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Write for me capstone project for python

Write for me capstone project for python do my kkr capstone emea senator michael johnston essay outline it's a good place cuz it's multicultural and lots of different restaurants and it's got a wonderful supermarkets and it's a so friendly place here multicultural yes it's good because it helps people to sort of it broadens their horizons and helps be able to get along with all different nationalities lots of good points how much time do you have as long as okay well it's it's a nice area it's a very prosperous area lots of lovely people live here and it's close to London and things like that think about its name because to need lots of printers based in this area and famously in London Fleet Street was where all the national newspapers were based so because all the printers here they called it to Fleet there this is a very nice cheery place lots of very friendly people it's changed a tremendous amount over the last thirty years it's a very much more multicultural than it was when I first came here things I miss the used to be just up the road from here a bakers were actually baked bread on the premises so you've got these wonderful smells of baking bread every day but I'm afraid the supermarkets are rather not that sort of thing loaded next door to camera is Morrison's which used to be Safeway and before it was Safeways the color it was the co-op's have been a lot of changes in shopping but we still have lots of small shops around as well so it's very different to other parts of some dormant suburban some people who live outside said Albin think it's a rather snooty place that s not true a flicker which is very very down-to-earth right endorphins is famous as what is called the most heavily pumped town in the country it's got more pubs than any other town of comparable size we have them 55 pubs the reasons that is historic that when they built the Abbey they put up lots a little what were called ale houses for the people building the Abbey to go and drink in and sleep in and eating and a lot of those who have remained the traffic is appalling I think something should be done about traffic in Hatfield Road and some of the little shops don't look terribly attractive I think they ought to be made to look rather better but in general I think it's just a nice place to live and nice people this shop has been opened in 2007 and I've been working here like two years and a half maybe three years I said three years this shop is a North Africa shop I mean Tunisian Moroccan product Algerian I'm from Tunisia originally yeah yeah it's very good area and the people here they're very good I think this area you need to do like something like for the kids specially which is like I'm not like very good playground for them you know because the kids here you know in the age like from five till as an out till 15 you know that I think they miss him though because I think that the park which is in the town centre is a bit far for them yes gets a shop and everything the traffic is quite bad traffic is good because it's cool the shops are close by so you drop that you know you drop the key to school and you just it's such a vibrant area there are lots of wonderful people who live here lots of things have changed but lots of things have stayed just as I always knew I first live simply filled in 1943 when I was born my family been living here since 1907 that will be my great my grandparents and my parents were walking people school just across the road here which is where I started in 1948 and my first class was in what was called with the hut which existed on the playground where the hallways everybody seemed friendly down here I've got no complaints about that at all otherwise I wouldn't have lived here for 40 years I've been doing this for quite a few years as a second line and this this was on the out and the sweet trade you've just since would never be the same the supermarkets are making inroads I wish we could turn the clock back in many ways it's a nice day to day so we've been quite busy we've been here for two years now before before we were here there the park is to be quite quiet but because we opened up it's a lot busier than the before I like we really like the café they always come to the playground after school they're just gonna have a coffee or get something from tree it's just really nice having the having the nice playground so it's nice I'd like to you'd be nice to keep that sort of them maintained and maybe have some other things you know to improve that well I used to play a lot over this recreation ground and during the war they built a big shelter underneath the ground it's still underneath there and we used to play around then go in underneath there and play around there I came as evacuated during a war because during the war the Germans bombed London and a lot of the children and myself came to New Orleans out the way the school actually took over some Paul was Church and we had the classes in the rooms there yeah we live here and my son is going to the school here so we really like this area it's really nice basically we are coming from Macedonia and we've met a lot of people coming from a different countries and I think that the people who live in this area they're really friendly they're really helpful yeah it's really good place for living I have lived in Hatfield Road in Fayetteville for 86 plus yes and I started off going to a school at Beaumont Avenue which was called some John's preparatory school and it was little boys and little girls and we sort of learnt to read and write I think we did do some sewing but I never liked so him very much so I don't remember that very well my favorite teachers will use their maths teachers my boy attends the moth just down the road and week left and come here for our shopping in there I tend to do all my asian shopping here and I do all my English shopping from here as well so it's all in one place it's going everything you want I suppose you know as I say all the shops and everything else good schools around here as well what would I change in Fleet though I would not give permission for anymore takeaways I would like to have shops packing proper shops selling things useful things I don't like it as much as I used to like it because when I was a little girl you did all your shopping in Fleet ville you just knew all the shopkeepers and they would deliver everything for you as well and you knew everyone in those days I was born in Fleet Ville and I shall be 73 next week I went to Fleet bill school and then it was the Girls Grammar School where you are at school now which is now Fleet Ville junior school when I was a little girl it was the girls grammar school a lot of children from Fleet will school either went to the Girls Grammar School which was just over the road auto barrel of the school the boys were in a separate part of the playground at Fleet Ville there was a metal railings down the middle of the playground and the boys were on one side and the girls were on the other and sort of never the twain shall meet so but we played a lot of ball games I think and skipping games particularly and chanting thing games I think very traditional games I've been here for 48 years I started this company September the 22nd in 1963 and we were just a small tailors the I was born and bred in st. Albans I wasn't very good at school so I suppose I was starting to be a tailor at 12 and the advantage I had of course when I was 15 in left school properly I was at the top of the class well we came to free bill actually in 1937 I came as a boy of course from South Wales I used to work at the grocery store yeah the owner of the the thing taught me to drive so that was quite useful I loved it from here it's one of the nicest places and I love all the schools and things but there is very convenient here you've got the train station very closeby you got shops doctors pharmacy all that all the things you would need to make you life comfortable I would like to see more done for young people you know like youth clubs and things I don't think there's enough of that or you go to Farrell um yes with pleat ville that's us from I said one of my son's went to Farrell um yes yes fabulous and my grandson hopefully will be going there in September so it's as soon as the headmaster there now Oh mr. Rams Oh mr. Ramsay yes yes used to be the deputy yes yes oh that's really nice capstone business case for money Kingsborough Community College, Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn.

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