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Write for me capstone mortgage training atlanta ga

Write for me capstone mortgage training atlanta ga traduccion capstone project audio cd burner mac os x ´╗┐hi everybody welcome to a Skyrim mod video so if you're watching this right now I might actually just be in Germany so there will not be a weekly series this week so you won't see any fallout mods weekly you won't see any Skyrim mods weekly or anything like that the reason I'm in Germany is because ei flew me out to try out titanfall 2 and battlefield so I thought ok I should probably record something the Nexus being is being all wonky today it's been really slow yeah let's let's get into some more macho shit did I say to subscribe this is a fallout video fuck it's like a 50/50 chance of getting the right game because I only play two games and I still fuck it up so this is this is all real reactions guys this is not premeditated I'm not an actor we're looking at these mods lie first impressions together having fun and then figuring out what's good and what's not because every time I make one of these everybody's like you've changed mxr you've gotten lazy you're slacking off what is this with this lazy face cam go back to what you used to do back in the good old days alright let's take a look at vault explorer from what I can tell this is the slutty vault suit Eleanor's retexture with a pair of jeans this isn't exactly you know something new like we've seen these things before it's just a mashup NPCs travel by sky quest smart ads 88 new NPCs to the Commonwealth that is a ton alright let's check out this person's video shall we hello everybody my name is qubits and I'm going to be filling you in on a mod called NPCs travel essentially what this mod does is it adds a bunch of different NPCs 88 to be exact to wander around the Commonwealth leading to different destination dude do you this chick is like better than I am at reviewing mods like I'm actually I'm actually kind of threatened by her presence she is now officially a competition I've got to go shit on her Channel I'm gonna leave her something in the comments we don't take too kindly to other mod reviewers here okay me and gopher and bro duel are you gonna jump you okay modular kitchen build kitchens in your settlements with ease using the modular kitchen I guess a modular kitchen is kind of cool like it's pretty dope but I don't know how well it would make for like a mod review what kind of lame jokes am I supposed to make move all my female settlers into the kitchen I mean oh oh you could add accessories through stove oh that this is all right this is immediately gonna be featured the sturm Wagar if you're interested in cheap games check out G Twitter come link down below with that Oh Dalton selling out to GT mg2 a comm eight dislikes BAM that's what you get for selling out to g2a who the fuck does that shit anyways it's an stg44 that's that shit I was using like fucking Medal of Honor back in eighth grade ADA ADA to human just now human I'm a woman baby can't you tell I can already see the comments down below I'm a woman baby can't you tell - mxr 2016 yeah does that look like ADA that doesn't look like ADA to me I'm not gonna feature that aquatic bestiary it has one of my favorite magazine covers in the whole entire game it's the one where the fish is raping the chick drop the bomb I already know what this mod is about yes this is exactly what I want to do - like everybody in Fallout 4 especially Marcy fuck you we're downloading this I don't care guys I have to try this mod out journey to its hips which oh there's a macho case what's up everybody my name is light nitin today we are looking at a mod called journey to Ipswich absolutely a blast to do I had so much fun I just gotta say that the energy and the enthusiasm this guy shows in his Mon reviews I wish I still had that but I'm an old man man I'm an old geezer I'm past my prime I can't muster up the yasm anymore it is an absolute experience to just literally it is an absolute experience just literally oh my god I need to imitate some of his enthusiasm to make my mana B's as good as his I was scared out of my mind cuz all okay I mean he's he's convincing me guys it's been an hour and 15 minutes since I started looking at mods it's time to actually get in game check it out guys hold on let me just get out of flying camera mode look we're in the red rocket and this is basically where I took the thumbnail for the last video I think I put the camera light right here and took a screenshot we need a bench crafting station but instead of like happiness we get gains let's do black I would cam let's do let's do whites cuz cuz whites the best color no racist vault explorer outfit on the stir the suppressed rapid turn go where okay we're fully quit boys we have everything let's let's take a quick gander at what our character looks like she looks ready she looks completely ready for some combat I actually really like it from the back that's Helen Crowley unintentionally homo we were ready to rock and roll robotics this for the ground