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Write for me researchable topics in biology

Write for me researchable topics in biology do my capstone project titles for information technology 2018 ghacf scholarship essays ´╗┐what up YouTube I'm going to be doing to photo shoots today so one with this vieta and two with Archie later on the shoe with the spirit is for their spring/summer line down here in the street and some stuff up there real way I'll popula so stay tuned so we are now looking at our first set which is this thing they call it the baked rain there may be cream the bone and here are the ladies that we're going to be shooting oh man bent attempted on just a regular day he's trying to climb thanks even like that and now we are on the rooftop I am sweating so I just hope that over what's so hard it's so hot tonight who does so for you guys carry like a sweat towel of this like unit like this yeah look at that look at that the heck that's how soon so true Oh I don't know what to do I want and that's that chute number one done so we're on to our second shoot and this one is for artsy magazine this is Tokyo and this is Emily here is yes it's funny women and we also have a notable couch so that's gonna be me nice and fun I hope this thing doesn't like melt or pop because it's so hot right now yeah here we go so what do you guys think so far good hey youtube so poor for young kids out there that want to start their own publication like a magazine what what kind of advice can you give them you want to start something don't think about it don't think twice it's cool with it gather as many information you can kiss your resources and just fold it but the main point here is you know you have to be active about it you have to execute right and then you also have to make sure you do your research as you execute because you can't be doing dumb things as you go you have to be smart about you study but you have to make moves in order to make moves don't just sit there and think about it for too long because it's not gonna happen you have to you have to go out there and get it yourself some people sleeves know where to start it wasn't know where to start they just like figure it out because anybody who's really interested it work or passionate about something so we get some people just make took that starting point you just put the point of where it's at and they will do the rest later it makes people like you know where I'll be like that there's someone out and I will help you know I said I could actual what's a secret shag that were and it's just it's just a lot of hard work that no one sees as you know that's the thing a lot of people also get into that mentality they just find annoying it's like all you have to do this one that in that you know most people they don't get it they don't see they only see the final product they don't see the behind the scenes and we'll see the stuff they have to go through and Michael Jackson said it benefits that had a view like you know why would you just see in conversations like go over and see what what kind of production and the struggle and like you know what you have to do is I'm trying to be that bitch to be that like that person that just like you know kind of like on top of everything please you just have to know what exactly what you want and you you know be kind to people and show up a lot of it on auto show got to make sure you're open to support as well yeah yeah yeah what they said I agree so now we're gonna do some solos with Koki what you what advice would you give to aspiring male models always read your contracts and edit them that's about it because sometimes will screw you over you don't even know and the shoot is done I mean just like people should I take advantage of you just read your contracts make sure you have your own legal backing and edit if you don't like something press it out yet because you win you're as good looking as both of us people are just wanting him yeah people are just gonna want to take advantage you know so you got to make sure you always watch your back and protect yourself oh yeah it's still recording pick up so now i am here with emily how has being a full-time model exciting really exciting it's a lot of work because there's a lot of competition here and a lot of no's but you know we because the moment that i really took myself in for what I really am that's when doors started opening left and right I really accepted who I was as a person I'm mexican-american my parents are both born in Mexico and the moment that I really accepted that in my career people started really yes definitely definitely i heard lots of nose and the same people who said no said yes and that's really important in this industry yes definitely like right in front of your eyes you know the same people who said no are saying yeah i mean they're gonna say Noah for sure but if you keep shooting you keep you know being who you are they're eventually gonna see your picture and it's such a great of yes such a great feeling to know you know that you worked this hard and you deserve the and we're literally on top of the world which is so dope so we're going to continue our photo shoots right now i am doing like a solo of emily and i want to make sure that I get like at least a solo / for each model and it's a perfect time right now because there's a cloud up there and so we're gonna take advantage of that cloud and of the wind so it looks really nice so this is Marissa hey our last look we're just getting into the rooftop one last time you yeah don't touch the rib be careful be careful postman's bedrock you're right oh yeah this is kelly ballast three people equally there you go right surprise hi this is run with Ray just joking this is Romans to Mario and that's that just wrapped up our shoot you guys got to see how it's like to do a photo shoot for a magazine and for a spring summer line for DiSpirito here suppose for me come on lucky man Emily mom not oh that's right there you go our link is gonna be down there too so yesterday was pretty cool you got to do to photo shoots for today and I I wanted to do this ending top the right after but the Sun was kind of down and it actually wasn't that great looking is it dark you guys so I hope I don't drop this it was kind of dark already so it didn't look that great so I decided to do it again the day after let me know what you guys think about it is usually usually I try to do it right after but man like i don't know if you guys could tell but I was getting sunburned it was just a hot an exhausting day so I just cooled down right after and just like relaxed it was a really really great shoe we got some really really cool stuff and I was very happy with the turnout and so was so was the magazine artsy magazine thank you very much for allowing me to do an editorial for next month's issue if there's an opportunity that comes you it isn't really what you had in mind but there's still an opportunity there don't be scared to take that opportunity and don't be scared that you're gonna lose interest on what you had your eyes set on because for me I still filmed and then I added photography to my set of skills so I didn't just limit myself I actually expanded and that's what it takes just like what Sean said to before you just have to go out there and actually just do it just get out there and start moving once you start moving you're going to have this momentum you're going to start rolling opportunities present themselves to you when you're most active if you're just thinking about starting something but you don't actually step forward to do it no opportunity is going to come to you opportunities only comes to people that keep it moving I know there are some things that you guys haven't started on I mean for me there's a lot of goals that I have for myself and there are some things that I haven't started yet either but I want to for me a goal of mine is to start running about four times a week again just like last summer I used to run about four times a week pretty active in consistently my running but not you know a little different this summer I want to get back into it and that's my goal I want to know what you guys want to get started on so go ahead and comment down below I hope you guys have been enjoying running with Raymond's so far and i hope you guys continue to support me in my journey this is raymond i am sitting down on the student and i hope you got a great day cuz i'm just about to start my day to see ya snhu experience capstone experience abroad for money Finger Lakes Community College.

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