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Write for me enterprise risk management degree

Write for me enterprise risk management degree capstone project hardware looking for someone to write dissertation on cold war for cheap ´╗┐just a quick outfit of the day I've got a top on it from Topshop it's a Bardot top got my Topshop journey jeans I have like a million pairs of if I wear them all the time and I've got my Birchbox bracelet on I've got my Paul Hewitt to anchor bracelet on and my favourite bag yet again from Zara you good morning everybody so I guess you won't be able to guess but I am actually in the zoella apartment and I'm vlogging the whole thing they'd be able to see around I've literally only just arrived but I haven't explored properly I'll get to show you guys all of the new products and stuff I hope you enjoy it I love these pillows so much so over here we have a little lip balm station I'm going to try out some of the lip balms as well so we've got the doesn't say which one Astaire's and then you've got another scented one let's try them out I'm loving these rose gold accessories and they go with my bracelet so around here we have some hampers these look like the Christmas hampers have a look and yes a gathered beauty products in these as you can see and then the slim at best Gemma's coin path is that's so cute it's like a little Christmas wonderland in here got all of this is over on this tray which I'm absolutely loving I'm like looking at the product but then the stuff that they presented them on is really nice as I'll stay we've got this cool missile let's Britt bake my day sweet inspiration have some diffusers hair and the first one is homemade treats which is a buttercream and gooey salted caramel flavor and we've got Daisy picking Lazydays seaside straw which is I'm guessing is like an ocean kind of smelling one you've got my Eden and gingerbread village which is like perfect for Christmas so this is the cellar kitchen we've got some drinks over there some gingerbread men here I got myself one already there's my sister having a drink she's a bit upset because she can't have any of the gingerbread man got butter in and then some products as well we've got some hand cream with some crackers and then some Oh Caesar and little gingerbread men bar fizzes or something yeah they're bar fizzes cute I'm just about to decorate my own little gingerbread man and there's loads of stuff on this table to do with as well this is the final result is kind of like an abstract gingerbread man and this God little handbag on with an N I think it's cute guys this room is like office goals this is all of the office and home where and I'm loving the rose gold and gray and pink themes got some ombre colored pencils and more characters and down there are some notebooks they're actually over here so you've got these this notebook and then I think this is an organizer as well really cute and I think I'm in love with these so much topped with cream and sprinkles then you have these marble and copper plant pots which comes in a pack of two like that oh and the notebooks open down here so it's got cute little pages on it like that I'm loving all of this eye powder would just come through I'm actually okay with that so I'm going to pop it over on it this potable red board over here find a place for me put me down here I'm gonna take them with my sister in a minute as well my sister pops her little selfies here say there's one of me here and then this one of me and had that so just come into the zoella bathroom and you've got all of these bar products you've got some hand cleanser some body cream and then there is a sugar scrub and then this smells incredible this is the foaming bath soap and then if I turn around this is actually like a legitimate bathroom the bath is just there this is actually really comfortable I don't know what to do now there's a Christmas tree in the middle of September only zoella got loads of gifts around the trees these crackers I think have beauty products in them that you can buy for Christmastime now the lady herself I know there's no way Zoey's going to be watching this I just wanted to thank her so much for doing all of this it seriously it's so pretty and all of the stuff is going to make my room look really good when it's and when it's out and when I can get there say thank you and I love it we've just finished at the cellular apartment and it was absolutely beautiful I don't really know what I was expecting that the product exceeded all of my expectations they are so cute I love the rose gold and marble theme and the grain pink is so me it's so pretty so so you have done like the best job ever anyway now we're going to explore a bit of London not really sure where we're going but I'm with my sister and we're just going to see where the day takes them I'm contemplating this for dinner it's a middle-eastern inspired vegetable and halloumi side salad looks really yummy I'm just not sure so I'm a little bit fussy with food maybe I don't know I might get it and try it little update on the coast side salad thing from Waitrose I actually really like it I don't usually try new food on fit scared to in case I don't like it but it's so yummy so I'm going to fish it off now I'm home now and I haven't blogged in London basically because we just decided to come home it was far too rainy to do anything so I thought I'd come home and I might actually be dyeing my