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Write for me structure of a capstone project

Write for me structure of a capstone project do my capstone presentation outline shalt style manual writing ´╗┐well it's a beautiful spring morning here in winnipeg manitoba you can see behind me the Assiniboine River still partly frozen but it's sunny it's warm so it's an ideal time to get outside and maybe show you what's inside my camera bag for 2018 so here we go this is this is pretty much it it's all contained in my mEagle agua 35 bag it's a waterproof storm proof not waterproof sorry storm proof bag it's ideal for me because of my camera is always accessible inside this thing so just takes two zippers to open it up like that there's my camera sitting there with the lands intact the lens hood intact and just drag it up take my picture and I'm off to the races so that's the bag itself it's and you'll see I I've had a review of this bag on on my blog and you might want to take a look at that just to get some more details about the bag I really love it I've been using this since I think 2016 and I just find it ideal I use it as my everyday bag as well as for long walks where I I know I'm gonna have to be taking pictures and when it's in inclement weather when it's raining this bag is ideal for that for in most situations I just put my camera in here I can just keep the flap open so it's always at the draw it's only in major downpours where I might want to do the zippers up otherwise it's just sitting like that if I'm walking along you know when we're walking at a fairly fast clip my wife and I just stop open up the bag drop the camera and there I am ready to take a picture and that's as opposed to other camera bags that you know that have rain covers for example wherever they happen to have a rainstorm you have to take out the rain cover put it over your camera bag so it completely covers it and makes it makes it your camera inaccessible inside that camera bag so this is really quite ideal I love it a lot anyway so we got the camera out that's the camera bag itself inside of course the Magic's all done with the camera itself I've got here my Olympus om-d e-m1 first edition which I started using in 2012 actually when we were on the Camino de Santiago it's an ideal camera since then I've upgraded to the oMG EMT mark 2 and that's actually what I'm using for my video right now because it allows me to attach a microphone to it so we're using that the beauty of the mark 2 is that the cameras weatherproof so in those situations where it is actually raining my camera can sustain here relatively protected and then when I drag it out I can you know for those moments I can be a I can be assured that I can take a picture with the rain falling on the camera and that my electronics will stay intact and still working the lens itself is a little Impa so 14 to 150 millimeter zoom lens that's it right there pretty compact pretty lightweight in a 35 millimeter film equivalent terms that's like a 28 millimeter to a 300 millimeter lens so that's that's pretty it's pretty much regarded as the travel lens and that's the way I use it it gives me extra versatility that I like to have on the road now the beginning of this lens this is also a second-generation of this particular lens it's not one of the Olympus prone lenses which are superior of course but they're also much more expensive but the beauty of the mark of the second generation of this lens is that it as it has weather proofing as well so now I have a weather completely weatherproof package here with my camera and my lens and the camera bag itself and then just in addition to that I also have the lens hood that comes this design for this particular lens I keep this lantern on all the time of course it's great first Sun flare if I'm shooting into the into the Sun and I think it also just sort of it ensures the maximum quality that you're getting for the lens just by making sure that you're not having any sorts of reflections on your on your glass or regardless of which way you're putting in your camera and the other great thing too is again getting back to the weather proofing is that if happens to be raining it just provides that little extra protection against rain falling on your glass and believe me it actually does help quite a bit so it's a I just keep it on there and this bag by the way is it it it's designed to accommodate the camera in the bag with the you know with this lens would attach to it so it just lets in there it's in and I'm on my way doing my walking with my poles which you'll I'll probably have a blog post about the poles and all that kind of stuff in a future episode anyway so that's the basic kit other than that inside the case the downside of this particular case is it really doesn't have any pouches or things like that for additional stuff so what it does have is a little place here for a SD card for example and I can't imagine just keeping an SD card right there I mean if you have this case open then it is going to be a slightly vulnerable so I just assume to have it a little bit more protective but what I do have is a there's a lens lens a stretchy lens thing here so I keep a lens in gear either a polarizer or a neutral density or close-up filter also inside the lens squished down at the bottom I have this it's a little very compact very light weight to lens pouch from lens coat and inside here it's a just