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Write for me capstone paper company longview wa for money

Write for me capstone paper company longview wa for money do my capstone wealth management houston sample cover letter for financial planner ´╗┐today we're going to learn some mystical linguistically let's talk about [Music] good mythical morning thank you for making us a part of your daily routine yes now languages like French and Spanish and Mandarin are very culturally complex languages that have evolved over generations as millions of people speak them but I personally like my languages like I like my computer companies made by one guy in a garage somewhere uh and in actuality there are many interesting languages that have been developed that way by just one person who invented the whole thing right for television or movies yes and we're gonna learn and teach you some of those things they teach you it's time for why speak Greek when you can talk in Dothraki talkie Dothraki catch me link take a schmee alright first heard on the screen in 1979 in Star Trek the motion picture Klingon was developed by the actor who played Scotty James Doohan and producer John povel but then link linguist Marc Okrand was officially commissioned to develop it into a full-fledged language for the actors to speak and for fans to speak yeah many of them do it uh and I want to show you one video in particular of a Klingon or a fan whose dress is a Klingon Oh God hard to tell giving a tour of his home whoa that's the Klingon fan you sure it's not the real thing please live different one much the condo boarded the last place kicked him out for loud guttural noises mm-hmm this is kitchen I need to do a better job of blending you know the makeup blending in the forehead area nice living room oh no battle training rooms my choice boy it's very committed its battlecruiser I could be wrong but I think that may have just been a Ford Fiesta oh yeah but hey you know what he's living in a little bit of a fantasy world but he seems very happy he's grounded he's got he's straddling two worlds great he's doing it well but you know you're always at risk when you're straddling so how do I become a part of this link um I'm gonna teach you some Klingon or you could just get the Klingon dictionary over 300,000 copies sold but you know what give me the CliffsNotes I've already been through it me the link letting me know it's meant to be harsh sounding as you can tell I'm harsh she's very good at it but lots of spit flying around okay um these are bad people ooh all right so is it repeat after me Luka doc OOP OOP aah Luke doc OOP OOP aah aah look doc Oh PUD ha more you're a bad guy Luke doc ooh Pushpa oh I think it missed that and hit my laptop which I'll ask someone else to clean what did I say uh you said where's the bathroom Oh cuz he all you know is Klingons they're very hydrated they always gotta go a pooch is a toilet oh I thought it was okay it's okay not a good idea to speak Klingon on a first date date did I say date yes you're still speaking Klingon not a good idea toast we could be on deck cook JRR Tolkien's you've probably heard of him before oh yeah uh he was a follow gist that is somebody who studies historical languages but boils them before he was a writer and so when he actually developed everybody knows okay well he developed the language for Lord of the Rings or lauder as I like to call it because I use the acronym and The Hobbit many languages yeah but I did not know he actually developed elvish before he even wrote the books he started with the language and he's like I need a context for this let me write one of the greatest stories ever told and so he wrote the story to create context for the language and nobody actually knows how many languages he's developed because some of them were very fragmentary but he did take two languages and develop them very thoroughly one of those is the elvish language seen that een mm-hmm and instead of watching some footage from one of the movies that we don't have rights to we're going to show you a New Zealand weather report oh I love weather weatherman giving the weather report in scenery yes no that's not an actual okay that is a weather man dressed as an elf knee now do we got an actual map the only fish Shire yeah they have access to that loo newzealand yes dire a Theatron it will be the perfect time to cycle along the queenstown trails that was English yeah that'll be the perfect time this cycle there was no translation for cycling along the mountain biking didn't exist like we got a dune it learn English so that they will understand he did miss a great opportunity to use a joke it's spring so the Orlando's are in bloom oh that mean I'm gonna call me next time before you give the weather rebuff to give the weather rhett and I say give me a joke I have some experience in this I actually spoke some scene doreen in our nerve versus geek rap battle [Music] when a link you're going to have the opportunity to speak following your footsteps okay you're going to say my name is link Neal perfect that is my name so that's great II ena --the mean link Neal II eNOS mean link me now I'm glad you I think you just picked up on something your name sounds like it should be spoken in this language 18 is mean Neal it's like meaning me would you like a simile Queenie's no no don't go that way no no are bad too far yeah it's supposed to actually sound like Welsh and you know who's Welsh link Catherine