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Write for me capstone quarters website

Write for me capstone quarters website write for me enterprise risk management today 2018 s leading research and best practices for tomorrow 2018 s executives film review sample essay paper ´╗┐keychain style flashlights have been a popular item over the past several years today I have the ACE beam you see 15 which is advertised as the brightest flashlight of this style currently available it can produce up to 1000 lumens briefly out of its main emitter this light also has a red and UV emitters as secondary modes as you can see here from the front thanks today's being present this to me to take a look at this is a really solidly built light the body and the tail caps are all made of thick heavy aluminum with batteries this is a little bit heavier light than I expected i weighted it 52 grams with batteries but without the clip mine here is in silver but they also come in a dark blue black and pink colors size wise the ACE beam is a little bit larger than the nikkor TI PE that I've got here as you can see it's thicker longer and wider slightly this keychain light seems a little bit almost even over built hopefully that means it'll stand up well to hard use inside seems well built as well the tail Springs on the back are gold-plated for improved conductivity and you can see the thick walls of the aluminum installing the batteries is pretty easy if you know what you're doing if you don't it's potentially disastrous the manual surprisingly doesn't tell you how to install the batteries since this light includes a hex wrench I initially thought you needed to remove these rear screws here and here however definitely don't do that instead just unscrew the lanyard hole so I've got it unscrewed but right now but this is the same so what you just do here is you tighten it up and this is the exact same way you undo it with batteries this doesn't sit 100% flush that's normal insert two batteries with the same chemistry positive in facing the emitter and put the cover back on just by putting back on and screening that lanyard glue this light has a pretty substantial clip here as you can see it is really pretty large it's stiff and you attach it with that hex wrench again on here with two hex screws it's a little bit hard to do and it's a little bit easy to potentially strip those screws so what I recommend doing is turning the screws backwards once you get them in the hole to make sure they're lined up before you tighten them down this clip makes the light stand out a little bit more than if you wanted to attach it to your pocket but what it does make it excellent for is if you wanted to attach it to the brim of a hat this light uses a cree xpl - LED for its main white emitter there was initially some confusion here but it seems that the website and package now are all in agreement this site uses a cree XP er-2 LED for the red emitter and aneasha 267 a for the UV they were located here on either side only the white emitter has the reflector it's quite large and smooth and reasonably deep for such a small light and it's covered with anti reflective coded glass the read in UV emitters are surface mount parts with glass lenses over them that are not anti reflective coated the red here is quite strong as you can see I've got my video lights on at full power and usually most lights don't show up well with this and this is bright enough that you'll see in my night shots that I almost wish that it had a second lower mode this light has two power source options as I was mentioning before ten for forty lithium batteries or double a alkaline or nickel metal hydride batteries it can be run off only one battery as well which is kind of unique to reach the full 1000 lumen out but you do need lithium batteries piece being this turbo mode is lasting for one minute forty six seconds so it's a timed operation not on temperature and it really didn't get too hot in my touch it was definitely warm but you could safely hold it and without a problem after that minute 46 seconds it drops 200 lumens then to 10 lumens on triple-a cells the maximum output is 250 then 82 and then 10 as well we're in times for red and UV modes are similar regardless of battery types between 1.2 and 1.6 hours I ran my own runtimes on the main emitter in the brightest modes with both battery types with 10 440 batteries I had nearly 2 minutes of falling turbo before I had a longer than anticipated 70 minutes of flat output at the 200 lumen range however after that was over the output suddenly stopped completely with the nickel metal hydride batteries the Amazon basic batteries that I was using I had a little more than 250 lumen output that was nearly flat and it worked for about 55 minutes or so without declining after that it took a pretty steep decline worked for about another 10 minutes and then basically just shut off here I've got the light on medium mode and I just want to put it flat and kind of show you the beam profile and if I pick it up put it next to a table it's a very floody light there's really no erroneous characteristics the beam or anything like that it's really pretty good for a light this size that's why I mentioned here here's what red looks like the UV is bright enough that it'll fluoresce the security strip in the dollar bill and this is this and maybe scorpion hunting would be the things I see this being used for the most here's my night shops for the ACE beam you see 15 here is the white mode low mode this is 10 lumens I've got the lithium batteries in this so I get a little bit more output bumping up here medium mode really good output considering this light is so small bumping up again this is the full 1000 lumens pretty impressive for your light that is smaller than a matchbook this light does have a red mode and you can see here it's really bright I can pan down here a little bit more and you can see down the stairs that's really intense this light uses a single electronic button which has an LED emitter under it when your power levels are good they're green and when they are low this button becomes red the button takes a firm press and makes an audible click memory mode is present on all mode if you single click the light it returns to where you were previously was including the strobe mode from off you long press to go back to the white driver from off you long press to go to the white driver which starts out in low from off you can double click to go straight to turbo or triple click to go straight to strobe and I like that in any mode if you hold the button it cycles through each mode as you can see here you've got the red white & UV packaging here is very nice it's a full retail box with all the important information you want on the front and back on the side we see the main emitter choice here and it really got my hopes up when I saw this because it mentioned nisha however there's no mention of anisha version on HP's website and at this point I don't really anticipate seeing one but we can really hope that there might be one someday when you open the package inside you get the flashlight here in this black foam you get the pocket clip stored over here and you get the included hex wrench there are decently written instructions included in the box however I they're a little bit sparse and I wish they work better this is more than your average keychain flashlight I've tested the night core TI p CRI which I liked quite a bit and I've tested the Astra Lux k1 which also has three LED modes like the ACE beam you see 15 the UC 15 feels better built than the others but at a weight penalty it used batteries that are more accessible as an enthusiast I don't know if that's necessarily a benefit I figure most enthusiasts would probably have access to other lights for more dedicated uses such as a headlamp however it's nice to always have options and replacing those batteries instead of recharging it will keep you going I feel like this is a nicer option and definitely an upgraded option for a keychain carry light or maybe a small pocket carry light red mode is quite bright and UV mode can come in handy here and there if you're looking for a keychain light that has lots of extra features or a lot of output in such a small package definitely check out the ace beam you see 15 I'll have a link in the description below on where you can find it on a steams website thanks for watching this video if you'd enjoyed it please comment and like this video subscribing to my channel helps me to bring videos like this to you capstone library books login Rose Hill campus, The Bronx.

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