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Write for me capstone law ford

Write for me capstone law ford write for me average age of retirement in 2019 essay about leadership theories articles ´╗┐start with my time what stop it my side no one can you do - ah good morning 1111 May 30th with the man himself mr. Thomas cook live from New York City Thomas thank you for coming my brother thank you very much very exciting let me finish really excited here Bryan thank you so much so excited to be with all of these amazing young men and women on V TV incredible guys really exciting show for you Thomas Cook is the legend the man really really dear friend of mine fraternity brother mentor just straight magic man while you guys are thinking about the questions that you have in the dreams of dream jobs that you have I want to just talk a little about who you are how you ended up here and tell us a little bit more about your story so you started as a singer you sung for Prince Charles you wrote one of Larry King's intro songs right tell us a little bit about what that was like and how that brought you the joy and the music that you carry into your life today what is he singing mean to you well singing when I was young was everything I ever dream and I wrote in a little book when I was 12 years old I said no were reading corner I used to talk a lot I was send me to the reading corner talking I don't know I mean in my little book I wrote one day I'll grow up I will sing for the President of the United States kings and queens travel the world help the rich health before I started on this journey of wanted to write these songs for charity to help nonprofit or music which brought me to go to meet some of the most amazing people in my life that was something that I was really passionate about it was something that to me music was everything this goes out to all you young people I want to ask yourself a question who am i what am i where am I going what I really wanted and at that time I got watch the fun for the night before I would do a show and I actually said I'm done is that I have to recreate them but I don't want to grow old and I don't want to read a lot like knitting and I don't want to grow old and the old looking and dyed hair I'm not playing anybody in Vegas I said I didn't happen so I decided to say goodbye to show vision and that was in 1999 and I said how I recreate myself and I from that moment clip you know what I'm gonna go I always wanted to work with the Oscars the Emmys the Grammys I wanted to do production I ended up going back to LA got a job doing that as a PA and if you don't know what that is Shep kind of like what all you kids are doing and earning your wings and and along the way really becoming a better person and I did accounting the honors and while I was at the Kennedy honors I stayed with an old friend of mine that I've met many years ago when I was 16 I wrote the national themes on for missing children and her name was Susan David and I stayed with her a couple I was gonna say days but it was a couple days she thought it was coming her way I've been kind of and then I ended up working the Kami honest she said Thomas you're amazing would you want to work in Washington DC and I said no because you know you'd be really good at Lucy she said we could really give back do a lot with in government and politics and we never thought of her shopping me a job went back home to Beverly Hills sat on my table for a little while and two weeks later decided to move and a week later I was in the White House as as essence of the president only in America Jeannette somehow and it's really cool and and and then you had a you had many years doing PR for very high level people and political folks ambassadors international businessmen and women and then you transitioned after decades of really high level connecting the world into biotech in what you're doing now with time tell us a little bit about time and what the miraculous literally miraculous work that you guys are doing well a very good friend of mine I had met when I first moved to New York struggling starving art wouldn't ask my parents to help ended up living in an apartment with three other people sharing bagels how old were you by the way at this point when you move to New York my 20/20 and by the way in your 20s if you're listening and you're like I'm sharing an apartment people like everyone shares apartment like you have to struggle in your 20s live your dream of your 20s right oh my god all those people I shared bagels and coffee and subway subway so we sandwiches don't know the rat subway oh the Train you guys are excited that I'm sure and I met lots of people at that time even if I didn't Trump came in I met every story bit of a dream that would come in and out and one time I met this big bodybuilder group it was like Danny DeVito when Arnold Schwarzenegger yeah I was I was about 140 pounds back then kind of a believer and believe it or not one of these I try to teach young people all the time is we met back then 26 years later we're still trying to he called me up and said hey Thomas it see he goes eyes on come up with a new treatment he's a physicist and he said let's come up with a new treatment that's going to change the world of cancer and at the time I had been doing some work in Washington to the secretary of health governor tommy Thompson and I said see this is amazing I suppose we have white papers more information that we can present put together it would be great we use no chemo no radiation to tell me using proton therapy free radicals and we're able to use a non toxic drugs that right now within a four study for pancreatic cancer and what's going to be working on another one after that and then pancreatic cancer is like I'll be like you when you get that you're in deep deep trouble most in life it's always been there's nothing we can do have a good time I had the pleasure of writing an article about you guys in Forbes so let's link that up there it was really fun and I kind of want to talk about that story for a second but before we do guys questions comments questions dream job stuff coming in hit us up something we're good we're good all right so hit us up we're going to keep going keep talking do you know what actually I can and I do this I'm sorry guys that they're watching I do this a lot I just changed my mind I just changed my mind about what we're gonna do today I want you to help these guys find their dream jobs can we do that of course tell you that you know what I like about it it's like it's going to happen now and then yeah no idea this was gonna no idea surprise and I like that better because you know what when you one-on-one with somebody and you can look in their eyes that means you change a life and now I do have to admit I know nothing about nothing but we'll talk to them will interview that'll be fun all right here we go so what do you want to do what do you want to be beside the fashion icon this times good-looking smile what is your passion one day I will be a diplomat and work for the American foreign service that is there are many amazing motivation to want to do something to help your country help yourself help others and you know I the Washington DC and what was the first thing I just did I connected the dots or the congressman tell me explain so in the next week I'm going to get you on the telephone with the congressman asking him when you finish your job here that you get to helps get you an interview at State Department so you can go through the process to stop violence to work for safety as it you all right but you have to start the paperwork soon