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Write for me the internet of things business models and opportunities

Write for me the internet of things business models and opportunities placing a value on enterprise risk management kpmg for money type literature review about me now ´╗┐this is the Charlotte 49ers spring sports special we are covering all the spring sports here the 49ers are playing this this spring and which time for the Gulf segment that means we've got head coach Adam pry and two of our stud golfers will golden to his left and Corey negi on the end Corey a senior will a junior coach welcome thank you thanks guys for coming out thanks guys like these ties these guys know how to do it now that's because this is probably the most well-traveled team we have on campus you guys are not afraid to go fly out to the west coast and play some golf out there talk a little about the the travel miles you'll log in a year and how tough I not get to the players on that how tough that can be to keep the grades up and all the other things all the responsibilities back home yeah we do travel quite a bit they get used to wearing this a little bit because we dress up when we fly and you know we go wherever we need to play the best tournaments the best competition the best golf courses and if that's in California then it's in California we're lucky enough to do it here in kannapolis like we will this spring for a home tournament will stay here but we'll start the year out in LA and we're looking forward to that trip a lot of a lot of travel guys when we talk about the fact that you guys also are pretty good in the classroom how do you manage all that because a lot of these tournaments people don't realize the college tournaments are going on pretty much during the week there aren't a whole lot of weekend tournaments for you guys will talk about the the extra workload that can happen when you guys are deep in tournament play it starts getting organized before it all gets going right now getting your planner set up everything Adam preaches it and we listen and getting everything knowing what's coming and talking to the teachers getting ready and we've been back on a red-eye fighting fighting back from California land it 645 and we're in class at eight if we can make it and it puts the stress on it but you just got to be organized and stay on top of it so you guys obviously haven't been around here have been around here a while so this is kind of getting to where you're into some rhythms and routines I know Cory golf golfers love having a habits and routines and things like that how do you balance the school work especially when you're away you know consecutive weeks on the road it's tough but I think going back to what Adam and will said it's just you really just got to manage your time well and I think that even prepares you for the next level because you really gotta manage your time and you know as long as you stay up with your planner and organizer you know blackberry phone whatever you got just you know making sure you're on top of things and and you know our teams really can't procrastinate there's a lot of procrastinators on campus probably but we got to make sure we get things done in an appropriate time and that means extra tournaments at the end of the year meaning conference regionals nationals things like that these guys have been a part of teams like that when you get that deep what are some of the goals as we talk about this year when you get that deep what kind of work has to go into it to get to that point yeah well one of the nice things they're kind of talking about is when you get to NCAA Regionals NCAA finals we're out of school yeah mid-may late-may early-june so they you know their schedule changes dramatically and after they've been doing such a good job all year long and managing their time and in preparing on top of all their schoolwork when you get to the postseason it seems like you got all day long and you got nothing else to worry about it kind of frees you up to prepare and really be sharp with your golf games and speaking of preparing and practice the facility over rocky river golf club just up the street across from the from the Speedway is nearly done by the time this season rolls around you guys will be in there full-time so guys talk about what it's like to have a place to practice it's yours and a place to get better and keep going there well as you guys continue to climb up the charts I mean that's a big deal especially this time of year when the weather's as bad as it is with these snow days and stuff we're getting to be able to hit indoors when the courses all throughout Charlotte are closed we're able to hit practice get things done putt and we have a place to do that now which is great and they'll keep a sharp get ready to play Cory as you think back to the moment you stepped on campus I remember that fall was of the fall that the groundbreaking Hatter but actually have a building and have a place to to practice and not have to drive around and be scattered about and do all those things it's got to be nice as a team to get the work in yeah yeah it's it's really cool I think guys four or five years ago six years ago would laugh at the idea of having a place of their own to practice and have a building of their own you know to really call there's it's been a treat to have it for sure kind of a reward Adam for the things you guys have been able to accomplish five straight conference titles