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Write for me tcu senior capstone concert

Write for me tcu senior capstone concert maximum 2018 capstone for money grafite writing ´╗┐my name and egg away all the way from up north and today we got the cold for Hague and straight Lanka and the yellow yellow yellow yellow oh he's actually looking at me but he's looking at me here he some dead man yep you see Lee real love you yellow was cracking y'all good morning it's early well I got up early it was like 5:30 when I got up I was gonna go hunting this morning but then I woke up to find it was raining like a son of a deck outside man so now it's all wet crap was pretty warm this morning Oh - so whatevs what F so it's kind of wet outside a little bit a little bit wet whoa whitebalance like a some beach but uh yeah quite a bit to do today we're gonna be doing some fun stuff today that's right so I just got done editing - bitches I got done with this crap here laid out a bunch of crap and showed you all a my bag review showing you all the gear that I use and everything like that if you ain't seen that yet it's over on my outlaw channel make sure to go check that out that up yesterday um so just got done editing and everything like yeah I do have to send that big box of dip cans out today that I got done signing everything uh but where I'm going today is on the opposite side of our post office will be so maybe I'll take it later after I get back if I'm able to I want to see the only promise I wanted like get this done and like labeled up and everything before I take it so I just drop it off because this sumbitch is heavy and I don't know they're gonna have to like you know put it to a different scale and I'm gonna freaking wait in line with this heavy ass box so I don't know we'll see how frickin goes the paid post office on painted dick man but yeah should be a fun frickin day today I'll go ahead and get dressed i'ma call up Jim Bob cuz he's gonna be coming with me I reckon and maybe throw some frisbee with banjo because he can't come I'm sorry man yeah you can't come dude if that's what sucks about having a dog sometimes man I got oh by the way I got banjo well I got banjo you don't have to get banjo the toys that like he can just destroy or that he can't destroy you know so I get them like rubber things like this and he just came so I got him his tire spider sumbitch you can play frisbee with that and then I also got him one of them giant so I'm Richard freaking bones again so yeah it takes him a while to go through these sons of bitches so he'll be able to gnaw on that whenever I'm gone I will be gone for too long bro will be done for too long all right gonna get dressed and then wait up gimbap coming out we bout to head over to a special place oh we love it oh hello howdy cracking my leather sense yeah it does all right here we is y'all today you don't even know what we're doing but we are looking at Arby's oh yeah RVs and RV trailers here where I guess what he call them wouldn't call the trailers like travel trailers yeah I guess yeah so we're looking at some today we're gonna meet up with a dealer and I take a look at some let's go Sunset Trail it's a four season camper okay okay I got about anything all right imagine awesome let me show you this thing anything isn't it oh dang man this is pretty residential right we're gonna see some other ones that are campers right Jackson this is pretty residential style this is kind of more of what I'm looking for - yeah um kind of more like a house on wheels you know I mean right now the smell you're smelling right now huh shampoo the carpets okay yeah it needs to be gone back over and haired out a little bit knees on kick out here yep that makes it bad this does not these are just theater seats okay okay it doesn't make a bed - let's flip over then you got a queen up for us okay this is what they call rear living right does have a bigger refrigerator than most he's got eight cubic paper frigerator no okay so if you're gonna be living out of it man you have got to have as much room as you can the fridge right exactly oh wow it showers a lot bigger than expected okay very rarely do I get something like this in you right this camper new would have been right at 30 okay what year is it okay new to me right you got your 12 model wood floor that even almost looks came out I dig at the bed almost looks came out yeah it does Bloom's bathroom big bit oh yeah yo I've got all four plans because everybody wants something different right you know this guy comes down with one month you know it's just wet works gasher okay look i gossiped look around i can come back down to pick you up yeah that's fine oh dang this is like a it's like in closed room even got steps so banjo don't have to jump haha this is kind of girly though little bit girly well though this is definitely an older yeah older model couch has been used in a little bit these are a lot nicer than expected though man oh wow holy smokes like a hangout room back here the TV man I can't believe the shower sizes in these things my uncle