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Write for me enterprise risk management best practices from assessment to ongoing compliance pdf

Write for me enterprise risk management best practices from assessment to ongoing compliance pdf research topic in strategic management famous death penalty cases in texas ´╗┐hi your chin campus TV i'm joined by holly middleton my name is Dominic Tucker he's just been grilled by us students here from the University for the last hour or so how did you find it did you enjoy I really did enjoy it um it was really useful for me I'd hoped for everyone else found it useful have some really good questions so you know hopefully hopefully I was able to give the answers that people were looking for most of the students here very worried about tuition fees that's the big one now labor have committed to 6,000 pounds pieces now that's still double what they were on last hannya laboring power now why did you sell at 6,000 why didn't you reduce some note 2 3 as I explained it was largely down to the fact that we wanted these changes to come straight away and it would have been a lot harder to do that if we reduced him to 3,000 pounds reduce me to 6,000 and it is a 3,000 pound production is a nine thousand pound phase and saving over over three years you know we'll make a difference you know it allowed us to bring those reforms in straight away obviously try and reverse some of the damage that's certainly been done you know in the eyes of individual students so is a is there a plan in the more long term to reduce these further oh well we're going to continue to assess the viability of a graduate taxes make a bit of Amazon recorders is this same something we will do we you know we are able to form a Labour government and so you know long-term I I society wouldn't rule out the short term obviously I think it's a really it's a fantastic policy and a big step in the right direction okay we we also heard about the cost of living in Burma now I feel it as a student in but it's very expensive area do you think it's unfair that we don't get extra money like students living in London even at the cost of loons be reasonably similar in terms of the housing and the cost of drinks yeah i mean III I've got quite a good because our quad kind of base because I obviously in London sometime very often but there is a difference i have got to say it there there is a difference i mean honestly an ir London would cost you twice as much and and London's just kind of on our whole new level but to be honest I do think it has to be seriously looked at I mean we obviously are committed to increase in France by an average of 450 pounds you know I don't think we should definitely rule out further increases it seems like it would be a good way to get money girl we don't save asthenia student I think even in in London you know in my experience it's still impossible to survive on on the current even at the top loan and the grant included you know you have to try and you have to try and get an income ml square would that be a job or you know family member friend contributing ok so a labour of OC committed they talk about the NHS a lot NHS privatization seems to be a buzzword for labor what are you what you're going to do to protect the NHS what do you want to do too so the improvements in the first and foremost are we going to repeal the health and social care act and I mean it was something I talked a bit about obviously I'm in response to one of the questions I mean the Health and Social Care was incredibly damaging in a variety of ways and you know the single worst part of it was that the government was completed and generous when they bought they brought these reforms in a mean David Cameron was asked about NHS reforms during the election campaign said there would be no reorganizations the NHS's was a complete top-down reform of 3 billion pounds of town reform that no one asked for no one voted for and they've been incredibly damaging so we're going to repeal that legislation the most single most damaging perhaps the fact that it removes the cap and privatisation so prioritization now can essentially be be living this there's no end to it so that's what we want if we want to put into so why is a privatization issue so long as it's free at the point of care while does it matter whether or not I'm getting it from well we are but there are two reasons for that and why not believe it undermines core values of the NHS yes it's a public service it should be a public service that's free it point of views but it's free the point of even even if we proudly my CV seismic companies are running an HS service to a large extent it no longer becomes that public service but if it's very another point of care and the private company can do it more efficiently for Less moment of that generally that tasting on to my second point often actually the cost of tender Gramp contracts are a higher so I am but what I person is purely ideological I there's also a lot of concerns over the quality of care and that these companies are providing as long as it's just such the quality of care is far lower so you know those are the reader to the two the two factors there so I just picked up on you said its ideological now for me if if it's privatized if its own sex is a contracted to private companies and that delivers better care for less money more efficiently then its ideological not to give it to them on the grounds and their private calm but I as I've said it it's not more cost effective no two percent at the time not only that but the quality of care is lower so there really that should fish no reason for these contracts going to private companies and as I said you know the DNA we're incredibly lucky to have the NHS you know it's completely unique and obviously it is facing long term precious precious that we've got to face up to you but I do believe as a Ponte party we are able to provide offices tho those longer-term questions but it's completely you've got to protect it all costs and also said you know this kind of gradual move towards an increasingly privatized and it just as undermine the very existence of a national of service okay moving on to next point now you'll see you're just 19 years age yeah so you've always grown up around New Labour you only have a really see new laboring huh would you identify more with new labor or old labour in your and your core values I think the main thing for me and I mentioned that my opening statement is that labor is is a progressive party that's always something that we've retained and I always went as a party we've been able to respond to the individual challenges all the time I think that's something we were able to do in 1997 but let's remember new labour is old labour now 1997 was 20 years ago I think now we're just as progressive we are able to provide answers two very different problems of your face now and often those answer answers are different you know as a result of the nature of the times were living in so you know I don't think it's about kind of you know really aligning myself with Eva it's about aligning myself with a Progressive Party there and I'm and so maybe I feel as there may be are a bit more new labour in your car value deceived more right than an old left-wing labor you're reasonably free market Neville at yo and you want a eight pounds national minimum wage we have something wheels my family is clearly an increase in real time just to my peers yeah but I've but that is still in pretty designer right wouldn't know but I mean that about you something we've committed to I mean it is if you look at the current minimum wage is still a reasonable increase I mean you know there's no I'm going to be in how long's a minimum wage been six months 15 i'll forever 21 um it's for about well over 10 years osin has been stuck at the same Matt if we wanted it surely if we want at the same amount of real terms as it was when their minimum wagers first introduced you'd be pushing with moisture real original real touching from much larger increase in but I one pounds fifty our five-year period is but it's still a real terms increased oh and actually if you made by the marginal amount videos you live from that's not an increase in real asian policies on offer from every single property all five main political parties none of them are offering an immediate increase well certainly within reason none of them offering kind of a few pounds jump I mean it's got to be a gradual increase that I think but why if I eight pounds why you're not pushing for a higher minimum wage and because you know I believe at this point I think eight pounds eight pounds is right I think it will ensure that you know people are getting a fair day's pay for a fair day's work but also so what's the living wage the living wages is seven pounds invincibility so I'm going to a little while at the and that we're also going to we're also going to encourage the living wage from the moment we get into government so we've got our eyes can you define the living wage one so the living with the living wage outside of London is 70 can you define what it is sorry the living wage is how much we need to look independently deemed as yet the amount of money that you know that you can you can live come fly are we pushing for a living wage and when we are as wise as we are as a different we are edgy pushing for a living wage we're offering companies that commit to a living wage and tax breaks as an incentive that's going to happen from the moment we get into government we're continuing to support the living wage foundation other organizations pushing for a living wage as well so we are supporting delivering a living wage but with a long-term view the long-term commitment to increasing that minimum wage de panza network ok finally we touch on sort of political and apathy in the country you don't like the term apocrypha now what do you think bringing a 19 year old to be a member of parliament for that what's that going to do political engagement in the area are we going to enfranchise more students to be involved with politics or do we not want to see our peers in politics I hope to encourage more young people to do i canta to to make sure we are seeing more young people certainly above engaged in politics it's really important and but I mean in terms of me personally kind of somehow being the voice of young people but that's something I've never you know I've never suggested that I am I think young people to speak for themselves and could have to be their own voice but that's why we need more young people in politics a that's why we need more young people studying as candidates as well okay and thank you very much I would like to thank Ollie first time it's been really interesting you've been watching campus TV thank you very much goodnight thank you sociology capstone project ideas online Vaughn College of Aeronautics & Technology.

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