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Write for me onenote engineering paper

Write for me onenote engineering paper write for me arduino nano vs mini human security centre report 2018 calendar ´╗┐well you guys know that I am so into pantries like I would love to come into your home and check out your pantry oh that's as good as anything so I brought you into my pantry today because we're gonna make a very delicious lentil mirepoix recipe it's so good but I had to invite you in while I'm getting my ingredients together just share a quickie pantry tip with you okay I keep a very well-stocked pantry so that I can kind of pull together any kind of recipe you know sort of on the fly and one of my pantry tips is after you take something out of your pantry open it and put it in your fridge put that thing on your grocery list so that the next time you're going back to get that thing again your mayonnaise your mustard whatever it is it's actually there for you you have another one of them and then you're never gonna be sitting there wondering where all of your goodies are so it really works in our home so I'm getting my onion and my garlic and what else my getting some chicken broth and since we are making lentil mirepoix I'm gonna get my lentils so I've got my pantry staples and a few goodies out of the refrigerator I must get so the cool thing about a mirepoix is I don't know if you this is something that you guys make but it's generally something that is flavoring a stew or a soup and all it is it's so simple but it's such a great thing and I love using it to actually become a part of what I'm doing a lot of people make their mere pond then they toss it out but it's celery carrots and onions basically an equal part sometimes people do a little bit more onion and then you chop them up finely the more finely you chop them more the more flavor they will admit into whatever you're doing and I think they're so nutritious and wonderful that I actually like I said keep it in what it is I'm doing because you know they're interesting they're interesting flavors and they add so much to whatever it is whatever deliciousness that you're making so I'm going to do a quick chop first I'm going to grab my joy of everything we need yeah I got everything I need I'm gonna chop these up finely and then all I'll do is saute these and begin our yumminess Taylor - Lalo Chamberland only begone begone Bianca okay so I've got all of my veggies beautifully chopped and I got to rinse that bunion off my hands because if I touch my eyes I'll be crying with you so you guys can see this stuff has it's a pretty nice chop now I will tell you that a lot of times I'll just throw this stuff in the Cuisinart and give it a whirl and chop it up nicely especially if I'm looking for an even smaller chop but I don't mind chopping by hand sometimes too it just depends there's somebody sitting across from me I'm happy to sit here and chop away one of the kids or whoever but you can do this as finely as you want and then all I'm going to do with it is I'm going to throw a little bit of olive oil in my pan and let that warm up for a second and then I'm gonna throw my mirepoix so you can see I've got about a cup of each and that's what makes this really nice it's kind of like a nice wonderful bouquet that it creates and once I start to saute this stuff let me see my olive oil is getting really nice yes so beautiful it adds such pretty color to anything you're doing too and that's one of the things that I love about a mirepoix and then let me just grab my spoon and give it a little whirl around you can see how pretty that is so just mix it around and just you know let these cook a little bit you just want them to soften just the tiniest little bit you know and you'll be able to smell their bouquet coming out and then we'll jump into part two so the mirepoix is about where I want it to be and basically you know it's really just wonderfully fragrant at this point I mean you know your whole house will smell amazing I always say if you want your house to smell good throw some onions and a little butter in a pan and just let that go and it'll be wetting up your stairs in no time and it's so homey and good but this is so good-smelling so you can see I took them for about two flying out of the pan you know about seven ish minutes and the whole goal is you know that they just kind of like I said get fragrant so in the meantime it is important when you're using lentils the kind of lentils that are really great for this sort of thing are French green lentils and they're a darker green sometimes you'll find them in the grocery store called the pre lentils and they're from the valley region of France that's a huge like lace-making region and they're also really known for their lunch holes and the reason these cattle lentils are great in this recipe is they really hold their shape sometimes the brown lentils get a little bit mushy the red lentils will get all mushy but those lip-read lentils are great because they still have that little bit of bite to them and that's really what you're looking for and they're just so tasty so look for kind of French lentils or dark green lentils so at this point I got to start this thing up again there we go about four cups of chicken broth I love organic chicken broth I think it's so wonderful and in this case you know a lot of times when you cook lentils and beans and things like that you don't like to really cook them in salt so try to use like a low-sodium chicken broth salt content to harden beans a little bit so just be aware of that kind of thing a lot of people just cook them in water but you know me I always have to have that bit of added flavor to everything I do so you guys will see me cooking in chicken broth like almost all the time I sort of use it like water I don't drink it like water though so just get that going and then dump your lentils in and my darling this is about as easy as this recipe gets so now I've just got all that goodness cooking together you want your chicken broth so that's why I use that big container to cover the lentils by a couple of inches a couple of inches and if you feel like you don't have of enough chicken broth and just dump some water in there and you're gonna be just golden so I'm gonna put the top on this I'm gonna bring it up to a boil and then I'm gonna take a bit down to a simmer and simmer down now and then what I'm going to do is let's make a vinaigrette because that's what's gonna be really good on this and vinaigrette with lots of chopped parsley and kinds of beautifulness so let's make our yummy vinaigrette this is just a classic sort of a vinaigrette and I always start with a little bit of salt in my bowl and some vinegar and I usually make like a three to one I'll do one part vinegar to three parts of oil and since I've got a fair amount of lentils I'm just gonna kind of eyeball this one but you know what it always usually works out and the great thing about it is I usually put the salt in first cuz I want the salt to be able to sort of dissolve in the vinegar and then you can see it I usually use kosher salt I don't know whatever you guys use but I keep myself a nice little pot of kosher salt and I just think it's very tasty I love experimenting with different kinds of salts and things like that finishing salts and stuff that are great afterwards then I'll put about a tablespoon of Dijon mustard in and get that going at this point where is my little whisk at I gotta grab my little whisk because I just really prefer to use that metaphoric then I get this all emulsified and what the mustard does is it kind