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Write for me capstone paper company cheap

Write for me capstone paper company cheap write for me modules 4 7 sam capstone project 1a origens writings ´╗┐he pushed diverse programming really you know think outside the box and I think we're already doing that and I'm quite looking forward to seeing what we have got under our belts why we library I think we can really really do it and we have a fantastic team as well really good you the of last year's bunch of people I'll talk over the viewers at home you can access by the express website yeah it's a digital radio station so you can listen online at www expert radio at UK there's no e on the Express yeah so it's just cuz you feel because we're edgy because we colloquial I said yes it indeed i ad to get to get involved you could just find us on facebook or find some twitter on facebook it's just your facebook com fort / Xpress radio and on twitter we're at express radio if you want to get involved it's not too late come on the chat will find would love for you to get involved someway and yeah and we also want more ideas obviously because we were trying to think outside the box but we're sure i'm sure there's someone who could think more than me because that was just a silly guy with a hat now being modest now silly go and a half that manages to achieve thank you very much thank you mr. thank you very much now thank you coming up next we have a vox pop this is about the recent but the proposed merger between the law school and the politics school as featured in gary's this week so as you can see at sea on the front cover so we'll run that vox pop I suppose it makes sense I mean I probably associate law and politics more than I dissociates of politics and languages as a law and politics student I'm probably well placed to comment on the situation I mean at the beginning of the year law set out your timetable very clearly they give it to you early whereas politics as a process of signing up for modules which there's a bit of delay and so given that the majority of my degree is a law degree and one-fifth of it is politics modules it gets a bit confusing at the any of the years to you know prioritizing times and things yeah I'm kind of in favor of politics merge into law and law law suit myself but it seems a bit of strange day it's part of the languages department at the moment it depends what reason they're giving like if we're going to see a real improvement in administration at the University like if it actually makes things slightly easier for like academic staff and students then that's great you know if they consolidate the resources I can't see how it could be a bad thing however if it just leads like further staff cuts then I think it's only going to make a problem where people are you know they're already paying higher fees etc etc like they're just going to feel even worse about it I understand some of the law students for a bit worried about damaging the reputation of the law school but I think most people that who perhaps would be concerned with that would be aware of the distinction between the courses as an end cap student I don't really give a monkey's they're very closely related subjects and you find that a lot of law students also take politics modules and it's also nice to sort of have everything in one place rather than walking backwards and forwards between different buildings different lecture theatres but the key fundamental benefit or bonus suppose of the two schools joining it is the communication between the two so the timetables materials and exams are all or much more closely linked okay and we're back so I hope you enjoyed that we have just been informed there might be some sound problems we do apologize for that we're going to carry on anyway so we've actually got some headlines for you this week from world news so join us start off from world news headlines well what can we say there was the Arsenal man united game and as a goon and myself I can cells rather disappointed in his Sunday was eating my Sunday roast and drinking a pint of Carly to know that van Persie scored a header off Wayne Rooney so we lost one nil Aston lost one new ottoman United as you can imagine i went home and it's t-shirt but it's just the way it is sometimes it's just the way it is also a humanitarian disaster the hits the philippines but we've got a on friday typhoon haiyan sat through the central philippines killing at least 2,200 people well what about what about the headline on the toronto mayor he still refuses to resign last week Rob forward the Mayor of Toronto admitted that he smoked crack cocaine yeah that probably doesn't go down well no not as the mayor of toronto and several weeks after rumors of him taking drugs the story received worldwide coverage in the week and the reactions have been as you can imagine slightly mixed perhaps Ford is still refusing to resign despite several protests that took place so you imagine when you voted for your mayor that's not something you'd expect him to do okay so we now have a short video for you on the Student Senate which are elected members so the Student Senate might if you remember the Student Senate nominations took place earlier this term and and then we got elected members so we're actually just going to show you a video on how that works and some of the things they might pass etc so run video since Anna is made up of eight part-time officers to full-time officers and rotation twenty elected student senators and ten random students that are invited to the Senate within the Senate we have a motion submitted and we discuss whether they are in the best interests of the students and whether they should be passed or in some cases whether we are not in a position to pass them but whether we can support them if they get put to higher student bodies for example their annual members meeting or just happening next week right we're here outside cf10 which is where student senate are convenes every third tuesday and the first student senate that we had we discussed variety of different agendas we consulted on changes to the memorandum and articles of association and ordinance 13 this was voted on 26 approved mainly because it was a very specific legislative decision where student trustees are now available at college students union in order to sit on the trustee or this is the first time that students have been eligible to be a trustee also what was proposed was for the Students Union to be a living wage employer and this means that all staff get paid at least seven pounds sixty five per hour and that is obviously something which was passed through x student senate obviously that will be taken to the board of trustees and they will decide whether it's pragmatically financially viable as a policy we also banned the promotion of cruel sports this effectively was renamed as a policy that we do not advertise or promote horse racing greyhound racing animal circuses or pets as prizes that was put forward by the president of the animal rights Society we've also put forward a motion of stop Saturday exams and now this was passed through student senate but now has to go on to academic council where student reps decide dependent on the different courses that are available whether or not that it's pragmatically viable because obviously some courses require Saturday exams because they have so many contact hours during the week there is no other alternative so the vice president education was mandated by student senate in order for that to the past to academic council and the final policy was gender equality of the Student Senate this went through