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Write for me capstone cottages gym

Write for me capstone cottages gym write for me emergency management research paper topics reportage event planner [Music] [Music] [Music] the US and global leadership program a GOP is a custom design fighting program focusing on the four key fields of globalization entrepreneurship innovation and leadership the first GOP was launched in 2009 in collaboration of the Cambridge judge Business School in UK followed by the Chunkin Graduate School of Business in China the UC Berkeley High School Business in USA the London Business School UK and the New York University Stern School of Business in the u.s. provides a learning platform for the participants to address the challenges and opportunities in the AEC context while promoting business networking for participants from the Southeast Asian countries the agop is aim in those senior executives working in both the public sector and the private sector across industries in the Southeast Asia region where responsibilities for strategic leadership and for improving the company's performance as of today the heop alumni comprise some 300 top executives at a c-suite and ball level in the public sector including policymakers and regulators from the public sector in 2018 we launched our first edition of a GOP in collaboration with NYU Stern School of Business prior to this we have conducted our GOP in a West Coast from the year 2013 to 2017 in collaboration with UC Berkeley High School business while the attraction in a West Coast where Berkeley has with its proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area and a Silicon Valley we thought that we should launch a program in the East Coast specifically in New York which is the global financial this is also in response to the request of her clients and a GOP alumni to have a program in the East Coast we decided to collaborate with NYU Stern because of its reputation as a global business school with Vic's MBA and EMBA programs the rank among the top ten in a finance discipline we were also comfortable with the program design approach the commitment of the student leadership to walk with us in putting together a world-class custom program for the ASEAN Leaders the first edition was successfully conducted from the 16th to 20th of April 2018 we brought a group of 40 participants comprising top executives from both the private and public sectors from the ASEAN countries the participants spent a very stimulating week with a very exciting program agenda comprising classroom lectures panel discussion company basics and a business networking reception the feedback from participants were very positive as confirmed from the formal program evaluation results and an informal verbal feedback that we received that participants whether it was the week well spent with meeting the expectation they were impressed with the depth of the expertise of the Stern faculty and I found the program agenda provided a balanced mix of learning and networking activities to keep them engaged throughout the week the stern faculty was also very impressed and felt challenged with the active participation of the participants in sharing their knowledge and insights about a topic scour in the respective session with the successful completion of the first edition the leadership team of NYU Stern and asada Buin company are committed to continue the good collaboration between our two organizations to run the second edition of agop next year [Music] NYU is more than 150 years old it was established in 1831 and it was established by a group of seven businessmen who felt that while there was a university that was then called Kings College Columbia University uptown there was a need in the city for a university that was in the heart of the business area that would address the needs of people of ordinary people of people who were on their way up the economic ladder and that's been part of the university's DNA since its inception even today when we are one of the you know great universities in the world we still pride ourselves on our connection to our origins we have especially here at the Stern School of Business many many undergraduate students who are the first generation going to college and we have tremendous diversity on basically any dimension New York University has one of the largest foreign student populations in the world and the most sort of one of the broadest faculty groups across the world the motto of NYU is a private university in the public service students in our alumni go on to do they do well and they do good and that's part of why they come here to stern why they come to NYU and why we believe that NYU has a unique value proposition for the world and at least part a part a part of the actual program design is structured so that the full participants leave they're going to have time to really you know put down one or two priorities that they think they they can they can deal with and so you know one one area where I think the conversation continues is these are very dynamic areas of knowledge and the work continues with feedback and input from from this audience and so you know as we find out what is happening in ASEAN oh where policy is going or where innovation is going you know we're interested to feed this back into our own intellectual system because it sort of creates the basis for an ongoing conversation well I think Stern has a tremendous advantage in particularly in business schools is where a global network University so we're also a university without gates there's no gates in the campus here at new york and we also have campuses all around the world so it enables this it's a much more flexible network mentality and the benefit of that eye is we're creating a new approach to 21st century education and that is an approach which is very much not just relying on case studies and that all sort of fashion dissemination of knowledge whereas the lecture up the front of the room and they're telling you what you need to know we're much more practical and hands-on so our faculty are obsessed with skill transfer so whatever is being taught in the class in that context or circumstance they are aiming for a transfer of skills so the executives should be able to take those principles and apply those to their situation often what that means is in order for them to learn the tools the process is the skills we need to get them have them not thinking about their own businesses because if they're thinking too much about their own businesses they're thinking about all the reasons why these things can't be applied or why things can't be done if we get them thinking about other things that are analogous it gets them to focus on the process and learning the tools and then we get that skill transfer so our major advantage I would say is all the faculty are obsessed with skill transfer [Music] yes the ASEAN Global Leadership Program has more than met my expectations because as a young leader I do feel the need to learn not just from my company but also from others and from the best of the best and coming here at New York University interacting with the best features listening from them also the company visits I really gained a lot of insights and it really broadens the mind has made me realize you know the best education and especially the best executive education helps to widen what we think the way I like about this program is that it it's a it's a customized program and it actually introduced topics that is more reason and relevant and of course you meet different people you can connect with and I think the most important things you can get to know get insight from the best professors from the best business school having that that's not comparable yeah I think so actually this this is the third time that I attended the program by the s RW the first one is last time in Cambridge and the second run in London Business School and this one is the third one so I can say that the program that you you conducted so far is perfect I think the most important thing in this program is not the content of the program itself but what I can I can cherish the the network networking during is this program I can I can made high-ranking official from especially state-owned company Indonesia so I can make new friends and then in the future will be beneficial to my career in installation and also in other businesses I think the program is very good if I look at the overall arrangement of this program is this very nicely arranged here the first day was very exciting class about new economy yeah macro economy especially taking place in us and we are talking about the new president and also the the so-called tariff war with China yeah so it is has a deep insight about that that is very good one this program is very good we were surprised with the the lecture the speaker obviously it helps us to see especially as from the Asian it's helped us to see what have will happen five to ten years from now so it's become like Time Machine so that we can prepare and know what to expect in the future I look forward for even better speaker coming out well I wouldn't say it didn't meet my expectations I would say it's more way beyond my expectations actually I need some chips like a big chips to make this business grow through just another stage not just like what we are in the cycle same cycle we're doing every single day so I think this is really interesting and come just right at this at the perfect time I will definitely recommend the program I'm having a great experience learning experience networking experience and we're learning from the faculty is learning from our peers and learning about industries I mean it's it's it's so interesting to learn about everything so I think it's a great source all of knowledge and also again it really pushes our thinking as leaders so it's important for other people to to comment be open-minded about that the program were NYU Stern marks the 18th edition of il GOP over a period of ten years today we have collaborated with six global business schools in the UK China and the USA launching our agop our GOP alumni comprised some 350 top adjectives in US and region and the number is growing year by year with the launching of our annual additions we will continue to raise the bar and what closely will Global Business School partners to improve the quality of the agop in both the content and delivery of the program we also be working with our GOP l9 and clients to bring the global expertise of our business school partners to run programs and seminars in the region we will be launching a new editions of our GOP in 2019 and we look forward to having more participants in our programs you capstone manual New York Academy of Art.

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