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Write for me capstone project photography

Write for me capstone project photography write for me research paper on xmax technology air mattress ratings consumer reports a brilliant person without the means to communicate is lost and that was melody brilliant but she couldn't walk she couldn't take it she was so frustrated now raise your hand if you have not read out of my mind okay I'm gonna read one really quick section she goes through a lot of frustration in school she can't walk she can't talk she's in a wheelchair nobody wants to be your friend all she wants as a friend she wants to be like everybody else and she she hasn't AIDS that helps her and kind of goes around and her aide discovers there are machines that you can get that will help you to communicate and so she finally gets this machine it takes a long time and the insurance has to approve it and it's very expensive but it's a machine that if you push a button it will talk and so this is when she gets her machine I've seen the kids at school play video games they've never seen before and I've seen them program their phones and computers without touching a book of instructions so I take my right thumb and I push the on button the board where's it closed and then a welcome message appears on the screen I push another button in a voice that sounds like an Englishman with a really bad head cold blurts out well until many talk her mrs. V jumps up from the couch I shriek with joy looks like you're way ahead of me melody not that I'm surprised now let's see what this machine can do I feel like Christopher Columbus bumping into America it had been there all the time but he was the first one in the world to find it I wonder if his heart had beat as fast as mine is we quickly discovered that the meditech has more than a dozen levels all evilly easily reached with just one button so in level 1 we program the names of everyone I know my names all the members of my family kids and teachers to school by doctors the neighbors my parents friends and of course mrs. V was the lady who really helps her on the second level we add all the vocabulary words we've been collecting type save types a missus these fingers fly as she keeps adding the words for me nouns verbs adjectives adverbs thousands of words as well as a cool sentence maker that's located on another level we prefer huh we prepare hundreds of phrases and sentences and get to them with just a touch have you heard the latest song hey what's up how'd you do on a spelling test ordinary words normal conversation I have never had that this is awesome so finally mrs. B starts stops entering it data and she says would you like to try it out the room is absolutely quiet I stroke the edge of the machine softly then pushed two buttons thanks mrs. B the computers voice said she blinks real fast I do too she reaches for a tissue we both need it so they go on and they in and they work through the process of learning this machine I'm so happy I almost feel like hugging the machine but that would look silly instead I named it it's probably dumb too but sometimes you have to have something that nobody else knows but you I'm not gonna type the name into the machine because it's personal but in my mind I'm gonna call the machine the Medi talker Elmyra after the song how many of you know that song Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys yes the Oak Ridge Boys should thank me so it they they go on and they've discover they she says I picked the voice called Trish she sounds like a girl not a grown up I wouldn't mind sounding like her if I could talk bienvenue Trish says in French I know that means welcome I pushed the German the button for German and she says Ville command I can even found something that sounds like fuuny Inge when I touch the button for Chinese I stop and stare at the board it has never occurred to me that there are kids like me in Germany and China and France who need a machine to help them talk so anyway they continued to program it and they put all kinds of words in it and she's so excited so she can go to school tomorrow and actually talk to her friends when dad and mom come to pick us up dad is ready with his camcorder his hands are shaking a little show us how it works honey I can't believe dad is making a video of me saying my first words it's almost like when he filmed Penny's first words well not really I type very carefully and I push the button to make the Machine speak hi dad hi mom I am so happy mom gets all teary-eyed and her nose gets red she's looking at me also soft and gooey when I think about it I realize I have never ever said any words directly to my parents so I push a couple of buttons and the Machine speaks the words I have never been able to say I love you mom completely loses it she bubbles up with tears and grabs dad I think he might be sniffing back a couple of tears himself but he has recorded it all so now she's got this machine and she's going to school the next day donto not tada I am ready welcoming to her but she is determined and she wants to get involved in the school the school has this thing called a quiz team and melody says I want to be on the quiz team you can't be on the quiz team you can't talk I want to be on the quiz team I'm gonna try out for the quiz team and so she tries out for the quiz team the accuser of cheating and but she gets on the quiz team and what are they gonna do they're gonna be on television and here's smart girl smart girl smart girl smart boy and melody in a wheelchairs like oh my goodness how is this gonna look on TV so how that works out and how she finds her place in school and in the world and on the quiz team is the rest of the story why did I write the book this is the answer I give most of the time I wrote that book because you needed that book I wrote that book because you needed to know that there are kids like melody I've worked with kids like melody all my life and they are real people and this morning when we were talking you know I said if you were like melody somebody would have to take you to the bathroom and put you on the toilet and the kid said yeah I said that's a real thing for somebody every single day that's a real thing so I just wanted to expand the world of kids people adults and say there's other people in the world and you need to know that they are there and they exist and they have brains and minds and dreams and hopes and they want to be accepted just like you do the last thing that I could leave you with is never underestimate the power of a book a book can change your life reading a book you know find a book and it's like I don't care what you read you know if you like Rick Riordan and and all those gods and goddesses I wish I had thought of that before he did I would have been better at it but anyway yeah and he's rich yeah but uh but if that's who you like could rid of all I don't care what you read just read read what turns you on and in and and then read something else that's related to it and then read something that's harder read the real Greek myth things and then compare the real thing to the fictional thing just read and learn and grow and develop this I don't care if you read my books I just want you to read I want your brain to grow okay hey that was a good ending was a 12th grade reading teacher at West Orange high school they hate reading they hate reading who's not good at it and I gave them tears of a tag or and they read that when and loved it then they read forged by fire and then I taught the Battle of Jericho so I have seen kids who never saw any worth and reading say what else did she write I really liked it tonight it was really nice getting to meet the author you know I read out of my mind part of a book group when I was in I think second or third grade and it was really an eye-opening book for me and then to get to discuss it with my fellow book group members and go and dig in deep to the meaning it just it changed me I just think Sharon Draper was such a good speaker like she really kept your attention the entire time so I thought that was really good and there's some of my favorite books so I loved listening to the background of them I loved how sassy she is with her answers and the audience has two really good questions and she was just with it I love that definitely a big fan of Tears for tiger I love how it really hooks in kids when they're trying to read and getting kids to read so it's a fantastic book for them [Music] [Music] you reading capstone project order Weill Cornell Medical College.

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