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Write for me capstone wireless llc do my internet of things adalah pdf how do you type dialogue in an essay I'm gonna start much earlier in my life when I was 10 years old every evening my mama tell me eat your carrots bill there are people starving in other parts of the world if you've ever had can slice carrots you know what an awful experience that was and yet in order to in order eat the carrots I thought about the other part of her sentence I thought about the children starving in other parts of the world and I understood there was a great disconnect there that we have enough food in the world to feed everybody that there's no shortage of food and yet and yet somehow the food doesn't reach those who need it and I thought about the the tragedy of the voice of those children's didn't cause any bail during didn't cause any partner to plow a field and plant seeds any trucker to ship the food to the coast or shipper to bring that food to them that this disconnect was profound and I thought about I would have thought about becoming say a nutritionist or our farmer myself and addressing those problems but as I grew older I saw that the name of the problem was the market economy and the specific problem is misaligned incentives so instead of becoming a farmer nutritionist I became a banker now my inspiration before coming to banker is Robert Morris who was the man who financed the American Revolution and if you remember at that time George Washington was in the field sending these incredibly whiney pessimistic letters back to the Continental Congress I need more food I need more clothes things are going really poorly out there and at that time Robert Morris was back in Philadelphia finding the funds to finance the American Revolution and if you think about what an act of personal commitment and courage this was there was no government for which he was building that finance platform he was essentially trying to dethrone to create a king and create a democracy in America now and that's my model financing change what I want to talk about is 35 years of being a banker and the things that I've learned about the market economy and I want to talk about five aspects of the way that market economy changes but my first observation is that every revolution every Occupy Wall Street every change to the market economy needs a change banker connected with it and in fact that's the topic today but our first change in the market economy the first way to change it is the simplest and that's consumer purchases the most powerful force in the market economy is where you spend your money and if you think about that as your first vote would you spend money you're voting for the world that you're quitting and you're telling the market economy I want the future world to have more of what I'm purchasing and less of what I don't purchase and it's an exquisite arrangement and it works precisely and profoundly and yet and yet there are two things missing from that equation first there are no values in it the children starving don't have cash and if you don't have cash you can't vote the second way to change the market economy is actually your political vote the the market economy is not a natural creation it's a cultural creation and it exists on a set of rules that we've created those set of rules can be changed we can change how the liability froze across economy out stacks so for example a carbon tax would change the way that liabilities proportion in the economy and provide manufacturers with responsibility for recovering the environmental ways that they create that's that's still part of the market economy it's a change in the basic rules or even a more profound change in the rules of the market economy when Muhammad Yunus accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in his speech he said what he wanted to do was add values to the wall street equation which in its I listened to the speech several times it's hard to absorb mentally a change like that that Wall Street would have values but it was a serious proposition that we could change the market economy by adding an equation for values into Wall Street then the next way of changing the market economy the third way is none of the above and they're really to none of the above votes the first one is sort of why you're here today charitable donations or a vote for none of the above when you see that your purchases your votes with your money can't produce the world you want you can forgo the return and for the principal and interest on your money and donate it to a cause that will achieve the aims you want it's a very powerful way to change the economy and the second one of course is activism which ends in revolution right you can say the political economy is not giving me what my one and i'm going to go outside that economy but I caution you in both these that the charitable economy is about 1% of the consumer economy so you're entering the small door with donations you you have to find the big door you have to find the market economy to achieve scale on these efforts so you'll see a lot of the efforts will combine initial startup using charitable money moving into the market economy for their profound and second stage the fourth one is sort of an obscure part of the market economy and that's the way the economy thinks about the future it's what we call insurance insurance is the market economies way of saying we know their risk in the future and we have to account for those risk and make sure they don't surprise us in the present it's it's really a profound way of looking at the world and if you think about something like global warming of the changes that we're experiencing you'll recognize that in many times it's the insurance function that recognize these changes first so for example in global warming changes where coastline properties are flooded more often the you the first place she that changes and the change in insurance rates ensure companies will say if your property is going to flood every 10 years for example your in your insurance rate it's going to be ten percent approximately of your the value of your house or if it's more frequent than that we just won't insure those properties anymore so if you think about how that progresses insurance companies demand that we don't build in an ecological ways based on their understanding of the future now the final one the fifth the way you change the market economy is by finance and of course this is my favorite one I like the finance function but I recognize that that the clickers not working there we go I recognize that finance is not universally well-received and it's not particularly parochial finance has been poorly received really since the beginning of time think of the money lenders in Jerusalem and the temples when this country started we created the first bank of north america which is our central bank and then the subsequent administration took that down and actually that happened in three rounds a second bank of the Third Bank as well we ended up appeared in the 1830s where we had no national bank at all the average lifespan of banks during that term is five years imagine if you were using a bank that on the average would go out of business every five years no insurance taking your money banking is a dangerous topic but profound and its impact on the economy think about your relationship to bank the auto you finance buying a home getting an education or as a business expanding your business or even as the government governments finance the the roads that we live on did we drive