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Write for me paper on 5g wireless technology

Write for me paper on 5g wireless technology capstone staffing tyler texas for money ntsb report san francisco crash airport ´╗┐that's called that the worst performance he has seen from any team this year when the Jets got demolished by the Colts on Monday Night Football losing 41 to 10 we also discussed earlier how Doug Peterson called his team up for not playing hard after the Eagles lost to the bangles they mean woody for this crispy line how we doing my friend Bob took the words right out of my mouth Molly Chris good that's a stranger right you went you went with a straight razor with the alcohol and everything like yesterday I'll say this laser shot yeah as a laser shabbiha what was to do that was real bad last night yeah it was it was damaged how do you know when a football team's quit Wow well first of all look the reason why it's important that we ask you that question is because just for the purpose is this we're watching other shows mm like a Ryan Clark was on Mike Mike this morning huh talking about how he has a problem when folks say he quit because a lot of times he sees effort out there people just an effective or efficient which is why we want to know what is quitting define us how you can see it what did you see last night it for me first of all let me say as a former player one last one of the last things you want to do is really question unplanned and say that they quit right but with that being said what I saw what I saw on TV last night now particularly I look on the defensive side well because defense is usually defined by Russell you know I mean like guys would spring to the football getting after it when I saw from the Jets last night on the defensive side of the football it was probably the worst effort that I've seen from any team all year I mean take for instance the Jets defensive line now coming to a season that was supposed to be the strength of the team they got a bunch of guys who are you know start star named players going against the Indianapolis Colts offensive line which is the weakness of their team and you look at all day to throw back there last night all day and when you look at the coast often line they got a rookie at center they got a rookie right typing that second year right girl I mean this is a unit that's been bad you so you would have thought going in okay this is a matchup that the gestures just dominated and get after Angela didn't see any nothing it was I mean guys weren't even registering on a statute last night from the defensive line then when you look at Andrew Luck throwing passes all guys were just busting coveted guys running wide open I didn't see anybody like angry pissed off or any of that I totally agree the difference was that a football I think I could take it a step further and tell me what you think of this when what I'm thinking is I can't readily recall another nationally televised game in any sport where I saw a team quit to that extent like I think if someone said what's the you know like a short list of the quitting esteem you ever saw that's on it like you said this year but what was the last time you saw it to that level where it's like can you guys try a little bit there was no effort yeah and you think the thing that disappoints me is you just look at last week when they played New England I mean they took New England to the brink last week so answer and to come back this week on national television and to put out that type put that type of performance to me it speaks to the character of the team because you said that you shouldn't have that type of effort displayed on national television listen your resume is on your resume it's been put on there everything every single time you step between the white lines 31 other teams are going to look at that tape look at your effort that's that's your signature that's your moment and to put that out there come on man so we say a couple of things and I'm just gonna go here first of all I'm a die-hard Yankee fan one of the things that I loved most was George Steinbrenner I used to love when you see him in a suite and somebody made a mistake that he was ready to raise holy hell yeah he might have overreacted he might have been too much but it was cleared you gonna wear his uniform and play for his franchise the last thing in the world that man better ever question about you in short effort it better not happen and that's what I always appreciated and loved about George Steinbrenner if I were Woody Johnson not that this is plausible because there's a union isn't played such as this is one of those rare moments I believe the owner would have been justified and walking into the locker room trying to withhold dudes checks this is one of those moments that's how bad it was in that first half yesterday I could not believe how I saw guys literally in my line walked into the end zone like walk and and God is not even coming up I couldn't believe what I was seeing and then i'ma go here look man this is more applicable to college football than than the NFL but there's only five black coaches in the NFL and we look at the net you know big-time college football we don't see too many you know of african-americans in these positions and Max and Molly and you know where I'm going here with this the opportunities are so scarce you cannot have a black coach and the effort of the players is being questioned because everybody ain't jet fishing especially the brothers and you ain't getting that kind of latitude and leeway you messed that up that's the kind of stuff that cost you the most because what the owners don't say quietly but all the African American coaches fully understand this is that when it comes to young men of sport like basketball a sport like football where you have predominantly African Americans playing the sport when you don't perform that's one thing but when your effort is questioned it's a direct assault on the coach because they look at that coach and they say you can't control these dudes they can't even go out there and fight for it what I need you for that's what happens and that's why you could question efficiency you can question game planning and schemes and all of this other stuff but when you are a black coach and you're in the effort of the players are being questioned it is the ultimate death and those players know it and to go out there and perform like that last night it's just so shameful I can't even say anything else as a former member of the Jets well that's say anything wrong by the way no I mean I mean is there something with the organization you know I always say fish rots from the head down and the Jets seemed to me as a Giants fan I'm always laughing at him it's always like a dysfunctional organization when I had my Jets fans friends oh and when they have kids I'm like why would you do that to the kid why don't you just raise him a Giants fan be happy I asked my boy Jeff you know I bought you a child man I got one of my best friends Jeff Brown in LA he's enlisted he's one of the best people I know in my life man one of my best boys from high school in Queens New York man what he does to my god children is shameful he's got them as Jets fans tell it to Jeff all the time my god son Nicholas let me just subject my godson to this send it to be in our Jets fan signed him to a lifer fan I take a pass I get a pass once Bowles was there but now so is there something about the organization that leads to this level of dysfunction I always say everything starts at the top and works its way on down I mean you look at all the really good organizations