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Write for me capstone theatre hire

Write for me capstone theatre hire write for me excelsior nursing capstone apa citation maker ncsu 103 7 the loons sing clouds classic rock station and Barry Allen on a free beer Friday don barnes from 38 special how you doing man I think I think they should have a band called free beers for miles around well if 38 special days ever come to an end for you you got a band idea so you guys are making a couple of stops out to the area with 38 special aren't you yeah we have manic fans up there we can look there a lot so 38 special is going to be out of jackpot Junction casino and Martin on Saturday March 26 and then you guys are coming back to Minnesota for BIR and Lakes Jam on Saturday June 25th with sticks and survivor that's very cool yeah we've toured those guys you know over the years are your feedback about how we've survived all these years we should be real competitive to try to blow each other off the stage and all that but now we're just mutual friends and you know is the fact that we actually did make it through and survived there it's gonna mutual respect there sometimes you say ages wisdom and you wish you had that back in the days in the 70s and stuff when everybody was fighting over and getting the front line on the stage or anything oh yeah we always took that attitude that we were going to go out big triumphs but like a football team just win it you know some some bands get out there and just stare at the shoes and play the music but we kind of bring the whole party in with the crowd and all that so you know back then we were we were so hungry and wanting it so bad that we were like hey this is our stage at this point and you got help who has to follow us you know yeah but I'm sure that mindset really attributed to you guys the success though right it has we have made that impact you know back when we we would be the third act on the show and you'd start up at 7 o'clock at night and then like 500 people in a building that holds 6000 or something and but you know you got 500 people there can't punish them for being there early you're going to probably influence them maybe they'll tell one person so over the years we built the fan base that going back and hitting these cities ten times or so you know to keep going back to work finally got around and we know what that meant with the hit songs and all that so we were lucky to actually acquire about sixteen you know top 10 top 20 top 40 songs and we just line them up you know shoot them down is done unfold that history and everybody's singing along and you get you see all the the history of reaction from people high-fives and shouting and yelling and clapping and and sometimes a few tears in their eyes I saw I might remind them of someone they may have lost something you know but the greatest thing it's the young crowd you know the young guys are out there they've learned all the songs from your tar hero games and rock band and there's a new one called rocks myths which actually play a real guitar with this video game but they if they've been influenced by that they've been you know exposed to them to the music through those kind of things so you'll see if a group of young guys out there high-fiving you know when their favorite song comes on or think dude you weren't born with some up yes but it's come full circle for us we feel like that that was what we that was us you know high-fiving out there crowds watching Led Zeppelin believers the tickets were $6 you know so long gone those days yeah that's right yeah my wife she likes Steely Dan so we were going to try to get to a show there we we live in Atlanta and tickets were like 250 bucks apiece was that long you're right a long time from six dollars yeah with 38 special now two of my favorite songs all-time have been since I ever heard him at first obviously hold on loosely and caught up in you when people hear those songs do those songs light it up guaranteed you save them for the best place in the show every night all we have so many that people go how do you believe that was you guys rocked into the night like yeah it was 1979 we would like to eighth grade that story were sick with it but yeah but we know what's coming up you know every and the fact that you know we take that high energy hundred and ten percent you know we go out there and we know we've already already moving them they're already gone crazy and and I know what's coming up next you know so I we have the our own little list and we put together every night so uh we put some surprise that's really it's everything you want to hear through the history of the band from you know all those years we've even put a medley together a secondary columns for movies and all that so we want to make sure people hear their favorite song whether it was the you know back to Paradise from Revenge of the Nerds movie you know yep all those things like that so everything you would get Chain Lightning with the Thunder and the smoke and the lightning going on a big production stuff you know it's always fun but you know it's like I said it's we understand the entertainment aspect of it and we'd also appreciate the fact that people go through a lot of trouble to get there a lot of people a lot of bands don't realize it you know works you get to get dinner you get a babysitter you find a parking place you know you get in the building and you get in that building and it you're going to be rocked that's 110 percent we bring that art we've always had that reputation to do that that's our way of showing our appreciation and not being complacent or anything like that and go out there and play these songs and like I said you you you get that gets your gratification instant reaction with people and it makes you want to play the song for that thing conviction and passion is the first time you did it so you know it moves us too you know we work we kind of look at like a graph you start on really big just explosive just insurance and keep climbing you're somewhere around the middle we do give an audience a little break with a second chance the ballot and then meet just keep climbing and big big ending and big finish and and they're exhausted and work is also long with them but it's more bang for the buck I guess right yeah exactly you know what I like about you Don is that you have so much excitement for 38 special and what you guys do no matter how many years ago was that you first started and a lot of bands these days they've been around for a long time and they just don't have that spark anymore how do you keep that in yet I can only say that it was our dream with kids we were neighborhood guys we were you know made all our mistakes in public he wanted it so bad wanted to create a history and a brotherhood and a camaraderie together and you could we go up there and you crank a guitar up to ten and you can be nineteen years old again I'm telling you every night it's like that we have a great time good energy and you know you know buddy you can see that we get we actually still get along after all these years how about that yeah that's pretty rare it's pretty rare yeah no kidding it's not one of those stories were it's like trying to get all the band members back together none of them like each other anymore yeah well being a band you're kind of married to five died you know it's a thing we can tolerate in the videos big recedes but but we have mutual respect everybody is glad to be there and we still go out there and have a good time like I said our dream is kids and and we do a hundred cities a year a little little thing about be careful you might get what you wish for you know you got it for sure didn't ya well thank you so much Don for calling and talking to us here we cannot wait to see it so the first show that you guys going to be up here is almost well basically a month away it's going to be March 26 jackpot junction casino and Morton and then you guys are coming back as the nice summer weather is hitting us June 25th Lakes GM at Brainerd International Raceway along with sticks and survivor oh yeah it's gonna be a good time and I appreciate everybody make it out we have the reputation bringing that party but it'll have a large top everybody's gonna know we're gonna play some 38 special for you right now and thanks man for calling we can't wait to see you soon thank you very come back say hello I will for sure all right buddy thanks the capstone foundation United States Military Academy, West Point.

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