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Write for me capstone course usf

Write for me capstone course usf capstone 1 toronto location appendix to thesis [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I've won hope you're all well welcome back to my channel I'm in a place called lands hoot which is in Bavaria in these southeast of Germany it's a really small little town but I think it's actually I'm quite populated to here and I think it's actually the capital of Bavaria and here is the river eyes it's quite a small place in the sense that yeah I don't think Vlad in here is definitely the norm some places you can go to and no one blinks an eyelid and here people are staring another mine and we'll crack on anyway I've got a couple of hours free so I thought I would just do a quick look around with you and show you what it's like here because it is very very pretty it's one of those towns where everywhere you go you want to take a photograph and you keep taking the same photograph because you think you're gonna get it better it's one of those places I think you know what I mean and although it's quite a big town it's got like a big high street big shopping centre cinema and everything it feels really intimate here it's kind of like yeah it feels villagey people are very very friendly it's really really nice and very relaxing so I'm just approaching another section of the river and in front of me I can see the bell tower let me just show you it's actually the tallest brick building in the entire world not just in Europe which is what I thought originally take a little bit such a cool little bear place here right by the river I have to pop back here later on it's a lorry full of her dinger stop I want some [Music] check out these outfits go for some traditional German clobber here some later housings what you reckon would they suit me I loved it there in CNA I looked at there's a cna here who remembers cna in the UK it is the old archway into the town centre as pop into cna i don't know what its gonna be like in there but you never know [Music] this is ain't yours who's gonna get it and it's by a brand called clock house now you probably need to be a certain age to remember this that who remembers clock house in CNA this really takes me back to my teenage years let me know in the comments if you do I know the feeling [Music] I do love a good German bakery [Music] this is st. Martin's Church that I was telling you about so this is the tallest brick building in the world let's have a quick look inside I think you can film that doesn't say no cameras down though phase is a cool looking home where store [Music] I'm sure thank you Cheers so just bought that concrete tray don't need it wanted it standard did you see that look at these houses though every one is a different color so so cool up there you can see the castle which has amazing views all over lands who I don't really know where I'm going I've just seen a bit the hills I thought I'd walk up it what a stupid thing to do because I've already beam up to the castle I saw we have a look look exploring see what we can see that burg chose Nets that is the sign to the castle so we may talk up and have a look I don't know if you can hear this but this place is absolutely full with churches and bell towers and all you can hear here usually I've noticed apart from the bird singing is bells which is pretty cool I think you can probably tell that I'm sorry out of breath because I'm walking up this steep slope but hopefully it'll be worth it for you to enjoy nice of you across the town the nearest airports are here is Munich so if you are ever in Bavaria and plan to build a trip it's about a 45-minute drive I can't break from from Munich yeah and once you're here everything is really close together so to drive around here it takes quite a while to drive up to the castle but if you walk up this steep ramp it's like 10 minutes from the town centre so really easy to get around everywhere in a day oh this is my workout of the day that's for sure catering nearly at the top look at the view from here [Music] and parcel up there I think you have to pay to get into the castle itself but you can come up here and have a look around afraid so you're on a budget definitely and worth coming up there for a look anyway you might step and take a few pictures and just try and take them and pictures for Instagram which is always tricky when I'm by myself so I do is link my phone up to my camera and then use that at the remote control or if I'm using my phone I have a little Bluetooth clicker so if you look at my Instagram photos you may notice that one of my hands is usually hidden behind me or in a pocket or down the side of my leg and that is because I'm clicking away trying to get the shutter to work [Music] so the clip that shows you of the view is actually from inside the castle so it is worth paying to go in and have a look around and see the view because it's spectacular weather here is amazing I think it's been 22 degrees which has been so nice after the weather we've been having in London I found my son lost is completely broken in my bag yesterday having I thought if the videos gone up yet but I think I jinxed myself so I was talking about how I buy cheap sunglasses so that if they break you doesn't matter and they broke so might go and buy a pair now certainly a lot easier on the way down [Music] listen Spring has definitely arrived here all you can hear is the birds singing and the odd Bell it is really chilled here so I want everyone's so friendly and happy can like a toy town for the colorful houses and yeah I don't know it's very very nice very relaxing [Music] [Applause] despite a secondhand camera shop I am keen to get some more lenses I don't have my Canon stills camera on me and I think it would be silly to buy one without trying it out considering I'm in a place that I will probably never come back to in my lifetime but don't hold me to it because you never know probably not somewhere that I'd be able to return a camera lens to I need to get one definitely need to pick me up in London was I just heard a really loud bang after saying how quiet it was here sounded like something I don't know what it sounded like it was very loud everything's gone a bit weird [Music] I just spied a shop that I was telling you about remember in the thrift shop challenge that I didn't I picked up that little forceful cut with a dent in it where perhaps from a place called Butler's which is a bit like Tiger I guess and I haven't seen him in the UK but they've got one here so you should take a look it's got some good home wear in there for for 10 euros that's pretty good I've got the sunglasses he's like once I broke only mirrored might be weird for vlogging you see the camera in all the time that's probably me but I'm gonna be starting yoga soon [Music] I absolutely love these garlands I'm gonna make a real one though maybe I could do that how much of a twenty nine euros that's not bad that would look really cool on my mantel please be like a summer version of what I do it winter time be easy to get one of those don't be [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] sure when I can draw is I always have to think how much I could fit my suitcase it's probably good thing actually it means I can buy too much already seen a couple of things I like I'm definitely gonna get that cactus mug and also I really like the phone I think we pick up some of that these are really cool $12.99 that's really good [Applause] [Music] whatever stead of having a moose why not have a flamingo let they've got penguin [Music] nice amazing okay it's time for me to go now hope you that's given you a little idea of what it's like in London suits and shoot and shuts one of those is correct in Bavaria in Germany and if you liked this video please don't forget to give me a thumbs up let me know in the comments if you've ever heard of this place before even I haven't before I came here and let me know if you enjoy these travel vlogs I do really enjoy doing them it's always nice to have a memory to look back on other place and of course to just share with you guys what it's like here in case you have a fancy doing the trip here as well and just to let you know that this was all filmed in the space of two hours so it is really easy to get around this place if you do have a fancy a little visit don't get to hit subscribe if you're new here thank you very much for watching and write for me science capstone project ideas for money State University of New York at Canton.

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