what what did what they all have in common they're strong at the top and everything the message resonates on down I feel bad for Todd Bowles but this is a shot at head coaching with the Jets I feel bad for gotta leave it there you are staying with us though for the first time this year we got a handed to us I thought they kicked out I don't think we had a lot of effort I don't see the film short it was something but I show that for but for the most part we got our okay it's very troubling me it's okay but we got our handed tool so we're gonna see what kind of pride we got this week I just know we got a kick it appeared that they kicked out they kicked up physically obvious thing you kids write it like this and hand it to you okay with Monday night on Sunday morning you don't want these kind games that happen and it's the first time this year has happened angry when I physically get my kick instead of something happening mentally to get the right kick when you get to it physically that's embarrassing you don't see signs of getting their kick you just get a kick head coach Todd Bowles obviously he's a friend of the show Stephen a but we got to ask is it time for him to go no I'm not gonna go that far because he had a winning season last year and as long as people like Jeff Fisher have a job with the tenure that he has I'll be damned if I'm gonna be called for table all his job after just two seasons having said all of that the Jets to say that they should be ashamed of themselves doesn't even begin to touch on what I saw last night Darrelle Revis it's over there's no such thing as Revis Island matter of fact the only Island that exists is the one that Revis decides to stay on all by himself because I've never seen them play off receivers so much in my life it was the softest coverage I've ever seen Darrelle Revis engage it he seems to have lost all of his confidence if not all interest the rest of the team I was tweeting last night I couldn't believe how wide open receivers work I mean the engine look stood back there took pictures caught the family said what's up order dinner to hold nine I mean and the receivers did the same daggone thing I mean they literally walk I mean walked into the endzone there were no defenders within yards of his receivers it made absolutely no sense whatsoever Matt Forte I felt bad for him because on one particular play he got squashed a minute he touched the ball the defendant nobody had blocked him not one single offensive lineman had blocked him it was one of the most embarrassing moments I've ever seen in Jets history it was worse than a but fumble it was worth than the you know it's fumble in the snack by Joe pisar stick and ultimately I think it was our very own her it was they picked up the ball in the eighties and ran it into the end zone for the Eagles against the Giants there obviously at the time that we think of the Giants I was thinking the Giants instead of Jeff but it was worse than that moment this was tantamount to the rich coat tight era and we had all New Yorkers know how bad that ever was for the New York Jets for the owner to be in attendance for the new administration to contemplate making Woody Johnson for the Jets and ambassador for the Vice president-elect pens to be in attendance watching this stuff right there if your table bowls your McKagan and the general manager it had to be incredibly uncomfortable to witness and wonder about yourself this is one of the worst performances I have ever seen by a football team it was that bad but I'm still going to say it's one game this season has been bad Ryan Fitzpatrick will not be there next year and Todd Bowles really really needs to consider a McKagan they got to clean a little house here you know but it was really bad but he should not be fun let me first answer the question that and I want to talk about it because I don't take it lightly Bulls got to go he's got to go because the team quit on him I have never seen a nationally televised game at least I can't think of offhand in any sport where you saw one team quit so blatantly just not try I didn't watch the second half did you watch the second half of that game I did unfortunate yeah I didn't watch the second half shame - that was a disgrace now I'm ashamed to admit that I actually watched it every city with two franchises or generally cities with two franchises the major metropolitan areas have the heritage team and the clown team and the class one of the problems with the with New York is in basketball that's the same team the Knicks or both the heritage and the clown team it's why New York basketballs fans suffer the way they do but the clown team can come up in the world a little bit the Clippers in LA right now but in LA the Lakers at the Heritage Team clip is always going to be the clown team in that town I mean they'd never been to a conference finals as you mentioned it's just that's their brand in they can't escape that from a few years of good fortune and good play and in New York and football that is the story the Giants are the heritage team and the Jets are the clown team and the reason they remain a clown team is because their owner has a dysfunctional franchise so I want to get back to bulls I don't take it lightly given the percentage of players in the NFL who are african-american versus the percentage of coaches who are african-american so when an african-american coach gets a shot at being a head coach I don't take it lightly saying especially after a couple sees season at all he needs to go but in in this case even from I'm not saying Todd Bowles might never be a good head coach he is with a dysfunctional franchise I don't see it getting any better because the franchise is the problem if he stays even if he somehow magically does a better job it's it's still the same situation you're still the head coach of the New York Jets so so though what I said is true about minority representation in front office's and at the head coaching position I think in this case the team don't want to play for him obviously that was a disgraceful performance the kind that gets head coaches fired and even from bowls point of view if he is if there is a successful head coach in there in the future listen belcheck didn't do well in Cleveland when he stopped there at first then he deserves better than this franchise - I think that performance said it's time to go well first of all let's let's hold him accountable to certain respects raucous factors shouldn't have been in there now I don't blame my fizz Patrick for everything the way everybody else does he had a horrific gateway through six interceptions in one game but outside of that even though he hasn't been impressive by any shot the fact of the matter is he's been an easy scapegoat as far as I'm concerned but if your top bowls you've got to know you don't need you should not have this man in there you should be thinking towards the future play is clearly quit but that shows their character more so than his I think that you go off of last year and I think that McKagan and obviously 'he's got to get better personality you can't let your quarterback wait until the eleventh hour and 59 minutes to come in to care to be ready to quarterback this team I think all of those things hurt him I think there were things off the football field that hurt Todd Bowles this year as well which is why I would give him going into next season but this was a very every bad moment if I'm woody Johnson I would hold on to it to dear life in terms of judging him capstone project curriculum guide online State University of New York at Geneseo.

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