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Write for me internet of things with esp8266 marco schwartz pdf

Write for me internet of things with esp8266 marco schwartz pdf capstone health nauvoo al political parties in the 60s [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] case number 26 for Baywatch nights being better than Baywatch proper this episode has not one but two oscar-nominated people involved scriptwriter Len Janssen and candy Clark I am of course burying the lead here because actually the most important guest star is Lisa Vanderpump of Vanderpump rules Fame aka one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a show I've definitely watched and what brings together the smorgasbord of talent well a fairly standard detective episode involving gigolos hey uh what's this episode about just a gigolo so this woman here was just taken advantage of by a gigolo she wants to avoid this scheme stur stealing money from other vulnerable women so she asks the buek bride the agency to look into it this means mitch is once again gonna have to go undercover as a gigolo himself go to get in shape or no one will ever buy him a hot young man Cougars use Freud candy I noticed they don't use garner as the undercover gigolo I suppose standards and practices wouldn't let them show that much raw sexual energy on the program Orion she was gonna be my sexy but oh so innocent target generally gigolos are younger men in the service of rich older women but Baywatch is always breaking boundaries I mean what 23 year-old woman wouldn't hire a stud like Mitch twenty years her senior to hang on her arm take me to your leader beep boop blorp hey I have a question about Ryan ignoring the fact the minimum age requirement for getting a PI license in New York is 25 just how young was she when she started the process of being not only a PI but a forensics expert it's possible maybe she's just that good but as this and many other episodes indicate I have my doubts man hanging out at private resorts and taking advantage of lonely old women this scammy gigolo has got it made like this sweet Marga just call me the real housewife of Malibu I mean she's gotta know where it's at if she's knocking off Marge since country club outfit March or mark whoa speaking of dumb names Ryan's going undercover as Rihanna yeah no one uh no one will ever know your true identity Ryan and wait so she just spent a whole montage trying on sexy outfits only to walk onto the scene wearing something she'd wear on a normal day anyway planting the seed that Rihanna is wealthy and recently widowed it isn't long before their gigolo Chris slinking over for some booty this is all part of their plan however because mitch is gonna roll up as a rival gigolo Horning in on his turf the following narration is a look not only into mitches head but David Hasselhoff's although I don't consider myself over the hill yet living in a town of hard bodies sometimes makes it hard to ignore the aging process so when I walked into that beach club the reaction from the locals sent a smart clear to my toes oh sure I may be aging but I'm not as old as these losers and the land of Werther's the burger is king okay guys David Hasselhoff is a good-looking man but you are gonna tell me this is even a competition I speak six languages yeah sure remember to stick to a persona you can reasonably pull off Mitch have been why do I laugh you see of the hundreds of language that I speak fluent the way this episode presents it apparently Mitch emits a pheromone that's irresistible to little old ladies he scoops one off and makes everyone else jealous Clara I oh wait I'm sorry what okay so which side does Aunt Clara come from Emmy Cancer dad or Emmy Alzheimer's mom is her brother the gold prospector hey maybe he gave her some gold nuggets and that's why she's so loaded help me out with the Buchanan family tree people what to do thanks uh hi this is Toby's friend is is this the right number well at least this episode offers more fan service garner is working a case trying to catch a bail jumper named Bobby Bahama but unfortunately Mitch and Ryan just aren't available to help I'm sorry pal we're pretty tied up on the gigolo case 30 seconds ago you were checking your mail nonchalantly well with his partner's out Garner's gonna have to team up with destiny instead oh no not destiny she kind of giggles when playing basketball how can she ever solve a case apparently she's so bad at it she makes Garner forget he was a basketball savant you made it through college via shooting hoops and inspirational t-shirts yeah I can see why he needed destiny around for this okay he pushed that guy on purpose and I don't know anything about Bobby Bahama yet but he can do a mean roof slide all of this devolves into a pretty sweet man versus car chase and makes me wish Garner's adventure was the main plot of this episode but then again if we focused too much on the exciting part we'll miss out on Mitch and Ryan hanging out at a country club [Music] yeah maybe destiny can't play basketball but she can do one thing and that's pull magic powers out of her but using her psychic abilities she concludes Bobby Bahama likes red headed call girls dumb garnet destiny you and your deus ex machina have no place in the detective world Wow lucky for them that also means he'll go for whatever redhead enters his line of vision or the stakeout wouldn't amount to anything and if they showed up at this club because call girls frequent it and they know he'll probably be there then why bother with the disguise just arrest him little gangster huh you under arrest for giving people the creeps I tell you what guys you'd never see edgy stuff like this on Baywatch proper meanwhile bitches being an asshole the only thing that bothered me was that Ryan seemed to be enjoying all this a little too much literally all we've seen her do was go to the bar and vaguely smile at the gigolo guy holy shit bitch you've got clingy issues I can't believe you kissed a guy will undercover specifically to lure him out romantically I would never be so unprofessional this little old lady club is kicking everyone's having a sexy time here the game is set and the plan rolls forward Ryan pretends to be falling for new gigolo Mitch who introduces himself as such pause Robert spawn okay I take back what I said about using Rihanna as an undercover named Lisa it sounds more plausible than Robert Bond hmm yeah it's really interesting definitely much more exciting than garner and destiny stakeout based on a psychic hunch I need to stop this immediately nobody has a completely flat romantic tension with Ryan but me oh by the way it just as an aside this guy's a kickboxer as we all know mitch is a formidable kickboxer himself so it's pretty hard for him to keep in character and air-quote allow his ass to be kicked now I'm gonna skip ahead in the episode but I want to clarify that regardless there's a massive tonal whiplash coming up whoa that's rough would it help if I disguise myself as a mime clearly a gigolo McCants 'm has a short temper and they're making him mad next step gigolo Mik dad steps in and sweeps Brianna off her feet eat it small fry your abs are no match for my crabs Robert bond has gotta go and somebody just watched North by Northwest now is this an O Maj a ripoff amazing or all of the above if we pan like 40 feet to the left we could see all of Mitch's lifeguard friends being endlessly confused now I'm no expert on gigolos but do a lot of their money-making strategies involve sniping the competition from motorized hang gliders after having missed the easiest target in the world dreamboat McMissile heads to Rihanna's mansion to break into her safe I don't know why he bothered trying to kill Mitch if this was what he was gonna do this has nothing to do with being a gigolo at this point and really just makes him a thief but then again them setting up a camera to catch him is sort of pointless too because Mitch just waltzes in to gloat and make pop-culture references smile camera you know at first I was afraid of the guy who beat me into the hospital and chased you down with a gun on a hang glider but you taught me that everything works out on TV and you'll never come after me again just don't know how I'm ever gonna repay you we are paying and fall unless your cheque bounces in which case we're coming after you to the fullest extent of the law next time on Baywatch girls rescue meanwhile Mitch looks into replacing Hobie with a cuter kid sweet child of mine [Music] you [Music] usc columbia capstone dorm for money Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Morningside Heights (Columbia University area).

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