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Write for me internet of things network architecture pdf

Write for me internet of things network architecture pdf health care capstone paper need someone to type my research paper on statistics for me ´╗┐it is now five days until Christmas and finally the baseball gods have gifted us some news in the MLB offseason we started off with fire at the beginning of the year Giancarlo Stanton being traded jabari blast being treated we got Manny Machado rumors we got Carlos Santana signing with the Phillies we got a firestorm at the beginning but it has calmed down but finally we got some more news Evan Longoria has been traded from the Tampa Bay Rays no not the Devil Rays the Rays to the San Francisco Giants for some players we'll get going into the details but this is huge news not only for you know just MLB reasons but you boy gets to make another video on the channel you know like comment subscribe all that good stuff you guys really seem to be enjoying these trade reaction or signing reaction video so again like I've said and all the other ones as long as you guys are still here watching it I'm gonna keep bringing it to you so let's get going into this Evan Longoria trade reaction so the Tampa Bay Devil Rays traded Evan Longoria to San Francisco Giants the Giants sent over Denard Span Matt crooks Steven woods and the big name in this trade is the prospect Christian Arroyo now for you MLB 17 the show players you know Christian Arroyo got a future SARS card in the game so he is a pretty highly touted prospect for the rest of you you know he's a highly touted prospect has nothing to do with the video game don't even know why I brought it up honestly so this is big news for two reasons one it now seems like the Tampa Bay Rays have put out their cards on the table they've said we are in a rebuilding mode they're almost going like the other Florida baseball team the Marlins they're gonna start fire sailing I imagine Chris Archer is gonna be on the move next I imagine that pretty much anybody on that team that has a contract that is over the age of 30 or even over the age of 28 that doesn't seem to be in the rebuilding future for the Tampa Bay Rays is going to be traded and honestly Chris Archer if you can go out and get him that's incredible but that's not the point of this video the point of this video is the Longoria trade and yes the Tampa Bay Rays they seem to be rebuilding it's not going to be possible for them to compete with the Yankees and the Red Sox right now those teams are just too good especially the Yankees oh my god so they're like you know what let's go ahead and rebuild hopefully we can catch them on the back end when they're starting to go down again maybe we'll be on the uprise now the players at the Rays got you obviously got Denard Span I don't necessarily know what they're gonna be doing with that I'm assumed that has to do something with salary because obviously Longoria does have a decent contract Denard Span I'm not a hundred percent sure what his contract is but I'm imagining that it's a little more than it should be oh I'm just like a Denard Span z-- contract he's gotten paid 11 million next year there is a 12 million team option but if they don't take it it's a four million dollar buyout so he's at earliest a free agent in 2019 yeah that was a terrible terrible contract that the Giants gave him in retrospect obviously hindsight is 20/20 but I'm assuming that the Giants had to give him it because a Longoria's contract just to offset some things make it a little bit more fair I don't know the Giants were the winners in this trade and I think that's very obvious to everybody who follows baseball now still talking about the Rays in there rebuilding let's go ahead and go over the prospects that they received in this trade now the first one we're gonna talk about is Kristian Arroyo and that's cuz I know the most about him to be honest I don't know a whole lot about Steven woods and Matt crook but as you guys know from my saying you always trade prospects for superstars now after a quick glance at Matt crooks and Steven woods like you know hosts whole career so far in the minors they really haven't gotten past a ball so there isn't a whole lot that I can speak of yet I'm sure that they're decent prospects but again the main guys Kristian Arroyo the things like about Kristian Roy oh he's young he's 22 years old he played in the MLB last year did not look very good in the majors though Lasher that is the one thing that you can knock about him in the minors in about 1500 at-bats he is a 300 hitter so in the minors he had proven that he can't hit for average he's not gonna hit for power he's a smaller guy he only hit I think about maybe 10 homeruns max in a minor league season after quickly instead of stats so you know he's maybe not the greatest power hitter but he can play short he can play second he can play third he hit for average in the minors and he seems to be a very good fielder so that is something to look forward to again he did hit 195 in the majors this year that's in a small sample