hair tonight I'll show you in a minute anyway I wanted to shave my goody bag and on this side it says she designed a life she loved and that's in sparkly rose gold and then over on the other side and you've got a sparkly rose gold zedd with a peach background that says zoella there she's them signed that as well I think my sister's going to bring her goodie bag in it as well cuz I know she got a few different bits I haven't actually gone through this one opened up a bit and that took me out so the first thing is this zoella lifestyle my eden reed diffuser and this one says on the front surround yourself with the sun to the garden in full bloom fresh roses jasmine and licious geraniums float on a warm summer breeze that sounds delightful so I popped the reeds in and this is what it looks like it's really minimalistic and it says so Eleazar really cute and it'd be super handy books might head Baker one has just run out so I can use this I just had a smell and it smells really fruity and really floral it's just a really sweet scent --which and my favorites I'm so glad it wasn't gingerbread or anything so that's going to go up on my window see what's next so next it's something I was so excited about and I was like dreaming about getting this in my goodie bag it says she designed a life she loved and I showed you these in the apartment earlier this is like an organizer thing when you open it out you've got little post-it notes you've got these marble note to cells and big panelist if you guys know me you'll know that I absolutely adore marble and then you've got this and week planner which is one of the most handy things ever and since I'm going back to uni I think popping this of my uni Bay is going to be so handy so that's the organizer next thing is am a hand cream and I think this one's gingerbread scented which I really don't like but I might give this to my well I'm probably going to give this to my man yeah gingerbread and warm vanilla hand cream I'm sure it smells amazing but I'm really really not a gingerbread fan but the packaging is so Christmassy it's really getting me in the mood already and I know summer's only just finished and the next thing we have is the zoella wondrous whip lightly whipped body cream and ice melt this in the cellar bathroom at the apartment today and it smells amazing it's lightly whipped body cream and that's all it says it has an extracts of vitamin E aloe and she butters that will leave your skin really and really moisturized and the packaging again super cute it reminds me of her old line actually but there we go and what else have we got I've just got a little Polaroid of me my sister which we kind of sacked off because she is like half in it it's really hard when you're using a Polaroid camera to kind of focus on two people so we just didn't bother putting that one up and then I had these other hand on heart hand cleanser and it's a really handy little bottle and it just smells basically like a hand cream but it's kind of cuter obviously it's going to look in your handbag as well and I think that's all I got so this was my little haul of what I got from the Zeller apartment some people say one hampers which I'm kind of jealous about and they looked really good but I'm sure they'll be available in boots or Superdrug or something and the lady did say these will be available at Boots and then everything else will be available at Superdrug and yeah that's it I'm super excited to use them definitely this this is like my favorite thing because my room's not finished yet I've popped the diffuser over on my window so with my little cactus family and my sister's going to come in and I'll show you what she got in hers as well she basically got all the same as me apart from the hand cream and defused it instead she got these and I'm so jealous about this because I love these pencils when I saw them they're the ombre pencil collection and they have little gold writing on them it says love from Zed yours faithfully z' they're the best wishes Zaid which basically means OE and then this which as I just mentioned I hate gingerbread so I'm so glad I didn't get this her on the other hand you love gingerbread don't you yeah she just loves it and this is the gingerbread and vanilla fragrant set and ahh the name of this is so cute and I love the packaging I just wish I'd like gingerbread it says bake my day super indulgent warming gingerbread and vanilla scent with top notes of cinnamon and chocolate all this sounds so good and and the ginger cream hang up is that a body or body cream cute packaging these days are so Christmassy and yes super jealous about pencils and definitely going to have to get myself them hair dyeing time and basically I'm just taking ombre up on my fringe and guys hang if you're out there please come and do my hair and but I'm going to be using the bleach london a total bleach and just to take my ombre up I'm not really sure whether this is going to work and I know I could totally go to a salon but I thought I'd try it myself best and if not then I'll go and get it corrected so the bleach is all applied now I'm just chillin watching Netflix and you'll have to wait until tomorrow's the vlog to see how my hair turned out whether it's going to be good or bad I don't actually know yet so I'll see you guys tomorrow ahh you Oh Oh do my capstone logistics hourly pay Congregation of the Mission.

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