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Write for me capstone design project online

Write for me capstone design project online write for me what is a capstone project in college add custom css file wordpress ´╗┐here's an African proverb that says if you want to go quickly go alone if you want to go far go together the plan is that we must and will go far in this journey for freedom from mental slavery and so I stand here before you today as part of something much bigger than myself representing the heart and soul of the collective efforts of community healing network in the association of black psychologists so imagine a world where your intelligence is deemed to be substandard you graduate from high school valedictorian but are told that maybe you might get into a State College to get private universities in the Ivy League and you watch your incredibly talented brothers barely finished high school and forever bury their talents in their dreams imagine a world where in college you live every day in fear that someone will realize you are an imposter you do belong in a state college even though you end up graduating magna laude with honors and two majors from Yale University imagine a world where you get followed in department stores passed over in favor of other customers in restaurants skipped for beverage service and first-class denied an apartment because of your race get asked how'd you get a PhD and countless times here wow you're so articulate for a black person imagine a world where you go to bed each night praying that your male children make it through another day without falling victim to hands that swore to serve and protect and enhance from a community that struggles not to turn on itself imagine a world where your heart breaks often as you see a steady stream of dreams deferred talented talents unrealized hopes dashed and lies snatched away in their prime welcome to my world this is also also the world which a few days ago a 15 year old black girl a child attending a pool party in Texas was viciously assaulted by a police officer it's the world in which the lives of Freddie gray Tamir rice Michael Brown Eric garner and oh yes Miriam Carey Tanisha Anderson Yvette Smith and many other unarmed black men and women counted for so little it's the world in which demas picada a young soldier of ethiopian descent was recently beaten by police giving rise to protests about police brutality about against black people in Israel it's the world where a police chief in England explained that afro-caribbean people are more likely to die from choke holds because you see their necks are different from the necks of white people it is the world in which black people everywhere can't breathe and it is the world I wanted to help change when I became a psychologist I wanted to understand and build on the incredible resilience in African and African American people the talent spirituality since the community that I saw in spite of suffocating oppression and so I went to college and then to graduate school and study clinical psychology with great enthusiasm only to be met with great disappointment you see my world followed me I didn't see me or my people in the material I was required to master I was forced to learn theories and diagnosis that pathologize black people black children and black families and my world followed me to my first full-time faculty job interview where I presented my research on stress and depression in black women I forgot to exhale when I was told mmm now that's all very interesting but do you plan to do research in the future on real populations I practice my profession in this suffocating world and I still can't breathe happily along the way I found the association of black psychologists where I was surrounded by colleagues who looked like me and who were dedicated to the liberation of the African mind the empowerment of the African character and the illumination of the African spirit and so as a graduate student I became a member in many years later I was elected national president I was preparing to challenge the lie of black inferiority it was shortly before I began my term as president in 2011 that community healing Network and its founder and president Enola Aird asked for a be size help you see back in 2006 chn had pinpointed the lie of black inferiority as the root cause of the valuing of black lives and they started building a movement for the emotional emancipation of black people mounting a frontal attack their goal to engage a critical mass of black people in the movement for emotional emancipation by the year 2019 the 400th anniversary of the forced arrival of Africans at Jamestown Colony so that by the year 2020 we as a people would begin to see ourselves in a whole new light chn asked for a bee sized professional expertise to refine and develop one of their key strategies emotional emancipation circles self-help support groups anoles argument was simple and straightforward she said in response to the many and justices of racism black people can protest and March we can sign petitions we can weep but until we confront and work hard to overturn and overcome from the lie of black inferiority we will not change this world that so profoundly devalues black lives we can debate we can legislate we can litigate and we've done all of these things for generations yet here we stand disparities and disproportionality --zz on almost every social later education heart disease employment income housing you name it the physical enslavement of black people ended but the attitudes and behaviors driven by the lie remain part of the cultural air we breathe in America and the world our oxygen has been overtaken by the carbon monoxide filled lie of black inferiority and now I realize that as my daughter put it God had been stalking in my mind in my world presenting painful racial life experiences to prompt deeper empathy and understanding offering tools to interpret that slippery now you see it now you don't character of today's racism you see when the soul is ready the path to your destiny will be clear now I understood why I couldn't breathe I realized that everything in my life had prepared me for the opportunity to join a global movement for emancipation from mental slavery and there entered community health healing network with the words of dr. King somebody told a lie one day the lie tells us and the world that African people have contributed nothing to humanity that our lives are not valuable and we are not worthy of equal rights and fair treatment the lie devalues just about everything associated with black people that lie is everywhere and no one escapes it it's like going to Vegas you're not a smoker right you step into the casino you stay not even five minutes and you step out and you smell on like a smokestack smoke is in your clothes it's in your hair it's in your skin it's even in your lungs that's how the lie works at some point that lie is no longer out there it's in here and it becomes internalized coloring your thoughts feelings expectations and actions it hides in the Nook and crannies of life and I know this all too well for example on my way to Ferguson I'm standing at the counter at the airport waiting for my connecting flight up walks this short petite confident black woman in the captain's uniform and she's about to fly the plane I'm waiting to board and before I could hide from my own implicit associations my brain said whoa wait wait wait a minute where's my white male pilot I shocked myself I said Cheryl how could you ergo the need for emotional emancipation these circles are gatherings in which black people are invited to breathe freely