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Write for me capstone realty winston salem

Write for me capstone realty winston salem do my capstone program evaluation diabetes type 2 oral medications a lot of us are very concerned about the media like they did with the the run-up to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq just getting behind the president because missiles are in the air we wrap ourselves in the flag nobody wants to be unpatriotic and we're just in the beginning of what could become a larger conflict or it could fizzle out we don't exactly know but we did have one night of media response to the strikes in Syria so first let's show free Zakaria and then I'm gonna go into what might be the most disgusting video I've ever seen about US military action but first here is freed Zakaria on what this moment represents for Trump what changed last night I think Donald Trump became President of the United States I think this was actually a big moment because candidate Trump had said that he would never get involved in the Syrian civil war he told President Obama you cannot do this without the authorization of Congress he seemed unconcerned with global norms President Trump recognized that the President of the United States does have to act to enforce international norms does have to have this broader moral and political purpose I think that what is interesting is even the way in which he justified his actions president from dead for the first time really as president he talked about international norms international rules about America's role in enforcing justice in the world it was the kind of rhetoric that we have come to expect from American presidents since Harry Truman but it was the kind of rhetoric that president from had pointedly never used either on the campaign trail nor in his inaugural so I think there has been an interesting morphing and a kind of education of Donald Trump so look he hadn't been president before but he becomes president because he used to say categorically tweet after tweet after tweet don't go into Syria and now that he's in power he does which seems to me that he didn't become president became a hypocrite but for some reason for free that makes sense but then also he used it like not care about international norms and now he does what about fucking national norms he's supposed to get authorization for the use of military force against a foreign government and he just completely ignored that so I don't know UN Reds a car he is saying there there's no UN resolution to yes the UN is pissed yeah but there's but haven't concluded anything right so basically he's starting a war on a hunch without investigation or without a UN resolution that is not enough that's an international norm Farid you have that a hundred percent raw but he did become you don't become president until you exercise power in the at the behest of the military-industrial complex and it's so weird that the same people who screamed at me that Donald Tata has Trump is a maniac and he's unhinged and you can't let him be commander-in-chief are now cheering his starting a war there cheered not only that but they were shaming him if he wasn't gonna do something you better go do a war so that just shows you how crazy that the establishment media is the establishment politicians are and how crazy the conventional wisdom is going on right now it feels exactly like the run-up to the Iraq war to me right now that they're just a blatant gaslighting of the American public the blatant taking the government at its word and all is just so wrong but if that video bothered you huh I saw this one wait and say get a load of this one we see these beautiful pictures at night from the decks of these two US Navy vessels in the eastern Mediterranean I am tempted to quote the great Leonard Cohen I'm guided by the beauty of our weapons and they are beautiful pictures of fearsome armaments making what is for them a brief flight over to this airfield what did they hit you could you can comment and say they're terrifying or terrible like in the classic sense like they they inspire two beautiful beautiful first of all look at that footage it wasn't beautiful like objectively as a guy who does videography and pictures it's not beautiful but those are killing people like they go up in the air and then eventually they hit the ground and they kill people there that's what they're made to do they're not beautiful it's talking about that even his military expert who's largely brought on by mainstream media to say war is awesome had to say well yeah they're I guess they're beautiful Brian but remember they do kill people they're there for destruction so even like the military was like that's kind of ugly and so look yeah no no no but I want to know know guys but he goes further than that okay I'm not at all surprised that he said that because I saw the pictures that the Pentagon released and they were purposely done in a way that was artistic I'm not kidding you saw like the light and they had one word framed the American flag and the reason they released those pictures and those videos is not an accident they wanted the media to say oh what a beautiful war now they didn't think he was gonna actually literally say they wanted him them to imply it to talk about the valor and the glory and the honor and those the code words you're supposed to use but Brian Williams because he likes to be poetic was just like not just called beautiful right I'll do exactly what the Pentagon propaganda was aimed for me to do so that's what's more disturbing about about his reaction than this I mean it's just what it's what Jimmy said it's true it's Fried's akari it's that rah rah like now you're president you bombed somebody and look at how beautiful the bombs are I mean that yeah but you know something it works that's the problem it works it sells it you took you were right they have people who know how to make it look artistic know how to make it look patriotic but you know something that sells when they talk about a picture being worth a thousand words people see that image and they're like we're doing the right thing they don't need to hear any logic behind it any long-term effects the reasons any you know collusion with the right they don't want to hear any of that they see a beautiful big-ass bomb going toward the enemy with an American flag behind it and they stand up and salute and and that's and and I'm not saying the people are wrong I'm saying that the people in Ch who use these images know how to use these images to manipulate people's thoughts so I've been given you know again we we sit here we analyze this stuff we have time to we read it we get into it most people don't like you were talking about most people are walking past a restaurant and they see a TV smoking you know what I mean so they're just like oh well yeah yeah that looks like what we're supposed to be doing and it's so hard to fault people for being that simple because they're being manipulated by experts so I'll just tell you the difference between MSNBC CNN and say al Jazeera is MSNBC shows the bombs taking off and Al Jazeera shows you when they land and that would be the difference with our pro-war establishment media and another outside view of what we're actually doing so they never show you what happens when our bombs low up and killed babies we just killed 150 civilians which we told to stay in their houses and then we bomb them in Raqqa so yeah that's the difference between those two things and let's remember Brian Williams worked for General Electric all the way through the Iraq war and he