is where he will be at I'll ask oh Jesus Christ he's really big gosh he is big ha ha hi there doggy you're a big doggie okay we have nevermind trade nevermind a recruiter let's go with never mind but like the second one never mind the fuck was that my god this is absolutely terrifying he doesn't have an eyes his nose is a air vent you use gas do I fill you up with gas at the top there you have like a nozzle okay I'm your my new dog meat you probably eat dog meat alive if you wanted to okay next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna flip some people off first we gotta say fu to Marci I don't have anything equipped right now oh shit I didn't mean to do that Rockstar kinda didn't mean to do that she's a bitch how do you throw a grenade in this game oh fuck Oh okay this is our key I should have done that but hey look oh no I'm fucking purple why did I do that in order to take the middle finger out you have to have nothing equip y'all have just your fist and then you hit your grenade button right all right let's flip somebody off I'm ready for this I'm so ready for my body is ready to flip somebody off John long I crippled you already now I'm gonna put the salt in the wound I'm ready for this oh shit is this even installed right now okay we have a fragmentation grenade who's gonna be the lucky person to be the first to get flipped off by me is it gonna be you he's a cool guy I like surges he looks like Elvis Presley oh how are you doing there Preston Garvey I'm glad about that you came here just in time just killed everyone fuck you I was in any other way no it's not working stop talking to me I didn't hear her say anything I'm sorry wait he's walking away from him that before you blew the mall I was taking a shower oh no did boom at least I don't have a noon match um let me reinstall the mod actually late hell fuck you all words fuck you yeah yeah fuck you fuck you and your Matt Preston get the fuck out of here alright Marcy really needs this hey Marcy taste something bitchy again what is that what is that she doesn't want to talk today complaining when there's nothing left to complain about fuck you oh my god I love this mod so much this is just gonna be the most handy man I've ever downloaded in my life it's so simple yet so effective fuck the gimmicks okay this guy's way all I need in dessert I'm so sorry Sturges I'm really sorry this fuck you is like it's so savage it's so no chill but anyways we should probably get to the one quest mod that we're trying to do today oh shit we're supposed to make your own kitchen as well damn it let's quickly go back and we're gonna quickly build ourselves our custom kitchen we're probably gonna like do it in the bathroom actually alright so this is actually gonna be the first time I'm doing a life built for you guys so I believe he's added a new category of stuff is it in miscellaneous please tell me it's in miscellaneous oh no it's not in miscellaneous Oh No fuck oh fuck me oh god asshole shit wow I think I somehow managed to not install the first mod that I found alright we're back in game guess what I actually have mods installed this time why is it getting Colton I'm getting a stuffy nose rain oh we have the immersive as fuck hoodie to provide us with the most immersive warmth in the world oh my gosh look at the selection of fridges so fucking exciting and then you have one of these this is huge this is like the monster the granddaddy it's so big it doesn't even fit in there it's exactly what you said yesterday night ouch wow okay um that's not appropriate we're reviewing a kitchen counter mod right now boys oh shit there's a modular kitchen platform base are you fucking kidding me this is exactly what I needed now I could put my other kitchen counters put this right on top of that base nevermind that's not how it works god damn and I'm stupid okay um let's pretend that didn't happen yeah my camera just shut out for like no reason I don't know why we're the accessories I want to put some eye put some eggs in my pan and shit and my pan on the stove and crap here let me just snap this here and my dream kitchen is coming together we just don't exactly have a way to get in there right here and we'll put this right here and then we walk in just like this oh we could put it we can put sinks on this shit oh my god this is fabulous oh no it's not snapping off fuck me oh we're supposed to use the base that's what the base figuring things out guys that's why that's why we have brains we figure shit out the platform base please tell me it snaps onto the counter what the hell is the base for then fine you know what I don't need that shit let's just put a bunch of stoves out here Oh what the stove snaps onto that oh look at this hold on leftover pie oh shit oh oh we could put that in the oven oh my god that's oh my god Oh oh my god that's just that's just the most amazing I've ever seen I just put pie in the oven voice this is what I've always been wanting to do forever for the longest time I just wanted to put my pie in the oven I think it's time oh fucking shit dude come on come on I'm trying