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Write for me capstone projects in engineering

Write for me capstone projects in engineering write for me rn ati capstone mental health 2016 quizlet the uk francis report the key messages for nursing ´╗┐okay looks like it's working sorry I tried a little earlier and of course my phone throws so I had to restart it so I'm just gonna give people just a moment to filter in this is paddle geek I am Brandon Swanson and gonna be doing some views for you today getting all my lovely paddles on already well let's begin yeah welcome to paddle geek this is my new Facebook page dedicated to helping you find the right paddle my commitment to you is to give you honest feedback I'm gonna be up front at the beginning and say that I do sell pro light engage selkirk and paddle tech paddles and sometimes they do send me free stuff to try and so you gotta take that with a grain of salt but honesty is my highest virtue so I'm gonna do my best to just tell you tell you like it is and yeah so and one of the main things I'm gonna do you know we use a lot of terms and pickleball that don't really mean anything you know and when you're talking about paddles you know you say things like pop or feel or you know it has a good feel good control good power good pop whatever but that doesn't really mean anything unless you have something to compare it to so I'm gonna do a lot of paddle comparisons to some of the popular paddles on the market and hopefully yeah hopefully that'll help you you can find some point of comparison or something you've tried that you can compare to what I'm reviewing I think that would be really helpful to make those comparisons so but today I'm gonna just jump right in we're we've got a new line of paddles from Selkirk it's their premium line it's called the amped line and it's very different from what's what's out there already I was going to review all four there's four map different models the Omni the Maxima the s2 and the epic and these are all new versions of previous generation selkirk paddles so you've got all your your popular shapes and paddles covered in these new amp line I was gonna review all four but I think that's just gonna take way too long so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go right to my favorite out of the bunch I've played tested with all of them and I'm just gonna jump right to the heart of the matter the epic so this is I guess really the fourth epic that paddle tear out that Selkirk has come out with so we've got the 20 pxl that's their composite core epic seven and a half ounces this one is actually when they've got the graphite 30px oh that's a graphite face it's lighter than the composite that's seven point this one seven point four five and then they designed one for Enrique Ruiz which is a lot heavier that's around eight ounces I believe he likes a little more power in his pile so I'm guessing he is very happy actually he's told me that he's very happy with the new epic sorry I don't have the Enrique Ruiz edition for you I do actually have that one and it's pretty cool but this one is also eight ounces so it is heavier so I'd say it's more in line with in feel to the to the Enrique Avery's edition and that's something you find your universally across the amp'd line is that they are generally heavier and the reason the main reason for that possibly two reasons one of them is that they're much thicker than anything on the market currently this is the this is the the older and newer what's the best way to show you this right next to each other it's a new x5 core it's a polymer core just like the other ones it's just thicker and then it also has a new fiberglass face they say omnidirectional so it's you know one Direction's and one one fibers in one direction I don't know what that means so I that's one of those terms I don't know yet what that means so anyway getting back to that thickness there's a few things that that does for you one of the main things is that it provides more more power you've got more weight to the paddle but you've also got they're just very reactive is what I would say was my impression of it the ball just really comes off pretty hot but it's still it you know they maintain that feel I think that thicker that thicker core still gives you that that feel to the ball that you really need to be able to control it this one especially I just I love the balance of the new the new amped epic I just felt great groundstrokes felt great right off the bat just one of those paddles that you don't need a break-in period with hey Josh cook Josh cook I just sent out one of these epics maybe you'll get it Monday so anyway to do so thicker core more power but still retains a lot of good control one of the other benefits of the thicker core is that you know when you're when you're blocking sometimes and you really get jammed and you're not able to get you know right on the sweet spot when you're blocking and they hit you on on this one of the sides of the paddle it has a tendency to kind of twist a little bit you know if you're not if you don't have your grip really dialed in so yeah that actually really helps absorb that that shock it doesn't it really doesn't twist it's kind of a tank it doesn't go anywhere you know so you don't you don't end up spraying the ball and getting it getting it slammed on you so that I really like that about that yeah blocking is great one of the things I that I struggle with with the epic sometimes