used to bring on generals onto his show that were being paid by defense contractors and he said the generals are giving us the straight dope on what was happening in Iraq when we found out that those generals are actually on the payroll of defense contractors or what they were doing was coming on to lobby for more war and manufacture consent among the American people so we could keep doing more war the guy who told us about that won a Pulitzer Prize for it Brian Williams still never told his audience that those guys he brought on as impartial experts were on the tape so that was a much worse lie than whatever helicopter he was on yeah got in so much trouble for and so to Jimmy's point about the bombs landing if a the American government wanted to or B there was any reporters in the mainstream media thinking you know nine civilians were killed in our strikes in Our Strength's dingo show the nine dead civilian bodies and then go does that look beautiful but they choose not to do that they choose to show you the pictures in the videos that the Pentagon sent them for propaganda and they choose not to show the the results of our bombings now they choose to show you the dead civilians when we think Syria did it so that doesn't mean that it's Syria doing it is okay we what we want you to do is get the full picture and then and then by the way at that point it's not like the answers are easy so I hate or what Assad has done is I think it's horrific I wish there was a way to stop it I'm not sure that us getting involved is the right answer but let's at least have an honest conversation about it showing these pictures as showing how we're the I mean what if freed say he said now finally we're back to enforcing justice in the world were we ever enforcing justice in the world we're reinforcing justice in Vietnam were reinforcing justice in Iraq in Libya in Afghanistan and Syria and Honduras in the banana Wars where where are we enforcing justice we're doing probably related parts of World War two with limited parts of Marshall not all of it we are using about a military force at the behest of corporations like we always have and we're trying to steal natural resources from indigenous people and that's exactly what's going on and nobody ever asks the question did Fareed ever ask the question why is there a war in Syria in the first place why are we even there why do we care we care because they're trying to put a natural gas pipeline through Syria and that's gonna upset the applecart with Russia and that's why Russia doesn't want Assad to be overthrown and that's why he's sticking up from that's a big reason why he's sticking up from because Russia's economy's about selling fossil fuels to Europe Qatar and Saudi Arabia wants that to go through the petrodollar United States says it Saudi Arabia anything you wanted to do we do which is why we still sell them cluster bombs that they're using on the poorest people in the world in Yemen nobody shows a picture of those people who get killed by cluster bombs which we manufacture in the United States which most of the world considers a war crime we manufacture um some Saudi Arabia they drop them in fishing villages and jamming and they kill ninety percent of the people killed by cluster bombs are civilians you never see that picture yes so just I can't help but double down on on the Yemen story our allies Saudi Arabia are massacring civilians in Yemen the United Nations is actually an honest factor in that case and goes those are war crimes they shouldn't do that yet almost no pictures not almost I haven't seen any nitrous one of all the civilians and the beautiful babies dying in yeah but the eight-year-old girl jumped held in his rape 46 civilians you get killed what about that go ahead that is what every war is about what you said every war is about land and natural resources that's what a war that's that's what a war is about either way we're taking it you know one country's taken it away from another another country to protect in theirs or whatever they want to expand their control again the civilians as sad as it is are always the pawns the civilians will always be the pawns and sadly be the victims of any war I mean that's everyone is horrible but it's reality General Smedley Butler which was the most decorated military guy when he returned wrote this in 1935 and he was a veteran of the banana Wars and he said it is possible the it is possibly the war is a racket it is possibly the oldest easily the most profitable surely the most vicious it is the only one international in scope it's the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives a racket is best described I believe as something that is not what it seems to be to the majority of people only a small inside group knows what is really neat about it is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the very many out of war a few people make huge fortunes that's a general who wrote that in 1935 so and finally look for me it's not personal I think Fareed Zakaria is relatively - very smart guy I think Brian Williams is a really decent guy and he was decent to me when I was very briefly at MSNBC and and he came on The Young Turks when he didn't have to when we first started so it's not personal and these are generally speaking good guys but what they don't know and I know that it's gonna bother them greatly to hear it but it is I've got to say because it's true is that they were selected to say absurd things on TV there's 330 million people in the country you could have picked Jimmy Dore to go on NBC you could have picked a lot of people to go on you could have picked Noam Chomsky you could have been playing green well you could have picked someone neutral you could have picked someone who was gonna do analysis they chose Brian Williams because they know he'd say that those were beautiful pictures they choose a free Zechariah to go on there because they think here's a guy who sounds really smart and who's gonna tell us about the education of Donald Trump and the if you were educated you would know that doing further bombing and starting more Wars is us enforcing justice in the world and so that's why they were selected to go on there and tell us pretty little lies so now in the old days that's all they had and that's all the media we had and it would have worked but I think that they are over playing their hands and I think they are under estimating the Internet and I think the on the internet right now is circulating wait a minute I don't think that makes any sense at all and I think there's something wrong with these guys in fact the minute Brian Williams said those are beautiful pictures it already erupted online people screaming like no you monster don't call that beautiful you're killing people at the end of those things now again I don't think Brian Williams is a monster but I think the facade of television and how is been used this pro-american Pro Pentagon pro-war propaganda for decades after decades is now finally at an end not that they're at an end of doing it but that they're at the end of getting away with it and I think the rest of us clearly see the game that's being played Young Turks now has over 6 billion lifetime views you know who did that you did that we're now larger than CNN ABC you name a news network online we're larger than them and you built all that as everyone scoffed and didn't believe and here we are guys thanks to you build into meta media together with us at TYT Network comm /join do my capstone consulting winnipeg Rochester Institute of Technology, Henrietta.

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