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Write for me cfp capstone exam

Write for me cfp capstone exam mba capstone project proposal ideas for money reportage en francais ms 13 gangs ´╗┐how's it goin nights fans thanks for tuning in for this very special edition of the FDU men's soccer report we're joined as always by the head coach of the FDU men's soccer team saffron coach thanks being with us today it's all good gather a very exciting time for you guys as you move ahead to the NCAA tournament the team captured its seventh NEC championship in the sixth of your career sixth since 2000 so what does it mean to you to be back on top of the champion well it's great it's very gratifying most of all I'm happy for the guys they put in a lot of work this past year since last year's championship game and they were committed to get a different result this year and it's very rewarding so how did this team compared to past champions that you had maybe not in terms of skill but are there certain characteristics that all of your championship teams have had yeah you have to be very mentally tough and you and this year's team is very mentally tough and they're they're very committed there is strong and very focused will go to those games and two games that we had starting with Monmouth in the semi-final you grab a one nothing lead Simon Daugherty gets the goalie seems we always in the right place at the right time what was going through your head when he got that goal and did you think you're able to make it stand up I thought we played very well for stuff and I thought it was great that he got us on the board and going in half time I felt pretty good and we just wanted to come out strong in the second half we had a little lapse for about five or ten minutes allowed the tying goal but then we got right back on top of things and we have played then I deserve to win and did so in the penalty kick shootout and so it was on to the championship game so in the finals you face a very tough st. Francis be a team with the coach that I know you have a lot of respect for again you get the early one nothing lead and then how do you think you guys played the rest of the game well I thought we had a great first half and for 43 minutes and 40 seconds we were outstanding got an early goal had a chance to get a second goal and thought we might go into halftime to now as it was proving that that wasn't going to be the case we at least could take solace that we'd go into halftime one milk right but then they tied us against the run of play and they go into halftime 1-1 after getting totally outplayed and that's a big lift for them and we just talked about you know being tough going out second half being aggressive and and getting back on top of things I thought we played a played a good second half we hit the post / times you know is wide open then they hit the crossbar right but our guys were not going to be denied this year they were very very dedicated to bringing home the NEC championship and they just were not going to have it any other way and you know I'm very proud of the guys and they did a great job as the program's first title since 2008 and it seems like me the stars were aligned for you what are coming similarities to that year to this year well you know there are a few you know we were the number two seed this year and in 2008 the number four seed upset the host institution 2008 and this year Obama was elected in 2008 and reelected this year men's tennis one in the spring of 2008 4ft you and one in the spring of 2012 and then this past summer like in 2008 for the european championship and in this year's european championship i went with my assistant coach one of my assistants Alex Masucci to his hometown Scotch Plains the italian-american club to watch one of the games and you know felt that that was a good woman as well so we had fun with that right so it looks like it stars are all a line for you guys and then Jacob blizzak who has had a really good season this year now he's second all-time in career shutouts earned the tournament MVP he talked a little bit about his play over the weekend yeah Jacob was outstanding he was on a mission himself and you know we feel he's the best goalkeeper in the conference we feel he didn't get his just due his just rewards or the accolades he deserved with not receiving first or second-team all-conference and he was out to prove that he's the top keeper in the conference and to help lead us to the championship and that's what we spoke about and that's what he was focused on was leading us to the championship and to get the tournament MVP was icing on the cake for him and well deserved we had a chance to catch up with Jacob about winning the tournament Evie alright thanks Gavin now joining me on my right is junior goalkeeper Jacob list sick and goalkeepers coach Lawrence Dixon also known as LD thanks for joining me guys Jacob you were named NEC tournament MVP last week for your performance and goal now have you ever been a part of games like that where shootouts decided the outcome in back-to-back games not in back-to-back games now I've been caught of she doubts with my club team and my high school team but nothing of that magnitude now what was going what's going through your mind well shootouts like that occur after playing you know 110 minutes and you know games decide on something like that nothing really just tried to clear my head and just focus