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Write for me capstone paper template order

Write for me capstone paper template order capstone southwest opportunity trust dissertation sur le proverbe habit ne fait pas moine ´╗┐please join me in welcoming professor o'clock Sidhu and Andrew Inc all right we got 15 minutes why don't we just kind of jump in so Andrew I hear that there's a big announcement that that's happening today it's a little bit maybe related to what you're doing with Coursera before we get kind of back to Coursera tell us a little bit about today's announcement yeah so this is first time dedham anyone we're hearing this speaking about this outside Baidu's offices but I've many of you know about my work at Coursera and I remain engaged with Coursera and act as this chairman the board to help bring education to the world and earlier today I announce also that in order to spend time working on a I machine learning big data I'll be joining by do in order to build up a new research organization by do research which would be headquartered here in Silicon Valley so some you will know that I have two passions I'm I think education is incredibly exciting has potentially changed the world my other passion and in fact also partially the genesis of course ever was machine learning my first coast air hose was a machine learning holes and that's what launched the company and so with Coursera doing well today in the next period of time unfortunately to really spend more time focusing on AI and machine learning and I am excited to also get to you know take a crack at the AI problem again okay all right all right thank you so I think we'll probably be able to weave the AI discussion and the machine learning discussion back in pretty soon let's talk a little bit about the education direction so I I read in the New York Times that they said 2012 and this is only two years back was the year of the MOOC and that you know this is kind of the inflection point or the beginning of what would be a big change or you know revolution I suppose some significant changes to the whole educational landscape do you want to help us understand what is the promise of this model and you know what how do you see things changing yeah so MOOCs provide a highly model of Education three years ago what we develop was technology that enables one professor to teach not just a hundred students at the time but potentially 100,000 and this dramatically changes the cost of higher ratio of education there's still a large upfront costs to creating the content but once you created the incremental cost of serve me one more students is nearly zero that's what allows us and our university partners to put this put these great courses online for free I think in the early days of MOOCs there was one common misperception one miss misperception which is that MOOCs today are much more than about educating 18 to 21 years old the biggest impact of MOOCs today is not on students in the traditional higher education system is on continuing a delta education and so I think most of us frankly all of us in this room need regular infusions of knowledge in order to stay current in today's rapidly changing world and i think the convenience of MOOCs is bringing many working adults like ourselves back into the educational system the median age of a MOOC student is 35 and we issue and call several issues credential certificates that are viewed by employers more as a compliment to a university degree and certainly not a substitute to the university degree and so I think the movement is healthy but then the center gravity today is on these you know I learned in 75% of them already have a bachelor's degree but the center of gravity of the movement today is really only continuing adult education more so than on 18 to 25 years old although we benefit some number of them as well okay great so if I can translate that basically you're saying there's a certain efficiency that you just can't get in any other form of Education and that you know you're looking at the continuing education as a market and it's certainly complimentary to universities along in that model so I understand that there's there's really three big players here Coursera is one I forgot you raised something like 40 around 40 million dollars somewhat 85 how much a cold cerveza 85 85 okay so it's like twice as my guess here alright so there's Coursera there's Udacity and there's EDX which is you know the MIT spin out so help us understand how are these three models different do you think they're all going to converge towards the same continuing education model or they going to go in different ways do they do different things help us understand the landscape here you let's see it's really hard for me to speak to you daddy and headaches i should say today there are like in addition to call Sarah there either at least 20 maybe 30 alternative MOOC platforms Udacity and EDX I great organizations EDX is an MIT Harvard let operation in which many universities come and join MIT Harvard to teach a variety of causes they are similar they're models perhaps most similar to go Sarah but they had launched the eddies for this present period of time they're quite a bit smaller than Coursera I think or service philosophy is that we want to partner with great universities to offer great courses online I think that a lot of the best content doesn't best teachers are in our current institutions of higher education so one difference between Coursera and Udacity is that we believe in service ambition is to be a platform to connect universities and learners Udacity and contrast hopes to build the University of the future which is a very different philosophy today Coursera is by far the largest move platform taking any metric you know number of learners number of causes well what number of university partners by any metric where we're much larger possibly bigger than all of the others put together I'm marshal but we're excited that today we reach 17 a half million learners and still growing rapidly you know I think sometime back I had read that you had a girl with Coursera that was more about a global market and it sounds like what you're saying now is that it's more about it's almost more of a corporate continuing education you know training within companies has is this a pivot and or have there been some learnings along the way in terms of what has were worked and what didn't work and how you got to to your current positioning you know I think our positioning has been actually fairly consistent the first closer move was my machine learning class and can tell you I actually designed it to keeping in mind d continuing continuing down learn there I was mentally I'm as I was teaching my first move I was mentally picturing someone that had been out of school maybe for ten years back when when they went to school machine learning wasn't as popular and when I spoke to the webcam teachings of yo the the MOOC that created called Sarah I pictured myself speaking to someone like maybe about 10 years out of school so that sort of been our market for the most part i should say the causes are diverse and different causes actually attract different populations so for example it turns out that our philosophy course where philosophy calls to the tracks mostly the strangest distribution attracts many the young very young learners and the relatively older learners and that's one unusual cause we're the center of gravity is not in the middle the distribution of age tends to skew to both sides and every single cause is different to show you some of our learnings one of my regrets is I