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Write for me capstone projects for msn education

Write for me capstone projects for msn education write for me capstone connect unr directivos inditex annual report ´╗┐well hey everybody I am Cory jort with the office of athletic communications here at Gettysburg College and I'm very excited today to preview the 2018 men's lacrosse season so I've got a pair of bullets here with me I've got senior goalie Tim Brady from Charlotte North Carolina Tim welcome people probably don't recognize you without your helmet and your goalie gear so it's good that we can see everyone face to face here so to speak and of course am I right on your left of the screen senior Collin minion defenseman from Garden City New York representing Long Island today so guys I know you're coming off a scrimmage we've had we've been out there we've been doing the inner squad stuff which I'm sure you guys are probably sick of it sick of seeing each other but we start this weekend on Saturday and things are going to be exciting before we move to the future and look ahead at that stuff we want to take a quick moment to just reflect back on last year so last year the bullets finished eleven and six overall six and two and Centennial Conference play great end of the season run we won our final four regular season games include including a big victory over what was six ranked Dickinson I believe to get into the Conference playoffs took down Dickinson again in the semifinals and then the championship game heartbreaking loss nine to eight 2fm in overtime so building off of that with that information in hand obviously last season when we started out with a couple wins had a couple losses against really good teams it's Ellsbury being one of them of course and as Stephenson as well and York I believe was the other loss we came back like I said we had that great end-of-season run so : you know just taking that into account what are some of the takeaways from last season you guys are hoping to build upon as we enter 2018 yeah you know I just think we have to take it day by day week weekend week out I really think it's crucial for us last year was heartbreaking we're really coming for revenge this year let's go stuff and of course with all the preseason stuff going on we've been nationally ranked we're in the top 20 of almost every poll that I've seen somewhere in that 14 range I think for most of them Tim you and Jack Harvey have been cited by inside lacrosse and faceoff magazine you as goalie of the year jack is midfielder of the year in both preseason first-team all Americans then of course today the team was just picked to finish runner-up in the Centennial Conference preseason poll with FM taking the top spot with seven first-place votes we got the other two first-place votes so you know all that stuff comes out all the media attention how do you guys approach that I mean how much stock do you put in that kind of information as it comes out during the preseason when you haven't even stepped on the field yet well I think it's great to get the recognition for both the team and individual efforts but really what we're after is just to win and what we needed to do to win is to put in the work every day and these experiences that we had last year I mean we returned almost the entire defense and the majority of our offense so we're ready - ready employees to have a great year out of us so who's ready to work and get after it on the field speaking of some of the returners I'm returning a really veteran lineup looking up and down the lineup I mean a lot of guys that have starting experienced defense midfield in the attack as well and of course in goal for you so you know taking that into account calling you're a defender you get to see those attackers every single day so you let up against those guys you know what makes our attack so good what do you expect from them I got asked who's the attacker you'd least like to guard you know I think our coach office came in didn't great job with really playing fast-paced this year Tommy Heller is really leading the team down there and I think Fletcher really standing out this year as a freshman as well as Brian : just McBride and for the hardest tackler guard honestly I don't have one they all are their own special attributes and key skills they're all tough to guard that sounds like the PC answer fair enough and you know Tim turning to the defensive side of the ball obvious so you've been the anchor and goal for most of your four years I'm a starter for all four as part of your sophomore year do two things outside of your control sickness right in the middle of the year but you've bounced back strong first-team all-conference honors last year our defense led the conference and goals against average last year were always among the national leaders and goals against average so how do you guys work together as a unit and just maintain that high level every single year every single game I think the most important key to this is like Coach TCE always says is a communication from top to bottom so starts with me it has to be like every single every single person on the field has to be on the same page and if we're not then we have breakdowns and what we were able to do though sue threw off or four years is have a unit aspect always be honest like always be ready to slide and we slide early and recover well and be ready for the next dodge so be a good goalie like yourself you certainly have to have good defenders like : minion over here in front of you taking away those open shots and disrupting the other team's attack so of course we got to give a shout out to the midfield too when we talk about the attack we talked about defense but to go from one end of the field to the other you need guys that can carry the ball you need guys that can disrupt the flow of the opponents too so : just talking about some some of the the midfielders that are really shining here in the early season and you know what makes a midfield and our midfield in particularly so good yeah like I already kind of touched on before coach hoffstein great job this year really plant trying to play fast-paced and I really think Jack Harvey's been stepping up he's really been playing well as well as a World Martin my chrisser and just making sure that we're trying to play the best we can especially with the D meds as well you know Sam Ronco Ryan Kelly Mumford all those guys no appointment we were trying to play top down and making sure that they're really starting everything they're initiating it all and we've got to make sure that they're doing their job and that we could get the ball on the net how'd you study the roster before you came in here you got all these guys down Tim switching gears to you you know looking ahead at the schedule I took a look yesterday compared it against the national poll there's I believe five teams that are ranked top 20 right now that we're playing not the least of which is number one Salisbury which is next Saturday as well as number five York and of course fnm Dickinson both nationally ranked and Washington Lee is in there as well and Stevenson I think that's six actually so you know six nationally ranked teams on the schedule you know it's important coaches harp on this every single time you got to play at that same level forever opponent you play whether it is Salisbury or whether it is somebody else who is not nationally ranked how do you guys maintain that level of consistency and that you know that high level of performance each and every game no matter who the opponent is well I think my my personal philosophy is like when you step on the field you're you're out there to have fun you're out there to play your best and approve of your skills and if everyone has that mentality that we're out there to just prove of how hard we've worked the entire season offseason all the work you put into it's like just having the opportunity to play against someone else it doesn't matter who it is it shouldn't matter who we're playing it just everyone should have that set ready to go like idea.i coach James eki was talking about yesterday it's about bringing it every single day and not making excuses out there in the field so you know those questions for both of you obviously you guys are the team captains you've seen your team captains you've got two juniors that are also team captains Tommie Heller and Ryan Kelly so what do you guys see as your roles out there as leaders for this team I mean you've got 5050 some players teammates that you're working with and trying to get them to play their best every single day Colin well we'll start with you I think kind of just what you touched on reiterating what Coach tanzic said uh we have to bring it every day we got to make sure that we're all coming to practice ready to go and doing the right things on and off the field to be the best thing we can be : just around the nail that no that's that's perfectly fine so any like team-building things in the preseason you guys did they were interesting nothing that comes to mind another opponent different uniform so you know looking ahead to this year obviously we want to be successful I mean you guys have been working out there for two weeks we had the scrimmage regular season starts this Saturday against Messiah you know what's it going to take for this team would be successful challenge for that conference title again hopefully win it and then ultimately get to NCAA's and make a deep run in the national tournament as well so I think it starts with every day getting better every single practice just a little bit that doesn't you don't have to jump up from one to ten in one day but it's really important for us to improve that every single day that we're on the field together and then also just being mentally prepared for every game that like this game means the most because it's the game we're playing next how are you I think you know since the success we've had since we've been here the our first two years we've been to the Final Four centeno Commerce Championships I think it's not taking any opponents lightly last year I think sometimes we overlooked opponents I think it's taking it day-by-day as Tim said and just really coming to play coming to play each and every day out there in the lacrosse field right guys all right anything dad nothing to add alright guys well that does it for the season preview here obviously the season starts on a Saturday officially with the regular season home opener at shirk fill it up muscleman Stadium against Messiah College game time is 1:00 p.m. so that does it for us here inside the athletic communications office I'm Corey Jewett for : minion and Tim Brady we're signing off and go bullets capstan winch design Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.

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