on one sheet at a time and try not to get down if I don't save anything but luckily I was able to save a couple and win the game now what does it mean you to win the NEC tournament your third year with the team last year we didn't win we lost in the final seconds of overtime so we kind of had a bad taste their mounts and this year we wanted to come out and and set set the record straight that you know we could win the championship and we did right now coach Dixon you've now coached this young man for three years like what how have you seen him grow since his freshman year well each year we set goals for myself and try to accomplish is growth over the past three years very good he worked very hard and he's the joy to work with he works very hard alright well gentlemen thanks for joining us and a good luck at st. John's on Thursday we go back to you guys listen there thank you Chris now one of the players who had a really big weekend for you and it's been one of your best players all year is Nicholas Walker you got that goal in the finals last year he had an assist in the semi-final so he's been kind of a big game player if you talk about his progression as a player well Nicholas is a very spirited enthusiastic guy and he's a very dynamic defender and people recognize that as exhibited by his being named first-team all-conference and being named to the all-tournament team I mean he defended tremendously all weekend he got the goal in the final and and you know nicholas Nicholas has a lot of spirit and really has been having an outstanding season thus far we'll throw it back to Chris for an interview with Nicholas Walker Thank You Gavin and we're now joined by June offensive Nicholas Walker who was named first team all NEC is a defender Nicholas how does it feel to be earn a reward like that by the conference coaches recognize it's a good extend actually like put in the hard work all season long to be finally recognized I think is good accompany a good accomplish with my me and the team are you played in two exciting games over the weekend to an e6 tournament have you played in anything like that before in terms of intensity and what was on the line at the end yes I did actually coming from preying on the world cup qualifying team so I've been in this position before but not surrounded by the same guys so it was good to experience this with you guys what are you saying about these guys what's probably been the best part about and playing with these group of guys this year I mean we had the same team since my freshman year so coming up with these guys it's really like we are family so to come from the last thing in the semi-final losing this in the final last year to winning it this relative but well you guys play st. John's next Thursday start the NCAA tournament what do you feel like you and aim has to do to keep going no tell you truth I don't think we do need to dating a bit but we've been just just keep out what we doing we don't go to the next gig and he's got and play we got none to lose you've got a new get 20 good luck this Thursday necklace and we thank you for your time thank you thanks again chris now with the win and the NEC finals you'll you're an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament will your face st. John's there on Thursday what do you guys know about st. John's I know it's a team you guys face in the spring and how are you preparing and looking ahead to this game well first of all in order to prepare properly as we have all year you have to have great assistant coaches and I'm very lucky we as a pro marrow very lucky to have the three assistant coaches that we have Lawrence Dixon LD has done an outstanding job with our goal keepers and and is there so much credit for helping develop Jacob into the goalkeeper he is and or say is is a tremendous liaison between the players and the coaching staff and does a great job of that and Alex plays such a big role in helping us prepare for each and every game and and to have the three assistants that we have is is in a very very lucky for us and it helps us become a championship program we wouldn't be a championship program that happened in st. John's the team how much will you be able to find out and learn about them over the next couple days you prepare well you know we've already started our research and st. John's is for those of you who followed college basketball 15 or 20 years ago they're kind of like nolan richardson's university of arkansas teams that used to pride themselves on putting teams under 40 minutes of Hell st. John's is arguably the fittest most high pressure team in the country and force you into muscle forces you into mistakes and we have to be on our toes and and be sharp and ready to go from the opening whistle I mean they're a great program with a great coach Dave maser and we'll we'll have our work cut out for us but this team believes in itself and and you know from the opening whistle if we come out focused in sharp you know we can we can have a good performance and and these guys are confident that that we can bring home a win well a win would send you guys out to st. Louis for the second round so let's see if we can book some plane tickets the st. Louis huh that would be great good night's fans thanks for tuning in for this fdu men's soccer report capstone 2 msu Gerstner Sloan Kettering Graduate School of Biomedical Science.

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