of brings the whole thing together and then I will slowly pour in my olive oil and again I kind of eyeball this thing I give you guys the recipe for it but I can kind of start to tell when I've got about the right amount it's only because I make so darn many of these and then after a while you know you really start to get used to how much you're making and you can see the whole thing comes together quite nicely you can make like a lot of this and put it in a little jar in your refrigerator and you can use it you know for a good week or more and then you won't be making it all the time I'm just so used to making this every night that it becomes kind of a mmm regular sort of a thing for me a little bit of pepper and also I want to get some garlic in this a lot of times you guys will see I shall it so much but I also adore garlic and this sort of thing I just think it makes for especially in a lentil salad it makes just for a little bit more interest so and you know garlic ah it just gives everything that perfect yummy flavor I just I have a hard time not putting garlic in just about everything I'm gonna grab my mincer I don't mind chopping garlic by hand where is my mentor my grandmas mincer that is I've got to turn my little fellas down as well those guys are gonna go for like a good 25 30 minutes and I'm gonna check them when they get about to that point because I do not want mushy lentils none of us want well.she lentils because the cool thing about this is this is like a really great side salad or you know in our case I actually quite honestly loved it as a meal because lentils you know they are so nutritious like this is such a great healthy salad if you love wonderful like really fragrant healthy kind of foods which we really do mmm and that is so good that could use like the tiny little bit more oil you'll get to really know to where you like your dressings and that sort of thing I tend to like mine a little more vinegary John likes is a little bit more oily you know we've all got our own thing that we do so that's beautiful and then I also like a ton of parsley in this because I think it is just so tasty with all the lentils and it also adds you know I always when I cook I also love thinking about different colors and things like and how the colors play off of the food because you know when you're eating again the whole experience and the wonderful thing about it is if the food is beautiful you are gonna love it that much more you know I know that that's how we feel when we eat yeah okay so as far as the parsley goes I'm going to get my mitts Aluna and shove it up and that's it the world my Afghan yes oh I know oh you're so well-behaved oh yes thank you so my my lentils are ready and I am going to drain them there's a little bit of broth left I just want you guys to see and that's fine so all I do is drain it off if you want to drain it in a pan it's also good to use with something else if you're going thin and like cooking something else too but I'm gonna drain it off and they're perfectly I want you to know that they are just perfectly there's still a little bite to them and you know as far as I see it mm-hmm I don't want them mushy it was like a very nice bite to them um listen if you can't find the kind of lentils I'm talking about just get green lentils you know what you can even buy and they're actually not half bad you can buy lentils in a jar I've bought those before and they're very they're very good actually so you know hunt around try different things you'll find you know something that works for your life and just drain these out and then we're gonna make this yummy yummy salad out of them so I have got this gorgeous mass of them and I want to definitely get all of the juice off of them because I already made my own vinaigrette so I'm just gonna let them get get all drained off for a second so my lentils are nicely drained I'm just gonna dump them in my bowl and you know it's actually the cool thing about this salad the side effect that it's healthy delicious and very very fast to make it's the perfect side dish for sure is you know it's just absolutely beautiful and you can throw it together while it's still warm and what's great about that is the vinaigrette just embraces it I mean you will be swooning because it's so delicious so I'm just gonna dump my vinaigrette on and so that's about it ends up being about a half a cup of the vinaigrette and I'm gonna dump my parsley on and if you like more parsley throw more in you know depending on what I've got in my garden or what I've picked up from the grocery store whatever you know a head or two is wonderful I also think that a nice fresh squeeze of lemon is so good with parsley and with lentils I just think the flavor of it is so I don't know I don't know if it's with the mirepoix or what it is but it's just so wonderful food to do see this is a typical Teddy or kit are always laying under my feet when I'm cooking yeah and then of having them there it's just like walking over a couch in your kitchen so I'm just gonna get some of this beautiful lemon in here ah smells so wonderful I don't know what it is about that smell of fresh parsley with lemon juice mmm so good so we'll mix it up and if you feel like you know you need to add a little bit more flavor to it then you know get right in there and personalize a little bit and add a little bit more but I'm gonna give this a taste because I think it looks so beautiful I can smell the garlic along with everything else and it's just so pretty you can see the little bits of carrot and everything and then the beautiful parsley in there okay let's just see if we need anything else for sure you know me I'll pound you more pepper huh so good this shell is so great your next day mmm it's just marvelous of course you can see him anymore pepper I always have my pepper to everything and then you know inevitably I'll sit down at the table and I'll add more pepper again there I'm like one of those people who's gonna end up carrying a pepper mill around in my pocket for the rest of my life so let's take this and we'll go into the den and have a little TV movie night in our house you know we normally eat dinner around the dining table but we love to shake it up once in a while too because you know the winter's get long here in Wisconsin and it's fun just to try something else so we have this kind of fun ritual we order pizza once a week probably like you do and we call that pizza movie night and then we also like to once in a while invite all the kids into the den and then we eat around the coffee table and you know we'll have something simple like this like a great side like this kind of salad and Kitty you're gonna want some lentils too but I can't let you have those and you know we'll do something fun like you know I have this big plate of glasses here well we buy this you know inexpensive sparkling grape juice and then we you know campaign and all the kids have a toast and John and I have a glass of wine and we all say something that we're thankful for and do a big toes and so you know this is the perfect kind of meal for us we just keep it really simple and low maintenance and you know it makes life just so much easier and you know you're shaking it up a bit and having fun and John is outside right now you know grilling some lamb and that's the perfect side to a dinner like this and the kids like it and turn on the movie and have great nights so you know it just allows things to fall into place a little differently once in a while like good write for me capstone church tusc SUNY Plattsburgh.

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