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Write for me capstone paper company order

Write for me capstone paper company order capstone canine for money interrogation scene dark knight analysis essay a little book to have a last week in booktube a segment for you here for those of you who are new to the channel and i gather the hundreds of you are welcome and this is incredible this is the section where I where I look back on the week that of my viewing on booktube and point out some things i wanted to make sure you didn't miss it's not meant to be comprehensive of course with thousands of booktube videos i watched a lot and I watch a lot more than I report on but this isn't meant to cover everything i'm sure i'm leaving out lots of great stuff I just wanted to a few things that that seem noteworthy to me and this last week the bulk of my YouTube viewing was not booktube related for one of the only circumstance or that will ever be true because here in America we are gearing up where we are two days out from elect a racist sexist bigoted lying more on to the most powerful position on the planet at which point we will just leap off a cliff with our fingers crossed and say let's hope for the best let's hope that we're all here in four years when maybe we can recur echt we can correct this and I was reminded of that by cavil at what camel reads he he did a very good discussion of Eileen bio Tessa mas favorite shoes was shortly I was up for the man booker prize and didn't win it and there's been a lot of discussion about it and his was really good and the beginning of that discussion he he talked about american sports him he did this it said that's baseball right it's hot it's hard for me to keep it straight and it's on my mind because the Chicago Cubs just won the World Series in American baseball something that they had failed to do in over a century they had one of the longest losing streaks in the history of the game and they broke it for this recent World Series and there was jubilation in the streets of Chicago and the reason that was on my mind is because I my own hometown baseball team the Boston Red Sox also had a losing streak of over century and broke it in two thousand four won the world series in 2004 and right after they broke it george w bush was elected to office for what i call the first time because he lost the first time he won and was given it by the Supreme Court the second time he won fair and square and I don't think it's any exaggeration say the world is a much worse place for that having happened and now the Chicago Cubs have broken their curse and well Election Day is in two days but when I did watch booktube last week there were some themes that ran throughout and I wanted one of those was nonfiction November I'm starting to see more videos from people joining in with Gemma from Don fig books and all from a book all of about nonfiction November concentrating a little more reading a little more nonfiction for November I of course all over it like marmalade on toast and then I saw more videos like that made all sorts of notes that that sort of things a lot of fun and another event an event that I've also seen videos for but I haven't participated in I now I kind of regret it maybe I should jump in before it gets much older is shakes along and with the video that i wanted to point out to you today direct you to is a in certain literary pond here I again I look at these channels these great sharp funny smart channels and I expect 10,000 subscribers and I don't see it but the day will come I am sure but her 10,000 you should subscribe because her her discussions are always great and this one was about Macbeth and was had some really funny Bob's and it is so I'll leave I'll leave a link to this and everything else down below but it's worth your time to look at and Luke Lane reads I don't know if I've recommended his channel here before it's wonderful and he did one on video I'm collecting most disappointing books and it was fantastic and in depth to he's like adamant memento mori he's he's really good at packing a lot of content into a little space a gift of some of us don't have so if you don't subscribe to him you should go and do that i was very tempted i may very well do disappointing books video of my own although i don't know that you're ready for a video that would be quite that long i am it's pretty much my profession it's pretty much my job to be disappointed by books there was another thing i wanted to mention that has to do with this let's do it with cubism which is it's a new book about the future of quantum physics it's given to me by a very nice publicist at Harvard University Press and at my behest because I want to understand more i want to read in 2017 i want to read more about quantum physics and try to understand a little more about what i'm reading than i already do and I this book came from right at the same time that I saw Derek's video at veritasium I don't know you watch his channel but he did a video on quantum mechanics and as usual it was brilliant and just brilliant I learned a lot and also was confused a lot as I am in all of his size make specific oh so I'm leaving like even though it's not specifically booktube related just because it was fascinating and it links with a book which I intend to consume and one thing I do yes ah the roads vlog Chris and Giselle roads do a daily vlog and then Chris takes the footage and fusses over in his perfectionist way basically forever and then he post the results and last week there was a video of with my girls my pointer and the basset hound that is wedged against me right now they were they were in the video they were stars they were moving around it was kind of funny we went to a library book sale here in Boston them came back to here to the house and SAT for a bit it's a little heartbreaking in a way from me his video of my girls always is because they're moving around the first part of the video and then a minute later after the edits a minute later you can see them on the couch with me especially Lucy especially pacify utterly exhausted and that's true there they are not Nanook from Connors channel they they barely move at all and anything tires them out they're very old and they're both sick so it was fun to see them moving around in that video which captures the library book sale that I think we went to in 1995 chris is daily vlogger he's got it all the way up to early nineteen ninety-six he's making great progress let's see here what else we got oh I guess I max and well done books he did a wonderful video I try to remember like both the meter water home video in which he publicly shames himself for four books that have been on his TV are forever but he just hasn't got to and then I don't know that I'm quite ready for an era of auto public shame well I was Larry's anyway but the video is that I really like I just love them they seem so pleasingly anachronistic is he didn't he loves book-of-the-month Club the modern iteration of Book of the Month Club so he did every month he does a video where he shows you their five selections talks about them a little invites you to join shows you what the packaging is like all nine yards I think there it was the smartest thing they ever did to link up with him he is pretty much the perfect spokesman for this sort of thing i noticed again the in the current iteration of Book of the Month Club they stamp their califon onto the cover of the book another just not just the dust jacket but you take the dust jacket off the kala phone is stamped onto the physical cover of the book I think it's interesting they have changed