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Write for me capstone medical trussville

Write for me capstone medical trussville do my arduino nano vs pro micro the white strain smoke report south and joining me now is Senator Barbara Buono the only announced Democratic candidate for governor so far or do you expect opposition well that's what's what you do I'm not a political pundit but you know I entered this race before I knew who was going to be in the race or who was gonna be out of the race and you know it's just too important to focus on who's in and out of the race you know this is a political strategic standpoint you still have to anticipate what would require if you had a primary opponent or not you're absolutely right but honestly I don't focus on that I think that you know I think I'm doing a disservice to the people that I'm seeking to represent his governor of the state of New Jersey by focusing on all of the background noise and the political machinations it's there you know it's that's what happens it's its usual the usual back-and-forth before a statewide election but I expected it to settle down and it's still January so today suddenly congressman pallone endorses you congressman Pascrell says he's not going to run against you for the nomination state senator the senate president steve sweeney says he's not running what happened I don't know you have to ask them I just am focused on this race I'm focused on you know taking New Jersey in a different direction you know we have the highest unemployment that we've had in over three decades nearly one in ten people are out of work and people are hurting you know I've been around I've been focusing on connecting with the voters I've been going Criss crossing the state talking to people and what I hear from them is that they're struggling you've also been talking with people that that I guess former governor and senator Cody would refer to as the bosses and and they had some strong things to say against him and some things to say on your behalf as well tell me about those meetings with mr. Norcross with the mr. défis Enso what what did you call for those meetings did you request them do they invite you in you know I I talked to people inside the party and outside the party and you know I don't keep track of the meetings to to report on but I will tell you this that those report in meetings with with people who are considered absolutely decision-makers in this state absolutely did they tell you we're going for you that you should we're gonna clear the decks for you like I said I've been just focusing on this race and it's I've been very pleased with the support I've been getting you know I entered this race really a little over a month ago December 11th came out with Middlesex County coalescing around my candidacy I was very happy about that my home county and then it's been a gradual progression and the momentum has been building Somerset County came out first then Monmouth and Ocean and you know I've been just focusing on you know gaining that support but most important what I find most rewarding is the support and the enthusiasm that I've been encountering across the state of New Jersey when I talk to people about you know because you know I feel the struggle because I grew up like that I didn't come from much and I was fortunate I was able to go to Montclair State to pay my way through Montclair State and Rutgers law school with working and loans but you know back then higher education was affordable and there were jobs to pay off those loans when we got out but you're hearing enthusiasm and I don't doubt that you're hearing it but you also know what the poll said right now you're running if you get the Democratic nomination assuming you do against the governor who has historically high ratings right now does that concern you you know it really doesn't no poll numbers in January don't concern me I think that this governor's poll numbers are artificially inflated about what you know there's been a lot of goodwill that since the you know and I think it was wonderful how we in a bipartisan way responded to the superstorm but I think that's January and you can't we really need to that you know the governor said that sandy erased the blackboard but it didn't erase the problems that we had going into the store you know before the storm hit and we had the you know we had people that I had people coming into my office for example my Senate office with law degrees applying for entry-level clerical positions you know before the storm you know higher education cost had spiked so that puts it out of reach for so many and our kids you know I want the same opportunities that I had and in order you know that day of the in the days of the the high paying low-skilled job their thing in the past and our kids need to have that opportunity to gain skills the education job how do you do that maybe because we've heard from so many people in New Jersey's got to be more competitive in terms of bringing businesses in by lowering taxes would you lower taxes you wouldn't have supported the governor's a call for lower tax income tax would you well you know it really depends upon what tax you're talking you're kind of mixing issues here but if you're talking about bringing but to attract business everybody says the business community needs to have Jersey's taxes lower that's part of it and that is part of it actually I sponsored a piece of legislation that was passed that would created you know a small business tax that was hugely popular so yes I think that our tax code is a complicated mess and I think our tax code should be used to create jobs and not to punish businesses so yeah that's part of the equation but you'll you'll notice that in New Jersey if taxes are only part of the equation New Jersey has lost over half of our pharmaceutical jobs too you know states that you know not low tax states like in the south but high tax states like New York recently we lost the Roche and I grew up in Nutley I learned how to drive in the Roche parking lot but a lot of the pharmaceutical stuff is because these companies have merged and reemerged with international operations that are just taking their business elsewhere right you know that's not what they say you know I've talked to them and I you know you can just read the the news stories on the Roche move to New York the Lower East Side of Manhattan not exactly a low tax shelter California Massachusetts that's where a lot of them are going and what those states have is a strong partnership a concentration of university partnerships research partnerships with private industry so they create the research you know it's a resource for pharmaceutical and the emerging markets like biotech Green Energy and you don't think this governor has reached out enough to try to create those relationships well I'll tell you I had a piece of legislation and that was recommended by NJ Pro a business group and what it would have done it would have vested our economic development authority here in New Jersey was the power to create those partnerships to facilitate research partnerships between the new emerging markets that have good paying jobs and universities and the governor you don't it out and we have it up again hopefully he'll think twice about it now and and he'll think and perhaps they'll sign it but do they not hopeful today big news was made obviously with the veto conditional veto of efforts to raise the minimum wage I take it that if that legislation had reached your desk as governor you would have signed it I went to signed it I wouldn't have conditionally veto didn't watered down a minimum wage like this governor did what it's unconscionable he essentially is holding the the working poor hostage by restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit which by the way he cut when he came into office so he undid the wrong he he created when he first came into office but he tied it to you know it's not a real minimum wage increase he phased it in and it's less than what we had the legislature had recommended he argued that you know it's not so much the amount that's being raised right now it's this committing the state to these constant never-ending tie-ins to cost of living which some of some leaders would say I can't do that to those who follow me well you know I think that study after study has shown that this does not hurt businesses does not dampen you know the job market and that's not that's the study after study have established that and you know I think that we can't hold one the working poor we what this governor is doing he's pitting these two groups against each other those who really deserve them in and we all deserve a minimum wage in New Jersey and you know the cost of living is so high in this state and it's very difficult to live on the minimum wage if you have a family and you have issues pertaining to property taxes but the I want a only a couple minutes left here I want to talk to you about your party getting behind you you know people say you you had a leadership position now you don't and and some people wonder whether the party leaders are saying we're gonna we're gonna back Barbara Buono up to a point and we're gonna give her as much help as we can up to a point but as if some people think they're not gonna be there for you that I mean look at the look at the fundraising difference that exists right now the governor's got a facebook tie-in as well with that fortune there doesn't that concern you well which question do you want me to answer the way first of all okay well you know I will I will tell you that you know yeah I've ruffled some feathers along the way and I don't apologize for that and when I was Majority Leader you know I drew a line in the sand when it came to eliminating collective bargaining for employee health benefits but years before that I spearheaded pent common-sense pension reforms I drew the line in the sand because I thought it was the wrong move and you know what I'd do it again and I think that somebody that has political courage is it would make a good leader and I think that the fact that you know I knew that I was going to lose my majority leader position that didn't come as a surprise to me but I think that you know I've stood up to the my own political party when I felt it was the right thing to do but will they be there for your last question I think they will finish its I think it will you have the money though knowing what the governor's already or I will be competitive with the governor we will be competitive enough to get our message out there and let's face it this race will have national significance because of 2016 senator bono we thank you so much for joining us thanks for having me you do my high school senior capstone project examples cheap Adelphi University, Garden City.

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