because you have to go into the government website and it takes it could take this month to get through the pocket have you finished school now on the fast lane so that's not going to happen then went back that paper I'm going to happen once you graduate because I will not ever do anything for kids the research piece but what I do want you to do is start studying with me to do experiment I will make every introduction I will help introduce you to an ambassador and maybe next semester if you want to do an internship in Washington for one of the endlessly let's work on it wasn't this young man yet you say where do you see yourself entangle what is your dream oh my god my dream I can rot every single day keeps me awake at night in spring out of bed every day decided to make it happen my dream it could be the next Oprah Winfrey and I know everyone says they want to be Oprah I get it everyone says they want to do they don't have the ambition the drive and their vision but I truly believe that I am gonna be the Nexus line has met a very different of mine in Washington DC he runs a program for watching media Institute the Washington leading Institute takes kids from all over the country they come in for a semester they learn general but they also give is an internship or a part-time job at CNN 583 they get all these jobs and get like one of his girls is now one of the senior of producers for coming Central you know when you're ready and you want to look into that program as well what's so important is if you look at programs that help you network to get to the next place it's really important now my greatest advice I can give you right now is you go out there as we work you will get a cup of coffee you can help them preserve me there's many people who the event because summary in this office on this entire floor there are two people that are gonna be multi Multi multi millionaire we're going to change the world will be on beat max ink magazine size it alright there's somebody else in this world and that light penalty for my lectures you look even is a whole class of cake there could be a hundred I say get to know all of you in this real to this three of you is that I'm going to succeed I love that as well figure that out what is your biggest what's your mom and dad's name Judy in town I'm gonna face it you did a really great job no like this he wants to do things just to help people okay so what's cherry sure I feel like I'd love to help with this hundred is oh okay that is funny so what were we just talking about this money reflect if you go prime yeah tell him exactly okay so so what's interesting about that is today I had dinner last night with the daughter of a president of a country in Africa we were talking last night about like hot ways to take this the work that we're doing here in York global and she was we were talking and basically she said have you ever thought about this idea of nation-building so it's the minister of a country would partner with either a university here or with just actual individuals here to go over there and create content fresh content through the eyes of someone that doesn't live in that country so that could be something that we could definitely put the other somebody's a good thing because he brought it up if now he gets to work with you have this program love it and now now you was just came through yes what no don't yeah exactly but see if you don't ask the question if you don't feel the passion and put it out there you're never going to find your dream ah gah dang nice to meet you how long he was here - or that years ever since I started college what are you studying here art with my concentration being performance in this area so the company here that a very incredible woman in my life my pseudo stepsister her name is Helen chroma and she used to work for label India which owns women's entertainment work IFC gel run dance Channel documentary film channel yeah the Leone hallway okay she just retired I would love to ask her advice too because I'd like to find out what their programs are what are you into last year so I would love to find out at rainbow media it's also part of the government which on Radio City Music Hall and Matsusaka that's an amazing group I'll ask Ellen you will see how we can try to figure out but they are one of the greatest companies they do orange is the new black you know all the levels yeah all the way all of it so look up rainbow media kind of get your history of that rainbow media great company doing lots of great stuff lots of television shows that you all know you your ages all love so look it up you're going to go oh my god that's oh look at that think about somebody else also the other thing is if you want to take on some time and you want to go to California and you want to do PA work and work on a television set or work at the Oscars I work at the Emmys or they work with one of those television shows then lots of work in LA to be a PA behind the pieces and I can help you do that okay I know you had a run to Train I mean wrap it up I thought we were just beginning are you going to do this show at a specific time every single day we're going to we just think about what that that looks like I think we're gonna do 12 12 show to visitors during lunch yeah you now when you take a break for lunch this is the great cup of tea you're ever gonna have welcome so come on here at lunch time take five minutes be inspiring you don't have to watch the whole show but if you want to I think sorry back then I'll come back again literally come and get a cup of tea and watch this man for five minutes left 15 be inspired thank you very much to have no Michelle well before you wrap up this my friends is magic moment Monday we're going to do a little magic so I bring mementos that mean a lot to me into the show and we tell people what it's about but first don't worry about it first I want you to tell us when you go to sleep at night what are the two questions you asked yourself told my face so actually every night before I go to bed I lay in my bed and when I was 18 years of age I was pronounced dead twice in a car accident and I was in a coma after that lost my eyesight for a while and I said after that accident I said for the rest of my life before I go to bed I'll ask myself two questions did somebody change my day to day did I change them you please if I can answer yes to either one then I go because then I know if I never wake up again I've done everything I possibly could give me a piece of myself and this my friend is a lavender bush inside of a beautiful Italian bag that you can smell this it's very soothing and the idea is that you rested on your pillow because lavender calms and soothes and this is um calm yeah well someday this is a nightly reminder that you can go to sleep every single night knowing that you have changed someone's day because you have changed my day so I would like you to have this on your bed so that every night you can rest well knowing that those questions that you wanted to answer were answered in the affirmative love you buddy thanks come on the show awesome you're a great guy thanks guys thanks for watching V TV remember it's your hour it's your dream at your life so you'll get it because if you don't no one else will thomas cook thank you so much for coming any parting words you want to say right in your question the man can actually change your life you better do it take care thanks for watching guys a lot of fun thankfully you coso enterprise risk management erm cube 2004 order Lower Manhattan at 60 West Street (main campus).

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