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Write for me capstone volatility master cayman ltd

Write for me capstone volatility master cayman ltd lewmar capstan winch for money sexual health dissertation topics ´╗┐what is up everybody we are back today with another Lightroom tutorial this one is by request if you're a new to Lightroom or if you just don't use keyboard shortcuts you are missing out because this is a huge time-saver one of the things that Lightroom is so good at is taking a large group of images and being able to cull out ones you don't want to use make your selects and narrow that down into a collection that you will edit and then pass off to a client or for your own personal use whatever that may be I want to dive down and show you how you can save some time with my 7 top keyboard shortcuts let's get started so I have a set of images that I've brought into Lightroom here and depending on how you shoot when you bring images in it could be a lot of images it could be hundreds and so what I want to do is start culling down a large collection into a decent size that I can work with in Lightroom the way we do this in Lightroom is by using flag states and there are two different flag states you can flag an image as rejected or you can flag an image as a pick and by default when you bring your images in there all unflagged so what we need to do is go set these for each image now the way we're gonna do that using keyboard shortcuts is using the letter X to set is rejected in the letter P to set is pick so if I hit the letter X on the keyboard you can see that it set that image as rejected and actually fades it out a little bit too so you can tell that it's actually says rejected I don't care for those images all but however the next ones I do like so I'm going to use P to go through and mark these as picked and so what you want to do is go through all of your images and set these now when you've rejected an image it is not deleted it's still on the disk you can still see it here it just enables us to go into another view or we can hide that I'll show you how to do that in a minute one other variation on here that you can use is to hold down the shift key so if I hold down shift and hit the letter X what it does is it marks as rejected and it automatically moves the selection over to the next image I don't have to arrow over and the same with Shift P it sets it as a pick and then moves the selection over so that's a much faster way that you can work using those two keyboard shortcuts using the shift key in combination with X and P is a good way to work but it is not a great way to work and the frustration that I have with that sometimes is it forces you to work in a linear fashion in other words if you hold down shift and I set something as a pick and it moves on to the next image and I said that is rejected and so on so forth I'm working in the order that my library is sort of in and so oftentimes what will happen is I'll come on an image and I'll set is rejected or picked and then I get to the next one like oh wait a minute I need to compare these Lightroom has a solution for that so right now I am just using the arrow key to move around and navigate in the view here and you might notice that like for instance these three images are very similar so I want to look at them all together to make my selections so what I'm gonna do here is I'm using the arrow key if I hold down the shift key you can select multiple images as you move the arrow over and here's where your next keyboard shortcut comes in and you're going to hit the letter N as in Nancy on the keyboard and what this does is it goes into survey view I like to think of this is create a new survey view that way I can remember it's the letter N because this one's a little tricky and what this does is it just gives me a view of just those three images that I've selected and I can still go through here and let's say these are pretty negligible but the first one's gonna be the pick and I'll go ahead and hit X on these next ones and then I'm done now to go back to the grid view you're going to use the next keyboard shortcut which is the letter G it stands for grid so if I hit G you're going to go back to grid view so I've gone through all of these images I've marked them as either picked or rejected and now what it's time to do is invoke filters so we don't see those rejected images and the way that we do this is turn filters on and you're going to hold down command L if you're on the Mac if you're on PC it's ctrl L and what that does is it turns the library filters on now you can see these right now there are no filters that are set so it didn't do anything but what you can do there's a bunch of different ways you can filter images if you only want to see star ratings or whatever what we're gonna do is simply click on the pick flag which is the first one that you see on the left and what that does is it narrows all of your images down just to the ones that we picked if I only want to see the rejects you can do a different filter for that and you can toggle that filter view on and off with command L on the Mac see now I've turned it off or ctrl L on the PC and then that just turns it on and off okay so I have made my final selects and it's time to go do some post work so we need to go into the develop module well I could grab the mouse I could click on develop at the top of the screen but come on that doesn't save any time we're talking keyboard shortcuts what you're gonna do is simply select the image you want to edit click the letter D on the keyboard and that takes you into the develop module with the selected image and once you've done your editing and you want to go back to grid view well we already learned the shortcut key for that it's G that takes you back to the grid before we end this tutorial I'm going to give you a couple additional keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to navigate around in Lightroom as most of you know Lightroom is comprised of these seven modules up here library developed map book slideshow so on and so forth I really only use the first three but anyway to navigate around these you can use a keyboard shortcut this one's really fancy because it uses three keys what you're gonna do is on the Mac you're gonna hold down command option if you're on a PC it's ctrl alt and you're going to use the number one two three four through seven to select your module so for instance if I want to go over to the map module I'm going to hold down on the Mac command option three since it's module three and I go to the map module if I want to go to develop its command option two if I want to go back to library its command option one so that's another little trick that you can use just to navigate around those modules if you have any keyboard shortcuts in your workflow that you like feel free to share them in a comment below speaking of sharing share this video with somebody who might find it useful and hit that like button until the next video I'll see you guys then later do my ideas for capstone project for money Downtown Brooklyn campus.

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