size that's in his rookie season obviously and again he's coming up he came up onto a bad team that had no protection around him there's a lot to say about that 195 maybe that's of science to come maybe he's overpowered by major league pitching but at the same time he has proven in the minors that he can hit for average so you can't just assume that he's going to be a terrible player based off about bats in the majors now if I'm at a pub a race fan I don't know how excited I am about this trade obviously it sucks to see your team just basically give up know that your next season is gonna be just not a very good one you gave up the best player in your franchise arguably of all time for the past decade Evan Longoria has been a Tampa Bay ray he's been phenomenal there he's a class he's a professionals pro as they like to say and you know it sucks that he has to go and especially that you're not getting I don't think the best Hall back for him this minor league pitchers that you got in Woods and crook seem to be you know I'm sure they have some upside but at the same time they're still very young and it doesn't seem like they're very close to coming up just yet they've only pitched a rat at a ball highest Denard Span that way way way way aging outfielder seems like he is on his way out has not produced like he did in the past so you really cares about him and then Christian Roy o may be a good prospect may have hit 300 in the minors may have a good glove but he really doesn't put up power numbers and I know I said it's not a big deal but in the small sample size that he did have in the major leagues he did not hit well he seemed overpowered so I wouldn't be excited if I'm a Tampa Bay Rays fan but at the same time you kind of knew this was coming you guys could not compete with the Yankees and the Red Sox in the current state that they're in and the current state that you're in the Rays never want to spend money and they're gonna have to start throwing money at some of these guys eventually and that's just not going to happen and again small market team they play like a small-market team their budget has always been super super low always one of the lowest in the major leagues so this trade makes sense because if they're not going anywhere they really don't want to pay Evan Longoria all that money now if you are a San Francisco Giants fan hallelujah you've got a bat congratulations I think I said this in my Manny Machado video but the Giants did not have a single player hit more than 18 home runs last year is Brandon Belt at 18 and then I think their second highest might have been Buster Posey at 12 I'm not sure about that but your two best hitters 18 and 12 combined for 40 home runs what the Giants were last in the league in home runs last year by a lot I think they had 128 home runs as a team that is insane insane I also think I said this that in the other video but I'll say it again there was a hundred and twenty eight players at 19 or more home runs last year and the Giants did not have a single one Brandon Belt was number one with 18 not good not good and I know people are gonna say Oh Brandon Belt was a little hurt last year didn't play the whole season he would've hit more than 20 if he played the entire season let's call a spade a spade guys Brandon Belt is not the player that we thought he was going to be he is a nice first baseman he is a very good first baseman but he is not elite in the slightest he is not a top 10 first baseman in Major League Baseball at all and at first base you want homeruns I don't care how good of a fielder he is 19 home runs or what no not even 19 18 home runs is just not going to cut it of course you have Buster Posey behind the plate who is a great great catcher but 12 home runs is just it's 12 home runs you guys want more out of Buster Posey you're expecting twenty a year he's still a great hitter don't get me wrong I think he is by far the best catcher in baseball but you know 12 home runs power department the Giants were horrible it got so bad for the Giants that at one point at third base they had resided low Sandoval and they were playing Pablo Sandoval on a regular basis Pablo Sandoval Kung Fu Panda the guy took a swing and his belt buckle broke his belt broke on a swing because he got so fat he's horrible and I don't think I need to tell Giants fans how bad their offense was this past season they know they finished in last place in the National League West where the Padres were considered to be by far the worst team and I know of recent years during the dynasty years of the Giants where they won what three World Series in six years it was about the pitching they were built on pitching and the hitting came second but that's just not how it is anymore pitching is obviously still vastly important in the major leagues but that is with a good offense as well if you can't hit and I mean the Giants cannot hit does not matter how good your pitching is you are going to struggle and let's be honest the Giants pitching was not good last year they obviously didn't have madbum for most of the season because he wrote a motorcycle