on Finance is a huge part of the economy and there's the inside our society this the practical side Alexander Hamilton versus the ideal side Thomas Jefferson constantly fighting about how bandage take place but obviously I'm a Hamiltonian and I think of bankers as gatekeepers and the the true function of credit and the economy is we have asked that we've created in the past that have created surplus that surplus has to move into the future to build the world we want to see as an individual you might experience it as having savings or heaven investments and you find someone that chooses those paths that lead to the future that's a gate in that gate sits a banker the bankers get to decide what the future of the world looks like by financing those options it's a really profound role and I'll pick one example of FHA which sets the secondary mark market mortgage standards the standards by which most lenders make mortgage loans and when we started in this business one of the standards that every single house had to have a fossil fuel energy source coal oil electricity and if you wanted to build a solar house you could and we would finance that but you had to have a fossil fuel source of energy inside that house so that means that for that period of time where that rules in effect it meant that solar always cost more than fossil fuel because you had to build a fossil fuel at the same time now I won't say our institution change that rule but we saw that it didn't make sense in the economy and we started finding and seeing our houses we couldn't sell the loans on the secondary market we started financing in with single source alternative energy now the cool thing about the market the wonderful thing about the market is when it sees an opportunity when it sees someone doing something that not is better but they can make money on the market changes and the market came to that position so now you don't have to have a single fossil fuel source of energy into your home again a fairly profound rule for bankers and I'll go back to nineteen seventy nine when we started alternatives the idea behind alternatives is a really simple proposition we'd set up a cooperative a credit union and we'd make an invitation to people the community Barbara was one of the first is angela said and said give us your deposits give us your deposits and we'll find local biz is to invest it in and it was a simple proposition that went quite well and we found actually in some ways a little too well after a few years we found that the number of deposits we had greatly exceeded the number of eligible credits for businesses that we could finance and we were sort of in the March of Dimes situation where we had exceeded our capacity to serve the clients we originally set out to serve and and started looking for now what's our true mission in the community and one of the potential mentions missions that pretty much every credit unit does is auto financing and we thought about that as a future it's a nice short term loan they're good credits they're always around but yet I thought about lying on my deathbed and thinking back and saying in my life I save somebody five basis points on their SUV it didn't seem all that satisfactory so we looked at creating a different model for financial institution and looked at where's there a large underserved market a misaligned incentive that we can serve well and what we found is that about thirty percent of the people in this economy are unbanked underbanked low-income and there's a huge market opportunity in general they're served by very expensive services it represents a huge gap in other words we could serve that market and still make money and we began to set about to understand that market and there we go developed a financial model and the essence of this financial model is a statement that at each point in your financial life no matter how poor you are or where you start there's a single step you can take forward to move you to financial security and that over a period of time there's a bunch of steps that can lead you to a financially secure life there of course miss steps you can take there are problems with credit you can take too much consumer credit and move backwards we said about painting in detail each one of those steps and saying what's the financial product that we can assure something a good chance of moving forward with that product and then filling in each one of those gaps so there was no big holes in the steps we take we call that our credit path model and they guide us in developing a set of products that serving low-income people it created an unusual financial institution certainly we had business lending we had home loans of an unique sort but it also made us create a student credit union which again to one of Kirby's points people who understand finances early in their life keep those lessons through their life we created incentivized accounts and then we moved on to training as well both in business and personal financial counseling we ended up doing some fairly unusual things like free tax preparation in our analysis our credit path worked very well but if people started out with a minimum wage it didn't work very well so we started moving beyond the financial sector and saying we're going to promote a living wage in the county and set a statistic and hope other businesses join us so that everyone will have a chance of moving forward so it's an unusual financial structure there we go but successful we ended up creating an institution with a dedicated staff who had a lot of authority to innovate on their own to become social entrepreneurs in their own area and create a mission and a sense of fulfillment and they work they did now I worked at alternatives for 28 years and received some feedback from some of my peers saying you know bill that's cool what you did on alternatives it's a great thing and it's a good institution but frankly you know you're you're hitting a home run from third base if it is such an easy shot for that kind of stuff and in in a certain sort of sense is truth it's ethica is a supportive environment for social entrepreneurship on the other hand it's difficult to move social entrepreneurship to scale but I thought about what I want to do next and I as endless that I moved around a little bit but finally took the stab at moving into the bureaucracy itself into a dot gov job my job right now is to bring the set of skills to about 4,500 credit ins in the country to look at their business plans to look at their failures and successes and try to create models of community development try to inspire those institutions to create their own community successes I found inside the bureaucracy there are always people willing to work for mission there are people that are willing to work towards creating a better world that in fact it's not so difficult even inside a bureaucracy to find that kind of rewarding work so i would say in conclusion first of all I'm not trying to encourage people to become bankers I'm trying to say that there's room for social entrepreneurship in any field you're in that it's important to hear your own voice to live your own values and to imagine a world you want to live in and try to create it but I have to post grips first a sort of apology first to my mom is saying that in fact she gave us lots of great meals without can slice carrots and then secondly to carrots themselves Organic fresh farmers markets carrots you couldn't do better thank you very much capstone presentation powerpoint examples order Orthodox Judaism.

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