over the decades that they've been around they have changed around constantly the ways in which they put their imprint on a book you never at Book of the Month Club when you sign up you never get just a copy of the book that you could pick up at a bookstore at all you can always tell that it's them forever and ever the distinctive distinctive mark was sighs their books were a little smaller then to print run of for the normal book now the books are the same size but they which probably cheaper but they have that kala phone stamped on them which might be an athlete of book collectors but it's a very graceful kala phone and it's it's a it's a nice look I every video that he does where he urges people to give it a try it makes it look great but you can see this coming I'm sure book-of-the-month Club has stopped doing nonfiction which is it breaks my heart they were once a great boon to historians and biographers because they once upon a time they were much more popular than they are now much more influential anything are now and you could get a good check from them if you got a deal with them now they don't do it anymore i think pretty sure all five books that max held up this time around were fiction and mostly they are with the occasional you know nonfiction celebrity memoir or whatever thrown in but a big a big enormous work of history like a final solution David Caesar Amy a great work of history that appears in 2016 there's no chance that would ever be even considered for Book of the Month Club so it's sorted out for me but it might be for a lot of the rest of you so I'll leave the link and you should give it a try and also along lines of something that's not quite for me Emma Emma books did a video on how to read with a busy schedule and it was really good her channel is just fantastic and she talked about a reality and I think we would probably have a lot of you nodding and sympathy where it feels like you have to schedule every single hour of your day a week ahead of time now I watch those videos of time you blush for shame of my face that's II could tell because what you're looking at right now in this video is pretty much my life a couple of days a week I put on pants and I go to the christian science monitor my beloved Christian Science Monitor I route around hit the books but still I kept punching a time clock there I go i chat with my editor I route around with all the new forthcoming books then I go home back here to my senior citizen dogs and all the care they need and then the rest of it is reading and writing just reading writing so I watch videos like hers with a little bit of self-consciousness who she's talking about being a full-time student having a full-time job she's also very popular booktuber so she and she mentions that that feels almost like another job and I imagine a lot of you are in the same position makes it makes my admiration grow that any of you would make videos and that a lot of you are doing nonfiction November or shakes along or anything else it's a significant commitment I ideo her video was full of a lot of tips that some of them I don't agree with some of them that might work for you but it was it also served as an excellent reminder to me that booktube is really a miracle and it exists at all of you are busy so I'm definitely urge you to go and see it and then the next three things that I want to wrap up here were three things that I not only liked but that I would like to see all the rest of you do I would like them to do essentially to go viral the first who spent Sanders who has a great feature on his channel where he finds brand new booktubers brand new I mean people who have you know a dozen two dozen subscribers who have just started maybe only have a handful of videos and he analyzes the drawers of their vid of their channels and this is you'll go here for this this is another thing I particularly liked about it it's really really good and you know what we say that booktube is a welcoming community I have a little bit of a froth experienced that myself but if we get to my one year anniversary you can expect a whole video on that front experience no reason to rehash it here we say that it's a welcoming community and it is for the most part you you make a new video say hi I'm going to try booktube you can almost certainly count on a lot of comments from strangers welcoming you to booktube and that's nice but this feature on bass channel is a real welcome it's it's a detailed here you go I'm presenting this person to you welcome that's wonderful and I'm like it if more of you did that when you find somebody I think we should we should be more actively involved in spreading the word when we file somebody relied so I I would encourage you all do that I think that should go viral another but nothing that I want to just just recently love from CL did a video wonderful video helped things i hate about booktube might not go you know a natural hand in hand with the first thing I recommend but it does it does there's nothing there's those of you who are those who may have brought up in an Irish household will know that it is often a mark of great involvement in affection to complain non-stop but something sometimes it's the only form of communication and her video was wonderful she she was the few things that I wholeheartedly agree with few things I hadn't thought of and I made me want to see the rest of you to it it maybe maybe want to see a raft of videos on what I hate about book too I'll make you a deal if the rest of you who do it I'll do it and the last of these was Sam Sam's nonsense this is the thing I mentioned in comments before I did it myself she she did a just a quick video in which she gives us a guided tour of her commuter bag now book related except it's a book where I'm doing it and that's fascinating for me and I did it myself and I want to see the rest of you to it when you pack a shoulder bag to go out and about in the world what's in it I'm just nosy yeah if you feel like making that video by all means do I would love to see dozens of those but the main thing I would the thing I want to wrap up on the main thing that covered book too last week was nanowrimo national novel writing month where thousands of people get together in the month of November with the intent of writing the big first draft of a novel there are endless videos just endless I was I've watched them all I love it so much this is a phenomenon the like of which the world has never seen booktube is too but with with booktube in the past there it has analogs in the past in book clubs and book societies then even libraries NaNoWriMo has no car Larry in the past it's a new thing a collective they like this where everybody gets together to write the novel they've always had germinating inside the motor work on something that they've not put the time into and there were endless videos of endless variety people doing blogs people doing updates people doing encouragement videos the whole nine yards and of course the nanowrimo society itself put up lots of video and that was the Balkan I admit to wrap things up here that was that was the bulk of booktube last week for me was nanowrimo and I expect that it's going to stay true for the rest of the month but we'll see in any case i will i will let you go for now and I'll try again I'll try and remember to leave everything link down below I sometimes forget about that and need to be gently reminded of that today is not one of those days thank you book two capstone games the climbers John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

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