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Write for me capstone event meaning

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sign really telling us what he is cleaning the exhibit right now abandoned monitors sure I've ever seen federer of these monkeys from anyone I've been taking mostly film of zoo animals up close but here's like a broader view there's Brian but you can see the sea lines and then you can see the skyscrapers it's just kind of to us a dichotomy I guess it's just funny but it's very beautiful I was telling Brian if the weather was moderate which is not and if we have more time which we don't I could spend a whole day here just relaxing and hanging out yeah it's very beautiful heading into the Children's Zoo because we're still a children how cute a goonie in cobby babies comes here will let you guys there's our cute [Music] he's ready for so oh oh here comes your aggressive r2 buddy he's hungry [Music] don't know if you can hear it we've got some nice sex of Fame Museum from up at the street oh it's down here we've decided to go explore this hill that everyone is on I'm assuming it's just a great view but we'll see so here is the view from the top of the rock so now we know why everyone's up here Hey it was actually an ice-skating rink right over there another nice view of the ridge so here we are on the bridge we actually made it I was hoping to see this but I wasn't going to make like a pink to go look for it and it just happened to be really close today it's right now right across from the bigger rocks well we side the cause we went to the big rock [Music] write for me capstone unit order New York State College of Veterinary Medicine.

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