wish we had launched MOOCs making every course for weeks long maybe six weeks long I think our initial course was just too long we're realizing that the adult learners need substantial flexibility sometimes you know deadlines network stuff happens like a babysitting show on your your your spouse needs you to do something over a weekend and so we're trying to figure out how to make our course content more convenient and flexible in order to make it better suited for the busy lives of the adulterer and that's on the platform today okay thanks that's some I it's interesting to see that that trend towards the shorter pieces I think if you keep going you'll eventually get to con write it down to 20 minutes so do me a favor now and maybe you can address some of the criticisms too I think that certainly there's a lot of opportunity in terms of this efficiency but we've also heard numbers like some seven percent of people you know I know there's a lot of people taking the class 150,000 I you know if you've only got seven percent on average that are finishing of course or you know in some in some of the better cases it's even thirty percent or whichever and then I I think you've addressed some of the things that happened with San Jose State and failure rates of people taking the course if not actually passing exams and so forth so there's at least another side to it help us understand where the criticisms are coming from and which ones are real and not real yeah so yo san jose CA wasn't us there was someone else is harder for me to speak to that um but that's true it's was someone else dia dia dia completion rates is something that has often been commented on about MOOCs that you're only five percent or four or five percent of learning is complete here's our data if you attempt the first major homework in the MOOC if you just attempt to submit the first major home were the first essay or per exercise something multi multiple choice you have a forty five percent chance of completing the entire course and earning a certificate so forty five percent you know isn't terrible I wish it were higher we are working to make it higher but but I think the reality is that MOOCs often learners and up an avenue for risk free exploration and users learn use the content in all sorts of ways so 5,000 now the 500,000 learn is complete it turns out that usually will have an equal number of learners that will watch every single video but will not submit the homeworks and so we count them among non completed because they didn't submit the homework but they watch every single video and I think it's actually time well-spent for them to watch these videos is free so they are not in current college debt and so i think and i would like MOOCs to continue to offer these avenues for risky exploration if you are curious about archaeology say even if you sign up for a brew can spend two weeks learning archaeology if at the end of those two weeks the only thing you've discovered is that archaeology isn't for you you know you're probably benefited from those two weeks without running up any costs and so I think the actually important thing that we can deliver to learners as well I think I could discover a lot of things that are not for me so now this is a big data session so you want to comment a little bit about the intersection of this new educational vehicle and the kind of insight that you can get from the data that's collected so you know Cole Sarah collects lots to collect tons of data because all your activities are in the digital realm we can log every mouse click every keystroke any homework submission correct or incorrect I believe that over the last year Cole sarah has collected more educational data then the entire academic field of education over the entire academic field of education is five thousand year history and so closer our university partners in us are analyzing this data in order to gain insights into human learning just to share of you one story of one thing we've learned it turns out that the resent you an email every week that says dear student friendly reminder homework is due this saturday it will resent you that email you're actually less likely to finish the class because we sent you an email every week that says dear students um ree notices you logged into the website last week good job on that check mark we noticed you submitted your loss for work on time and you got four months great job on that check mark oh and we noticed you made two comments on the discussion forum and five other students found your comments really helpful great job on that check mark and by the way the next homework is due this saturday if we send you that you know you're more likely to engage you're more likely to complete so perhaps in hindsight is no surprise that if we refers to remind you of what you did well before asking you to take the next step that's actually more encouraging but the way we discovered that was not buy original inside the way we discovered it was one of our engineers had you know twenty designs of emails and he sent each of these emails the tens of thousands of learners and he looked at the data to see which group of learners which email holes learn is to completed the highest rate it was only then that we went back and actually read these emails and figure this out so if we have been teaching classes with say 200 students there's no way we would have collected enough data to learn lessons like these and is only because we had hundreds of thousands of learners to whom we could randomly send easy emails that we can collect them enough data to to to discover these sorts of patterns and I think many of you know they're done my academic background you know even before Coursera is in machine learning and AI and I think broadly very excited by the potential of the data the computation the hardware that we have today to make progress in machine learning and AI certainly in education where costs are we collected unprecedented amount of data but in but but but in the future potentially in other areas as well okay yeah actually that's it's really interesting that you can basically do this AV testing and you can effectively make all of the population a study in your in your class itself you can figure out what actually works there so I see we've got literally about 30 seconds left in this segment so I'm trying to think of a question that you can answer that quickly and I'm not sure let me ask you a question if I may which is how many of you have signed up for a move oh wow that's an awful lot of you so thank you being on closer or someplace else and I hope that I hope you're enjoying your experience to those of you that are on Coursera thank you very much for supporting us and for those of you that haven't yet done so i think moves today offer anyone with a curious mind and opportunity to learn something new my teacher machine learning class we have causes on you know what big data mobile developments cryptography also lots of non computer science classes you want to learn something about Greek and Roman mythology or poetry or learn something about the renminbi or learn something about all the courses from from universities or around the world I hope that you will use this both to develop your own personal intellectual curiosity I recommend it to your employees if you want them to gain new skills and and and partake in this free online education to try to maybe level up us go up all in ourselves okay well nothing more needs to be said thank you very much thank you you capstone kids kylie jean Cazenovia College, Cazenovia.

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