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Write for me capstone group nz

Write for me capstone group nz do my hospitality management a capstone course jamie cumbie scouting report ´╗┐are so gullible no you won't accept Palma nism outright but we'll keep feeding small doses of socialism until you finally wake up and find you already have communism we won't have to fight you we also weakened your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands are we here we were warned that the Communists were not going to go away they were just getting started as root app Benson knew that serious threat he saw it first hand he knew communists were in the government he knew who they were in the government you know who this is right this is joseph mccarthy you know who he is you know who this guy is do you know this guy never heard of him how about him boy you should America these people these people were communist spies let me read their positions this is Harry Dexter here he worked for the Treasury secretary Treasury secretary Morganthau recognized that name probably not probably haven't been taught Morganthau FDR this is Alger Hiss you might have heard that name before he worked in the Department of Agriculture G Department of Agriculture that's Ezra Taft Benson he worked in the Department of Agriculture he was also in committees of DOJ the State Department this is Laurie Makura Laurie curry here he he worked in the treasury department assistant to the president I'd say there's probably some pretty good and tell their do you think in 1938 the house committee on unamerican activities was formed 1938 not by this guy but by this guy Martin Martin dies he's a Democrat did you know that 1938 not him him in fact all the things that he wrote in the president later Joseph McCarthy all of these things came from him but this guy this guy had credibility so they just pushed it all aside they stonewalled him well they say about McCarthy oh he's conducting witch-hunt smearing innocent victims is spreading hysteria on februari 11th 1950 McCarthy wrote this telegram to the president President Truman in which he explained I have in my possession the names of 57 communists who are in the state department at present he got the information here a couple years ago I put this book down you came in when it was brand-new but maybe 23 years ago I don't know when and I I don't know how much I read probably right about this much and then I read some of the footnotes and everything else and I put it down and the reason why I put it down is because I don't want to believe this I don't want to believe it I put it down when I went I'm not ready to hear that I can't handle that okay please America please read this book i'm going to introduce you to the author of this book he's what is he 80 75 he's been looking into this he wrote this book to prove his grandmother wrong because grandma said he's telling the truth he went and tried to find the documents to prove his grandmother wrong it didn't end out end up that way history that isn't taught and you are going to be the only one able to teach it you must know it I'll introduce you to this gentleman next it's about nine million degrees in New York today don't bother going outside just need a lot of ice cream and get a copy of people written window you don't even have to leave your house just go to Glenn Beck calm / books and ordering or download the e-book today communism has a happy face it's a fashion statement call somebody a communist and it's a joke but as you've seen tonight from Hollywood to class to the Oval Office Marxism is alive and well it is thriving here in the United States you might know what it is but our children do not we just think that somehow or another they know but they do not and they are not being taught the evil of communism and socialism progressives do know what it means and they can mutate it it always mutates it goes undercover Vladimir Putin was Anna lieutenant colonel there he is KGB artist poot who betrayed him negatively people handing out anti-putin information have been arrested by Secret Service police now other opponents like former KGB agent Alexander Levin Co mysteriously gets poison how Putin now has videos made glorifying him he's he's pictured writing shirtless on his horse horse back the guy was a KGB agent where was the turning point I believe America's turning point was Joseph McCarthy and again with the berlin wall falling down joseph mccarthy was so discredited it made it almost into a joke and when the berlin wall fell down we beat it and so now we disregarded it well here we go again down the same road I want to bring in EM Stanton Evans he is the author of blacklisted by history the untold story of Senator Joe McCarthy what an honor to meet you sir are mine do you remember I called you maybe 2-3 years ago three years ago and 2007 and I said I can't even finish a book I can remember that I said I don't want to believe this stuff and I wanted to find out if you were a crackpot or not because I didn't want to fill my head full of crackpot stuff and we had a conversation we do tell me America this is such an important turning point tell me when you went to go look for the documents on Joseph McCarthy what did you find or not find I found a lot of stuff missing a lot of stuff had been Center a lot of stuff was in the records in one place but blacked out in another place mostly what I found was that the FBI files which backed up what McCarthy was saying had been withheld for 50 years and we now have them or many of them and they show and essentially that he was right in general there was a massive penetration of the government and that it was covered up and that he threatened that cover up and that's why he was isolated demonized and destroyed that's the technique okay tell me about dice because he was a demo is the precursor of McCarthy in the sense that he investigated the same things he was doing it at a time he was a Democrat he was the chairman of a committee he was doing at a time mostly in World War two when the Soviet Union was our ally and so a lot of people just didn't pay any attention to him I mean he I have a parent they're very fun earrings but a lot of the information that that McCarthy later had dive did not have he did not have direct access to the FBI stuff not sure McCarthy did either but McCarthy had more stuff coming in to him and McCarthy was I mean he was just an imperfect vessel or was he not was he was he clean was he just completely was imperfect as we all are yeah he met his mistakes but he was telling the truth okay and the truth was huge it was so huge we turned out the big lie and the hit learns her there's also a big truth and truth so big the people can't believe it right that's all you're saying that's what why I didn't want to read this because it changes it changes your focus and nobody wants to I mean gosh nobody wants to believe that there were people in our government that were bad you can believe in individuals but you can't believe this mass kind of this cover up there 100 there armed each of them you showed me a document bring this again tell me what this document is this America will horrify you this is what this is when is a record of the so-called Yalta competition long before McCarthy Carolinas in 1945 or Churchill and Rosa I was Stalin at Yalta which is a resort on the Black Sea and the Crimea and this is the transcript of what are the minutes or what happened at that meeting an official version of this was published but the paragraph that I'm going to maybe i'll give it to you to read yeah it's about Roosevelt is saying to Stalin and Churchill that he is going to meet with the king of Saudi Arabia after this conference King thud and Stalin asked him does he intend to make any concessions to King Saud of Saudi Arabia I'll let you read what the answer is for the errors the president replied that there was only one concession he thought he might offer and that was to give him the six million Jews in the United States yes where's this is a collection where is this from that is from the papers of Edwards to tenias who is the Secretary of State at the time of Yalta those papers are at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville that paragraph what does he mean by he'd give well one might think that he was a closet anti-semite but I think it also suggested maybe he was a little bit Gaga is this at the end of this is really died and he died two months after Yalta capstone real estate ohio Keller Graduate School of Management.

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