used to have a old bounder and you would have to shower where the shitter was yeah it was like there was no showers just yet to do this thing Hampton so yeah I was checking out a bunch of them right now so that first one we rounds pretty nice yeah that was a 2015 in my price range so not too shabby Hey suburban push that red crap again I keep seeing this in all pictures yeah it's it's probably Syrian blood prolly yeah yeah yeah as I figured all right we're looking at this one here's got a generator so this one this was a little bit bigger holy smokes oh yeah this is a toy hauler got like I want to shower there we got step over the toilet to get in yeah more period blood freakin women you got to stay out of these trailers man just past the big boy here is Salem gotta hop up better this one was a lot bigger Oh lay man dang this one yeah this is kind of highly lifted bed and right up to my dick you can get off on both sides though that oh it's got sliding doors yeah so you can keep it out that's cool Oh Gers your phone look at that double bunks sleep yeah that's actually really nice and that's this could be this could be a lot of storage back here to offer your homies yeah my homies yo cracking I like it too I like the look of everything and that will fold out clash with a table yep a table - yeah nice yeah I like this one the most so far oh this is a memory foam oh yeah oh yeah banjo - have fun oh don't I it ain't like that come on now chill y'all chill oh you've got fishing pole holders huh that's cool - yeah all this is probably just storage space oh that's the oh not a fridge for your beer when you're when you're out here chillin it's not bad it's even got a strap this is probably storage maybe oh yeah a little bit more there you get height a family of Mexicans in there oh yeah let's go down to Mexico Texas here we go yeah take a look at this rock would here this one looks snazzy this one looks pretty new - don't know if we did look at it I don't think so oh no holy smokes oh whoa you got a freakin kitchen man Oh hot bang leave that couch system there yeah table walking your way but oh wow it's the fridge hot dang oh yeah watch the base for your cooking stuff cooking well now this is like a legit house yeah you got like your actual bedroom oh my gosh man it is like a legit bedroom they got the door and the bathrooms in here well I guess you got a door going out to the hallway - wow that showers really nice pretty sweet I like this left there than the tub ones yeah definitely yeah got some drawers over here for your Playboy's and condoms yep yep I'm just kidding out here's a condom bunk bed capacity is 250 lbs sorry Fat Boy can't ride in my freakin RV Bravo apologize this is a Jayco or look at here holy crap well this is open okay yeah this is fully open I like this yeah yeah I like it a lot dang you can hey look at that it's not real but and I actually like this this open look a lot yeah oh wow and the showers big a little bit bigger can fit two people in there all right that way you can come in now it's faiello chassis of a shower dude so bot yeah banjo could pop up in there yeah and there you could fit two people in there easy yeah cuz you're a mammal battery's dying I got stopped filming every single one tonight just nice yeah water enough oh yeah Negril when you look at that and all these like have mini fridges on the outside so then you can like party on the outsides pretty cool paint right over that if I buy this Sun bitch frickin frickin can knock her mother truckers oh that's funny right there on the outside pops up you got a sink you got your fridge fold out is that a full that's a full out grill you pull out the grill now that's pretty sweet get your hookup nice suburban bah there was warps coming off there I'm like you sumbitches on that's funny that's pretty funny that's cool that is kind of cool though I dig it this one's called the hideout I'm liking this one for sure it's a little bit smaller but it's uh but it it doesn't have the bunk space in the back but I guess it would be perfect for you know single guy in a dog so not too shabby like it only one extender I like the outside paint sheen what y'all think it's something which else favorite let me on the cabinets I'm gonna go on these are all it used like by one year but uh I want to go and check out some of these brand new and see what those look like - now that looks expensive Spartan let's check out what these look like inside this thing's giant sheesh oh my gosh dude you've got it upstairs no way oh my gosh dude are you even serious right now is that a bedroom bedroom any bathrooms you see all that holy cow look at that Johnny and ask ouch holy but is it yeah maybe I'm cleaning up King oh my gosh dang it's a full-size frickin room yeah this thing's probably like a hunter your hand yeah oh my gosh yeah I guess that would be worth this is for like dirt bike race and four-wheeler race and going to Glamis and stuff in the desert whatever hey oh you even got a bathroom over here another bathroom crew bathroom holy crap funny one knows how much this is it's only 