with the text or the Lord are you gonna take this education and go back to Nigeria or do you think you'll stay in candler don't know yet definitely not any harder to go back I want to get some Canadian Walk experience and to see what life is like here before going back home but I have something to take back Anthony thank you thank you very much for your time yeah throw things over now to Melissa Hall most motor vehicle accidents occur in intersections here are some tips on how to avoid it you're watching go island on shaw TV channel 4 we're hanging out on the conversation couch i have my new buddies new students here at VI you but michelle is running the show here we've got a spin wheel and what happens with this wheel alright so we're gonna spin the wheel and then whatever question we land on anyone on the couch she feels like sharing is gonna share okay and I'm a bit of a hog so i'll do the sharing actually i thought the only microphone is i'm gonna spin that michelle way we can all share guys alright so the question is what animal what animal besides humans do you think would make the best world leaders and why oh there's a tough one first thought that came to my head was owls because there's so wise and gentle but they are predators so maybe you know that's not such a good thing not much hope for peace that way i'm going to say horses strong silent reliable peaceful graceful a lot of good qualities there I like it okay one more let's do what you headed all right nothing like being put on the spot great we're so just our favorite one oh she's cheating okay peanut butter and what Jim celery I see a spoon peanut butter NFL that's what well another person who is a really awesome besides Michelle at starting conversations is a very own dann kann he's hitting the streets of Duncan to talk about loving yourself that brings us to the end of this edition of go Island we wish all the students everywhere new and old good luck in the coming year and remember when it rains all you gotta do is dance go island is brought to you by German auto import Network clothing supplied by catwalk fashion Kate Aaron aesthetics provided by the face alone you thesis on emotional intelligence pdf order Empire State College.

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