so that we can think more clearly and begin the crucial work of replacing the lie of black inferiority with the truth of black humanity as chn puts it and so my journey began I went to Ferguson in the wake of the killing of Michael Brown and to Brooklyn in the wake of Eric Garner's non-indictment and to Baltimore in the wake of the killing of Freddie gray to help with community healing from all these traumas I also went though to plant seeds about a global movement for relief of the historical and continuing trauma of enslavement and racism chn and a b-side new from the very beginning this was not just a u.s. problem it's a global issue requiring a global movement and so I went to Cuba and to Ghana and to England and to Suriname and everywhere I went I heard the same thing black people were saying right here in the US the session almost feels like a 12-step meeting but for black folks dealing with trauma this is so painful I've been carrying this stuff around forever I didn't even know I needed healing I feel like I can finally exhale it's as though the late black psychiatrist France for non reach through Eric garner to remind us that as a people we can't breathe we are suffering under the weight of racism and we revolt simply because for many reasons we can no longer breathe but we must breathe in order to heal from the trauma that is both then and now personal and collective it's what a protester in Ferguson realized we were collectively traumatized in 1814 through 1914 through 2014 and it's what I like to show in our history timeline I call it the real history of black America that we've had more time in this country in the condition of enslavement post-emancipation we're still not free post-civil rights legislation barely one generation of black people free with civil rights but behind on every single indicator of quality of life but we continue to try to make a way out of no way unless we forget freedom from colonialism for many African countries is only about a generation long most gained their independence in the 1960s and five countries didn't get it until 1975 and 76 incidents regularly flashed on the evening news reinjure us invoking centuries of degrading psychically traumatizing pain it's like walking barefoot on hot concrete you gingerly hop your way through it but it's painful welcome to our world but we don't have to hop anymore we can emancipate ourselves from this mental slavery dr. King says emotional emancipation is identity and a firm sense of self-esteem and enola adds its freedom from any and all toxic lies about the inferiority of black culture and freedom to see ourselves beyond the negative stereotypes emotional emancipation circles are community driven self-help spaces that require no professional degrees just a willingness to defy the lie and embrace the truth and help others to do the same they provide conscious reminders of what we must understand and what we must tell ourselves what we must seek out and what we must do in order to free ourselves and stay free circles are safe flexible spaces where black people can address and understand trauma of racism where we can share our stories be in community and do the work of community detox our minds and spirits and revitalize ourselves and our relationships there's spaces in which we can exhale and breathe and they offer keys to unlock action action in terms of what and how we think about things our feelings about things our behavior in response to things and the psychology of the circles very simple building on basic principles in psychology like perception you see perception matters dr. Gough at UCLA and his colleagues present a very very disturbing picture of the effects of the dehumanization of black people on black children you see when people see black children they don't see the same kind of innocence and protection given to other children of other races and so black boys for example they're judged to be older and they're treated more harshly than same-same age boys from other races the circles are also about understanding the role of thinking of and our thinking patterns like the availability heuristic that's the tendency to believe we know certain things we know certain information not realizing that what we know is simply a matter of what we are exposed to for example the CDC CDC keeps data on all kinds of animal behaviors even pet turtles watch your pet turtles so answer me this who kills people more sharks cows or killer ants hmm now most people would say sharks but the reality is cows kill people at a rate 27 times greater than sharks but we never hear about cow attacks on the six o'clock news details to follow right and if I played the theme song for the movie Jaws which reinforces the belief about the dangerousness of sharks and I didn't say a word just play the song your minds would immediately take you to the schema for sharks and their killer antics so my question to you what are the shark songs and availability heuristic sabab black people what images come to mind when you think about black men black women if you want a sneak peek into the shark song for black people go to Google Images and simply type in the words black men black folks have become the sharks of humanity and as much as we try not to many of us have bought into that lie and allowed it to cripple our own images of ourselves and our people information matters and it can create cognitive dissonance and lead to new ways of seeing the world in ourselves so in the circles we teach our story it's like the African proverb says until the lion has an historian the hunter will always be a hero we must tell our classical civilization story our Holocaust of enslavement and colonialism our resilience trials tribulations values and strategies to support community and relational needs and resiliency are important people we are wired to be connected to others and the circles are intentionally designed to build a sense of belonging and connection to nurture our incredible resilience ultimately as ABC president dr. Darrel roll says circles seek to help black people Oh everywhere overcome cultural imperialism the supplanting of black people's cultural integrity with a supposed universal framework that is derived almost exclusively from European cultural experiences and the circles are about raising consciousness so that as DNA says the more radical the person is the more fully he or she and into reality so that knowing it's better he or she can transform it this individual is not afraid to confront to listen to see the world unveiled so this movement is ch NS call to counter the lie by putting time for healing at the top of the black community's agenda in the United States and throughout the world and it's about helping our children defy the lie and learn the truth about who they really are like our ancestors before us we must act as though it is impossible to fail to the non black world I invite you to emancipate yourselves from the lie it is limiting you as well to my dears foreign African family the time is now psychological and emotional liberation are the keys to complete freedom and a transformed future for black people and who else called us to come to this state of dealing with mental slavery Marcus Garvey Carter G Woodson Du Bois for non Malcolm X dr. King Steve Biko Nelson Mandela and Bob Marley to name a few as Garvey said emancipate yourselves from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our mind won't you help to sing this song of freedom thank you you list of capstone project titles for information system order Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

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