Zeta G I got a job you were right there with me meaning mean liek Neal say like Catherine Zeta man in is me mean it meaning anything link me she's married to Michael Douglas and if you if you you know if you pronounce my name backwards it's still link me it is yeah recently discover them one tweeted that it mean a brother mine's a link there you go let me take you uh into the world of George Lucas please it's a star world yeah I've been there a few times that didn't really work uh George Lucas developed the languages for Star Wars with a sound designer ben burtt but mostly from just the way that it sounded not to afford to be linguistically robust so for Huttese they hired linguist Larry Ward to flesh out Jerry Larry good old Larry to flake out his compose II his complete language well he was busy cuz he also was the voice of Jabba the Hutt let me teach you something kabaah Kyoto bah bah bah de Baca yeah sounds like something like the the dude from Mario woods was it was the dowser yeah Bowser would say I think he just grunted really I mean the animated serie that again Kivar Kyoto Babu bond Ibaka cava Toyota Bob and Ibaka can I visit the van backstage the van of the band the bank is the fan backstage is the band in it can I visit the band backstage I do I want to bet visit the van backstage have you seen the Cantina band oh okay have you seen them backstage I don't think there's a backstage in the candy oh there is and you're gonna want to be there alright listen that was okay but I have footage of a woman whose name is summer wood footage of a woman oh man that's interesting I've got a Catherine zeta-jones thing kick thing we shouldn't it's not Catherine zeta-jones it's her name is summer wood and she she's gonna deliver a poem in hati's I already like would you like to say wood yes would you I really would alright here it is pinkie that means greetings summer woods she did miss summer wood one of the things I love most good Star Wars universe are the languages my town is that I wrote a poem in my favorite Patty's her talents also include using a hair crimper no that's natural man's that's natural that's someone look who she is listening how KooKoo shukaku techy zamboula and OVA rani mukerji taki now you may notice that there's no subtitles but I've done my homework I am able to translate this chili cheese rides are so good my full name is summer wood and familial actual wish I may and wish I might I know Leo drew jiminy will a Conchie sunny don't go Jew relief Amita Kyle gobo guy likes you nature thank you I got my car serviced at Jiffy Lube thank you that's what she said got my car serviced in Jin Finland I think you might need to go back to the drawing board I have and she's lots of reasons to believe that she's not sponsored by jiff she got sponsored she got sponsored she doesn't like a jiffy lube girl she's gonna go get her I know yes I know summer wood okay ask me something now this one is probably the most relevant and popular one right now because it comes from Game of Thrones and that is the Dothraki language okay on the show now this is really interesting because the producers show actually held a contest to see who could create the language for the show in this dude David Peterson who has created more than 40 fictional languages for various films and TV shows Wow of course because this is what he does he won the contest and now he works as a full-time language creator for Game of Thrones he's on set he helps the the actors with their lines in their pronunciation he will continue to do that until winter comes now he's never seen Game of Thrones he don't even know I read the book I read the first one okay but link now you have the opportunity yes to speak some daughter become the mother of dragons please say unburnt on ha da gama 8/8 mahara ro sorry how much i got off i got it on har Otto's are tomorrow oh I'm sorry that's different Ann has aqua on ha aqua coma 8 go moet at mahara Ottmar har har you know what she said no my big mouth has source not current this is if you have a breakout when you're in the land of the dog all the make a doctor I gotta be able to tell them you'll be like big mouth how sores but you think they'll be able to tell just point of your mouth thanks for continuing to bring this out and ask for a poultice uh give me that I don't have the words oh I just go like this and you look pathetic poultice lovely powders okay thanks Rhett and thank you for liking commenting and subscribing you know what time it is hi my name is Hector I'm from Spain but I'm in Denmark at Roskilde University and it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality we have videos over on Facebook that we don't have here so you have to go to facebook.com slash rhett and Link to actually see that and then you have to click through to good mythical more where we are going to learn some Klingon from Kevin who learned Klingon from an actual cling up like a game of telephone destined to go wrong Oh Thrones it's a Jif or a gif the gift of the day get it it's look it's what is that it's it's a honey badger getting scared by galoshes no I think that's what I think that's a that's what they call the red panda the red panda guess it's like a scared he is he's uh he's getting scared good show huh de baak sure Daniel sir ha give ma sha ha b bar that means you animal do my research project topics in accounting for undergraduate pdf Central Islip campus.

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