and this is something I need to I need to play about against some really good players that can heat up the ball and I want to see blocking if I can if I can slow down the ball it really comes off this this face pretty hot and so that's something I'm not sure you know right now I play with the Titan that I can really slow the ball down I think I'll be able to make the adjustment you know how just some paddles II it it takes a little bit to get used to it so I know play against some really good players and then I'll probably mention that again if that's something that I can deal with or not if I can adjust to because blocking I really want to be able to slow the ball down and drop it into the kitchen if they slam it at me so sorry my wing foot is uh badgering me a little bit which is great she's now on the forum which is uh good news for you guys the jury is out for me yet but I do love her a lot so it's a good thing yeah anyway so back back to this dude to do ya blocking lots of power good balance what she's talking about the paddle yes good call good call Josh that takes a little bit of the heat off so yeah oh the other thing I want him to mention good thing I made notes because yeah anyway um the sweet spot on these things and I don't know if it's a product it's probably a product of both the core and the new fiberglass face that they use which is a proprietary thing that they're kind of hush-hush about is that the sweet spot is just huge on these it really is like extends almost I'm not gonna exaggerate and say it goes all the way down into the throat of the panel because that's just that's silliness but I would say the sweet spot you know it's probably about this area on the panel which is much larger than the previous iterations of it and so I really like that about it so especially that's where you're blocking it's really gonna help you again you know you don't have to you don't have to block right to the sweet spot at least that it's a lot more forgiving in that way yeah so yeah easy power I really like this the epic especially I am gonna touch on the other paddles in in the next reviews one of the main things that I see people the concern that people have with these paddles is the price let's just be honest about it these are expensive paddles and they hey there's Mike Barnes joining in from Selkirk right as I talk about the price switch so these guys run the epics run 130 the rest of the models in the line run at 150 so they are they are the premium line pickleball paddle right now I don't know of any any paddles that are more expensive on the market so really the question becomes you know is this is that upgrade worth it to you and that's a question I definitely cannot answer I think for me it is I think you know in terms of sports you know the other sport guy that's still what's really cool about pickleball is so that's the top you know top of the line or at least the top of the price scale paddle is is uh is $150 you know any other sport that I've I've done you know skiing or golf especially you know you can pay through the moon so in pickleball you can have the best paddle or the or the top priced paddle I shouldn't say best because that's not quite accurate necessarily you know for 150 that's and there's still a lot of great paddles to be had for much lower even within this line up the the 20p XL is $80 and I think I think this is one of the greatest values in the sport of pickleball it's a fantastic panel it's one of my favorite for 80 bucks so you do not have to go all the way up to the amped line to get a great paddle but is it a joy to play with I love this paddle the feel the the sound balance power I'm gonna have a lot of fun with it so if you want you know if you want to try the latest and greatest and I love that these companies are innovating and I wanted to keep innovating and I think they're a ton of fun so my recommendation is it's a big investment find somebody who who has one or somebody that you can demo on from and just give it a try you know if you there's an enjoyment factor with paddles beyond just the the performance factor and that's something yeah that's important to me I guess I wanted to I wanted to look good feel good and allow me to play at the top of my game and I think that really fits that bill so I think that's that's about all like I'm gonna say today about the epic I really didn't want to throw all the paddles into one review I just couldn't I don't think I could get to it in time so so what I'd love for you guys to do since this is a new page for me and I'm gonna try and grow that and serve as many people as possible yeah just give it a give it a share if you haven't liked my page paddle geek yet go ahead and like that page but I'm gonna doing the other amped paddles which are also lovely I'll at least show you them and what's on deck s2 I really love this blue color we've got the maximum which is vying for a spot in my bag as we speak along with that epic will it make it there I don't know yeah and then the Omni The Glen Peterson edition on the net master himself so which I know he is loving that new paddle all the sellers are loving the new editions so anyway I think I'll wrap that up you know I shared this video give a paddle kike like kind of really appreciate it so yeah enjoy your day go play some pickleball capstone warehouse mankato mn SUNY Empire State College (The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies).

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