there's any other program that can say that around these parts women's track is bright behind you with four but it's good to to keep the winning going I know as we talked before about some of the guys that are out there succeeding past their niners career guys on the on the Pro Tours out there I know Trevor Murphy got a lot of run last year with his US Open weekend but they we have quite a few guys out there that are that are getting some checks on Sundays talk about those guys and how that can help bring in some new talent you sure yeah we've had a number of guys have success once they leave school and Trevor Murphy just finished 10th down in Australia at the nationwide event this week and jeff corolla former team member will be joining him on the nationwide tour this summer Jonah scene and ER heading and Matt mints are playing a lot on the Tar Heel tour and some nationwide starts and joan us a little bit over in Europe same with Stefan wieder gruen so you know it's nice to see guys graduate and go on and have success at the professional level and it's exciting to follow them and I'm sure when you go out and talk to kids you can name drop a little bit you know this is a place where you can prepare to get better and make it to the next step guys do you do you keep up a linear former teammates is there out there and playing a text here or there and and are these goals that you have set for yourselves moving on after after college Corey sure yeah I I definitely want to be my goal is to be number one ranked golfer in the world and you know talking to actually talk to Trevor about two weeks ago about kind of making that transition of from college golf to professional golf because it is a it is a pretty big deal and I think there's a couple things that you can do and things that you can work on to help make that transition smoother and so yeah I definitely keep up and you know we practice a good bit with Jonas and Matt whenever he's in town you know we'll try to get together and you know talk about the next level but yeah that's my goal is is to be the number one ranked golfer in the world and I know it's going to take a lot of work but you know that's where I want to get to well as you play for Charlotte when you get out there and you place on these tournaments even deep into the year we talk regionals we talk conference how does how does plane here maybe get you guys ready for that next level do you think about that at all or is it something that it's a nice thing to put in your head for later but how do you how do you translate what you're doing now on the course to your goals well always when you're at this level you're preparing for the next level and we've learned we've been able been pretty fortunate to learn from these guys we've been around my freshman year getting to practice with those guys like Trevor and Jonas and them and learning everything you can from then seeing how they've done it it's great to be in that atmosphere and have that opportunity and definitely want to take advantage of that because that's our goal like Corey said I mean it's our goal to be out there competing with the best in the world to be the best in the world and that's what we're here to do and we work every day at that so not a whole lot upperclassman but these are two pretty good leaders for your team this year they've got a nice young stable behind them and talk about this year's team and as we as we wrap this segment up yeah these are our elder statesmen with Ryan Wilson graduating in december he was the other upperclassman he's moved on and got a bunch of young guys behind these two so for sophomores and two freshmen I would expect to see a lot of the same of what we saw in the fall looking forward to being a little bit healthier Tyler Mitchell sat out the entire fall after the first tournament with a knee injury he's healthy and ready to go will had the swine flu we had another guy with mono so we're looking forward to being healthy and a lot more of a high level golf and Andy sattvic and Oliver lofts and two of the new guys both averaged under 74 in the fall played every event nice um so I'd expect to see a lot from them and we got other guys pushing in Paul Ferrar and all-conference player back from last year and in Rafael Guerrero and C Mullen st. Louie working really hard to to you know keep raising the bar and if somebody's not sharp they're going to get beat that's that's the goal that's that's kind of what you want every year I really appreciate you guys stepping in off the course for so out of the tee box to come in here and talk to us I know we weren't going to play around and and this attire but do it yeah oh yeah I bet you could do these guys aren't afraid to just give me a give me a tea let's go play I think I mean I think I'm gonna I think I'm in trouble if we get on the course right after this anyway guys thanks so much for joining us best of health best of luck this year adam and guys i remember when they first got here too they were so young and now these are the old guys on your duty right now is kind of neat dog that Adam fried head coach will golden and Corey Nagy thanks guys so good luck to our golf team you can follow them all season long and our website triple-double you Charlotte 49ers.com stay with us another segment on our spring sports special coming you enterprise risk management pwc pdf order Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, East Elmhurst, Queens.

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