to cook pies in the oven alright guys we've spent a little bit too much time here but the whole point is you can really customize your kitchen here you don't need a lien or you can do it yourself I mean honestly I probably just got a lien order to do it because I suck this is probably the weirdest room you'll ever find in any settlement it's literally just counters surrounded by bath tubs and showers this is just my type of kitchen I like my showers in the kitchen don't don't judge me I don't judge a man likes what he likes we have a quest mod to do guys do you remember that we have a quest mod to do that's enough of that kitchen scene is it the emergency distress call I need your help I was passing through the old Belcher's cave when the roof collapsed on me God to help me before the ferris ware though is the bad thing over there is it this Hut it's probably this Hut over here hello is anybody in here hey they're here because the broadcast oh shit the fuck dude you scared the shit out of me I was wandering no nice no voice I don't know further friend because I've got an offer that'll make us rich wait what so this guy tricked me with a radio distress signal so that I would come to his Shack that's really suspicious I should kill him I'm not exactly sure what we're doing right now because I couldn't hear the beginning because the volume super low but I'm glad his voice acted though I to the poseidon energy turbine for I'm not actually sure why oh look at this beautiful water with so clean we can drink out of it and not get radiation ah I didn't agree to roaches let's see what he says when I say that oh no I'm glad I didn't go one for your trouble that's actually pretty that's pretty good hey that's pretty good by the way you look fabulous with this lighting on always cuz there's actual lights at the top yes oh yes I'm so up for this yeah I'm not even asked if the subjects I don't give a shit we're going she could sink halfway through for all I care we're gonna have an adventure right now oh we're gonna teleport there okay oh god I guess we just skip the entire die are we gonna have an adventure but so we want some of these aluminium canisters for the boat oh my god I feel like I'm playing left 4 dead right now this is so left 4 dead this is even this like whole setting of like a story oh wow I cannot believe how many nuka-cola is I'm looting right here but this should set oh my god you know what this means this means we're gonna get fucked in the ass gonna be a million zombies from what I read in the comments we're probably gonna get destroyed like in the ass by zombies yeah Oh Multi food why would I 1 what does it restore any health though like moldy food ah does restore some health ah give so many rats though it's not even worth it all right should we go then shall we go yes all right I got the gas sir I got the gas um how do I put the gas in Cal okay just give it to him I guess he'll do it that's all then let's get going okay we're here too much noise there are some barrels on the other side of the river Oh God he's actually alive so maybe I'm looking for Billy Carter's terminal I'm not exactly sure let's see what it says piss off Margaret I know you keep trying to read my terminal Willie dear journal I made it I finally made it to its hips which so I did were missing how suggested and hitch three ride with that very man he's eccentric for sure but he got me here in one piece anyways I'm tired so I'll call it a night talking tomorrow Journal oh man this is so cute ah well it's been six months six months and I found nothing well this guy came here it's pretty obvious that he found nothing whatsoever so I guess it's time to deliver the bad news to Cal Cal I'm sorry to say it but you're not finding any Poseidon's treasure here it's just fucking rabid rats tags everywhere I'll second one holy shit it's a red polka man we got a catch oh my god why don't have why don't I have the new come on man installed right now do I have it installed I feel like I haven't installed I've wanted you for so long go pokeball oh no no no I don't want the order oh shit never mind that's not a polka ball oh that's a new gege nade sorry I thought that was the new cabal no I must have uninstalled it I'm uh I'm searching this place right he told me to come here and search it that's what I'm doing what's that sound is there something outside I swear I hear something I'm supposed to be looking for something here though first log is I was like oh yes I'm so happy this place is amazing I'm so looking forward to life and the future and then the last one's always like fuck me fuck my life why did I come here it's all over son it's all over boyos I may as well just lay down and rot but anyways guys that sort of just a sneak peek at this quest mod if you want to try it out the download to this quest mod will be in the link is in the description and yeah I'll see you guys in the next video I'll let you guys know how my Germany trip goes and I'll see you guys later peace nyu capstone project Farmingdale State College.

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