with 20 approving and for rejecting for next year student senate to have a 50-percent quota of women so at the moment students anna is made of the majority of man which is quite unbuttoned and balanced representation of the university population which is actually sixty percent female and forty percent mail so the motion got put through that ten seats on the Senate will be reserved for female candidates and this motion is going to be in place for three years after which it will relapse so it goes back to whoever wants to set the same so due to the technical difficulties that may have occurred before we're just going to pop back to Sam Lloyd now the deputy station manager at Express radio and he's just going to remind us what they managed to achieve are the student radio Association Awards hey Sam haha so now I'm gonna talking in mine this time were actually lift I like to do that sometimes it's like a talk without the sound lights challenge is shaking things up a bit of them yeah I mean you know it's it's hashtag edgy you know sorry I go on tell us about the award not everyone that Express is that this much of a loser but yeah I'll on Thursday went to London for an award ceremony student radio sociation awards and we picked up two massive massive boosts in the form of awards and Anna wear them too it was the silver in best life event or outside broadcast for varsity last year which is a brilliant highlight a huge sports event yeah and loads of people were listening in so it's really good to get you know a bit credit for that um and the team worked really hard last year and I can't help but feel a little bit responsible I was the official Express radio correspondent for the greatest sport in the world ultimate frisbee oh yeah sally was all down to you then yeah I like to sort would give myself a pat on the back you know it was it wasn't me and then bronze in the bath station so with the third best student radio station in the UK which is huge as massive massive close to everything we're doing right now bit of pressure but it's mainly motivation and I've never been more motivated for anything my life so it's feeling good feeling really good was there a few parties then back in London or slightly easier every 10 like we stick with aid in the hostel we might have annoyed them a bit just because we came so late and most people they were like travelling whatever mmm but it's a really weird City London because because you're travelling for an hour and you're only you still within its means get on the train and travel on the train for about 20 minutes and it's done the same city it's a weird concept but yeah it was it was not so much a party more definitely a celebration and today definitely a celebration of what we do and what we aim to keep doing and you know it's a bit of pressure but we know how to sort of go about improving and stuff the production value across the board is great so we really want to push the contents I love it you wanna we aren't people to bring interesting ideas and with the people we have that express this year there's absolutely no reason we can't do that because they're all brilliant and could you remind us how we can listen to express radio you can tune in to express radio James you get its digital radio station so you can tune in on www xpress radio code at UK you can also get involved with the shows as a lot of interactive features in whatever and also find out who's on on twitter which is at express radio and on facebook which is facebook com full / Xpress radio and I seriously recommend something for the weekend two o'clock til three o'clock on sunday afternoons so willow tune in to that will be sure thank you so much for talking to us again Sam no worries me okay Eliza thank you for right so now we're going to go back to our original schedule we're going to talk about the annual members meeting which is taking place next thursday the 21st november in the great hall at 6pm it is a really important meeting all students are invited to attend there are still accepting motions so it would be good to encourage viewers to submit one if they feel that something needs to change which is you guys so previous motions have been things like boycotting Nestle products which you were devastated about was little I do like a Yorkie when he will wh this and could not find his your key but but I'm coping I'm coping it took it's a good it's a good motion i do see why so but they also do other things such as introducing real ale into the staff which was a fantastic idea with so if you can't get yourself a York you a kit kat get a point I'm not saying if you're graduating although I'm sure you will so yeah that's taking place next week it isn't due to in order to pass a motion the annual members meeting how to have two percent of the student population to 600 about 600 students so your vote really does count does county does it kind of sounds like a rock when you think about how many students are actually are thats not many people so if you have a viewpoint or an opinion that you want to express fun and then if you want to get a gap point if you want to get the point across then do turn up and I think you can actually send someone to represent you we have to fill out a form so have a look on the student union website and you can actually find all the information you need about that you can submit a motion your own motion by an email to a GM at Cardiff dot AC UK and the deadline for that is 12 p.m. on friday on the fifteenth of november and i believe that's all on the annual members meeting is we actually have one more bit of information for you we've just received some breaking news breaking news indeed and it refers to the cardiff university football club and a incident which took place a little while ago and basically i think from what what we can gather from the lil boy information we received the football club has been and for the part for the next two weeks on certain games and fixtures this is due to an instant which took place when was that couple weeks ago it was and yeah it was a couple weeks ago with the dance association right i think it's referred to her I haven't yet had the pleasure of seeing any of them performances so I'm not really an expert but it um and that incident occurred and they have been bad for two weeks and they are missing out on the important games I think Swansea actually has an automatic win and again internet in the varsity event at the moment they're gonna be banned unless they take part in tort promotions all asleep waters into life basically the incident occurred a presentation they had and there was certain sort of sexiest demoralizing sort of viewpoints its remarks and yeah wish which obviously doesn't doesn't bode well so that it was taken could be seriously by the student union because they have a very strict policy on that sort of thing zero to zero tolerance policy so I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more about that that news story in the coming weeks so watch out for it keep an eye out for that one so uh keep on CTV News follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well and check out the previous videos on YouTube indeed and visit our website as well okay alright so that's that's been us for CU TV news this week if if you qualify presenting we might be back in the future hopefully we won't be fired I hope you've enjoyed the show so I apologize again for the technical difficulties this has been James Ellis and Tom Dexter yeah see you TV news thank you very much good capstone character class ua order State University of New York College at Cortland.

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