or a motorbike or whatever was or an ATV and he got hurt that's a story for another day about how stupid that was when you look at the starting pitching of the San Francisco Giants last year it just wasn't very good Jeff Samardzija was their best pitcher and he had a 4.4 to er a his whip was one point one three six which is actually fairly good he did have an season but at the same time nine and fifteen 4.42 er a he had bits and pieces where he pitched very very well and was a solid pitcher but that was your best pitcher kind of like the Marlins argument here where Jeff Samardzija is probably three on a bunch of other teams and that's a very good three but on the Giants he was kind of the ACE last year then you have Matt Moore went six and fifteen and I know I'm gonna preface this before I get going into the rest of the sets I know win-loss record is not that important I still value it a bit it does show how good a pitcher is not to its fullest extent but it still is important and I know I'm gonna get some hate in the comments for that so I'm just preface it I know it's not that important but I'm still gonna reference it I'm an old-school SAP baseball guy but yeah Matt Moore 31 starts 6 and 15 5.5 2 er a 1.5 whip that is not good Matt mover was averaging 10 hits per nine innings that's not very good three and a half walks in seven and a half strikeouts he's not pitching very well former Tampa Bay Ray which is funny talking about this full circle now yeah Johnny Cueto who made 25 starts again not very good 4.5 - we are a 8 & 8 record wasn't striking out guys like he has in the past was giving up a lot more hits not pitching very well I know he wasn't necessarily healthy the entire year but hey that still counts into why they didn't play well you got ty Blatche I believe is how you pronounce his name out there making 24 starts 4.7 ADRA 1.35 whip Johnny Cueto by the way 1.44 whip again not very good and then you had mad bum who only made 17 starts because of the injury 3.32 we are right obviously he is by far the best pitcher on their team but the stupid accident that he had had him out for most of the season definitely hurt them a bit and then lastly Matt Cain 23 starts 5.43 er a 3 and 11 record 1.6 whip oh my god that's horrible holy crap I did not realize how bad Matt Cain had gotten that's why he retired he got really bad so yeah the Giants need a lot of help everywhere obviously they need help on the pitching side as well but their big issue was hitting and Evan Longoria is definitely going to help that out a ton so since Evan Longoria has come into the league he has hit 20 or more home runs in every single season except for 2012 where he only appeared in 74 games and he still hit 17 which is almost as many as the Giant leading home run hitter had last year in a full season he averages 29 homers 101 RBIs and a 270 average that is such a big improvement for the Giants in any position let alone third base because they were playing guys like Conor Gillespie Pablo Sandoval Cristian Arroyo they were taking anybody who could play third base and giving them a shot now they have a legitimate all-star third baseman this is a big move so at the end of the day does this make the Giants a playoff team no they still have a lot a lot of issues big one being pitching big one being bullpen big one being that they still only have now one guy in the lineup that can hit for power obviously it's gonna help Buster Posey and Brandon Belt a bit having a little more protection with Evan Longoria but that outfield is still very very weak Hunter Pence you really don't have a center fielder now because you lost an arch span I don't even know who plays left field for the Giants like it's seriously it's getting bad well in fact I looked up who played left field for the Giants most of the year Jarrett Parker you know what he hit 247 with four home runs in 23 RBIs what that's not good aging Hunter Pence 260 13 home runs 60 RBIs 67 RBIs my bad not very good the other outfielders Gorky's Hernandez yeah got two Kelby Tomlinson who's in the utility Austin Slater Justin Ruggiano Mac Williamson these are not players that you want to be playing in your outfield so the Giants still have a ton of huge holes in their team but Evan Longoria coming onto their team definitely is a big improvement and they definitely won the trade in my opinion like I said you always trade prospects for bonafide stars I'm interested to see what you guys think of this trade in the comment section below let me know make sure to leave a like on the video subscribe thank you guys for watching I'm glad that you have been enjoying these baseball talk videos I'm gonna keep doing them if you keep liking them and yeah hopefully we keep getting this amazing news as we do lead up to Christmas see you guys later bye I said that's the vacation I don't know what's gonna happen nice guys yes [Music] no it's gonna happen gotta make it happen what's gonna happen make it happen write for me survey paper on internet of things Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts.

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