sort of a fommy kind of material the tulip the two filters are separated by a piece of fabric between but in here I have one filter and you know on the other side another filter okay there we go so just in this case what I do is I for this lens I carry around I'm carrying on this year of close-up lens a very mild close-up lens because I find that the the this particular lens doesn't focus that close and when I'm trying to take food chops shots in the restaurant which I like to do it it doesn't quite focus close enough in some situation so I'm just taking that along to play with it a bit in those situations I also carry around polarizing filter again to mostly to control reflections when you're looking through a plate-glass window like a storefront for example or if you're having to get some glare off of foliage just because of sun angles and or maybe a water on the leaves you can use the the polarizer to increase the vibrancy of that full age you can also use as a darkened skies if you're pointed in the right direction I don't really use it for that purposes I'm just happy with the skies the way the with the way they come from nature to tell you the truth anyway so that gets jammed down there oh and I also carry around a neutral density filter the neutral density filter is if I want to do a waterfall shot for example where you get that nice cascading water which is the pure stream of light looks sort of magical it's sort of a a cliche in a way I guess you'd say but but I do like playing with that also for slow motion blur shots where it's fairly bright I can pop on a neutral density filter just to slow down the shutter speed so that's it that's what's in the case now outside because there's no pouches I do have this additional thing right here what it is it's just it's just attached to the side of my case and it's attached with a night eyes gear tie right here so it goes around and comes all across off fairly easily the package itself is a is an actual pack and inside of this actual pack is I have a spare SD card I have two camera batteries although usually I only need one extra battery for typical entire day's walk with with shooting along the way I have that I have a lens pro micro lens cleaner right there which I almost never used to tell you the truth and then I also have a filter wrench just because there's there's been a few locations where I've actually had to you know the rate the filter just gets jammed onto your lands in its pain and the neck together removed so the wrench just comes in handy a ways pretty pretty much nothing so that's that I I'll just put that down there for now and that's pretty much my entire kit that entire kit weighs three point three pounds that's I think that's about 1,900 1,900 grams 1.9 kilograms so it's a pretty lightweight thing so I when I'm on long distance walk and I have my backpack which probably weighs 20 pounds that I'm not feeling overly burden but at the same time I have a pretty full range camera system that gives me ultimate manual control gives me the whole works really now back up camera you're wondering what am I using for a backup camera well what I'm using is the phone that of course we always all carry with us wherever we go so primarily the phone is being used for my GPS it's being used for if we're tracking my walks so I can get an accurate distance of how far we've walked for example in a day and and where we've walked for just general mapping as well a flashlight checking the email along the way perhaps things like that that we all use our smart phones for but what this one is outfitted with is and you'll see when one of my previous videos and on my blog I've started using the moment photo battery case and it has basically a 3400 mAh battery in it so that it gives me it keeps my basically keeping my phone for walking working for an entire day oh we're good look at that that is spring butterflies Wow fantastic Wow look at that that's amazing and in anyway so the beauty of the of the moment battery case of course is that it accepts these little moment lenses so again in my previous post they talked about these lenses I have a 18 millimeter wide angle lens that just just put it on the camera right here like that and there you have a wide angle lens on your camera and I also have in my pocket a telephoto lens this is 60 millimeter telephoto lens that I can put on to the telephoto lens on my iPhone 8 plus so so I basically that would then form my backup camera if if there was a reason why my primary camera ceased to function for example or got stolen or what-have-you I've always got this as a backup and and theoretically you know it's the camera I always have with me but to tell you truth if I'm doing a long walk it doesn't matter where I am I'm going to have this this pack this this camera with me at all times so this is the camera that's always going to be with me regardless of where I go so anyways that's it that's the full kit in the meantime I'm David Furman and be sure to catch all of all the updates on what click make that's both on YouTube and also my main blog site which is walk click make calm so check out there for some very interesting blogs about equipment about my walks about the photography that I'm doing as a result of my walks so we've talked to you late in another episode bye bye do my capstone project ucr online New York State College of Ceramics.

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