70 grand I could have sworn it would be a lot more than that was anyone so I guess it's not brand-new 2015 man just wait one year knock 40 grand off one crap look Minnie Winnie mini weenie Jim it's for you alright y'all so I've narrowed it down to two we got a Jake other one now this is pretty cool I just saw when you're in the room there's a mirror here but you pop this out and it's interchangeable with TV so you can have a TV in the room which that's a pretty good selling point there he asked me so long again break it before you buy it so a lot of storage space and this one for sure this is this Jayco is a little bit more expensive but this one is just it's so there's so much room to everything yeah bunks bed bed I mean you got a lot of packet ab a lot of people in here it'd be good lot of stores X with more than yourself yeah you're right you can a little bit more room in the shower and we got two people here two people here you got two people here and got a person there two people in the bed I mean he could fit a bunch of people in it get a lot of kitchen space um and a lot of storage underneath as well so now let's go check out and this is got the awning and everything like that we'll go check out the other one I'm looking at two which is a little bit smaller a little bit better price more suitable I guess and then on the outside of this Jake oh it's got this this hauler as well on the back which is pretty nice so that pulls out and you can fit more stuff JimBob head up to the top city sees anything right here's the other one I'm looking at this is the hideout this one a little bit smaller doesn't have the bunks in the back but it's got a full-size we're not full size but pretty much bathroom this is the mirror it also flips around you got the TV in here but you gotta have the doors closed um stuff here but you got a lot of space underneath storage the flooring moldings kind of the same in here a little bit more black look this comes into a bed this goes into a bed table is not connected it just folds down have to tie it up and then here's the bathroom you got a much bigger bathroom but in the flying dick monkey man son of a tip the freaking camera died when I was in the last gosh dang trailer son of a tit that's all right least I got most of the filming out of the way I don't know why the guys done camera died but anyways uh you know I got some I got some prices you know I I made some deals and you know there's a possibility I might be going to pick up one of them's what one one of the run things maybe you know uh maybe soon you know I don't know no no but I'll know about it you know no oh hey hey you know let me know in the comments below which one was y'all's favorite we checked out quite a bit man some of the jeez man seeing them freaking expensive his tits ones little freaking nuts man those were like oh he said there was one that was like uh he said they had an RV like a driving RV with like a big old Cummins in it diesel that was like half a million dollars he said you would shit if you walked in there he said it was like double decker like craziness right cool I wouldn't even want to know anyways uh yeah I'm excited man Oh freaking excited well I'm kind of excited oh my gosh like I can't even contain my excitement uh anyways we left that sombitch and then me and Jim Bob just came back here it's already dark man it's not I'm freaking like barely even six o'clock and it's frickin dark man we were there forever by the way we were there all fuckin day it seemed like oh nice frickin camo went out of storage in it yeah so anyways get the outlaw video up getting the vlog ski up getting all that stuff done uh I need to eat soon I'm freaking starving just starving Mara we could starving over here Jonny Jonny freakin starving over here I don't know why I do that every single time for kangri but anyways didn't have time to go drop them dip cans off at the post office I'm gonna do that tomorrow but I have a lot of time tomorrow so because it's Saturday and I've got some things to do that might have to do with what I was doing today so yeah I don't I don't I don't know if I'm able to do that or not so yeah I guess you just get have to stay tuned tomorrow to see what tits man let's hit some do it you know projects can projects gonna be a boring day and I'm probably boring day tomorrow not gonna do anything yeah okay stay tuned to fricken bar onto the Goss tech vlog because it's giving a friggin excited day exciting for me myself banjo yes I am two people and exciting for the future of this channel excited for y'all too anyways alright y'all I reckon that's gonna do you get these veggies up I'm gonna get something eaten that I'm gonna have to hey hit the pretty sack right alright so love you sup bitches I reckon we'll see you tomorrow hope you had fun check it out some gosh dang RV travel trailers with me today reckon tomorrow until then live to three hi y'all set the decks we'll see you in there internet of things how does it work for money Culinary Institute of America.

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