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Write for me capstone behavioral health fremont ne

Write for me capstone behavioral health fremont ne capstone led puck lights with directional base 5 count for money figurine fitness indira nagar review of literature [Music] so I'm heading up to Freddie's house but then I you has kid on so it's currently 820 I meant to be up there now so I'm just going to quickly tell you who we playing and what happened last time because this was off camera but basically we lost like 620 620 I was actually marrow match and it was my debut I was in goal Freddie wasn't actually at you house at the time but basically I saved like 20 goals and one of our defenders did like a scorpion Kick like that to actually save on the shots i was quite funny Vincent from the crossbar and also China actually but yeah so we came billingshurst FC hello if you're watching billingshurst you're going to lose so yes so I'm just looking at two Freddy's and then i'll see you on the last stop by okay so I'm just bringing you another bit of commentary because pack want to do so Zach number six is on the ball gets tackled by billingshurst who we did actually lose 92 instead but this was pretty close when I when I saw that it's that guy I thought that was going also guys sorry about the winds also we're quite up high we're at new-path wreck that that was just like that was deflected in guys just to say so that's one nil billinghurst against you Hurst it was way over my head so I couldn't do anything about that so there's no number 7 15 years last I can't read it number 14 I don't hurt n is broke either they remain pretty well and they are the top team in our league I don't even know what league we're in but I coach told us at their drinking were you up so you need to try our absolute hardest so yeah and it's also quite muddy so yeah that was pretty lucky dr. full Ray had a go at a shop but don't target that would quite lucky on that one so people that's about so no defender lets it bounce but close back but we clear it now looks like it goes out for a throw but it goes to Rafe again who takes an excellent tops with this face does a few skills pass it to aaron number four who passes it attempts to pass it to Harry barber and the billingshurst go on a counter-attack managed to get past pretty much all of us wait I think my pipes good touch nothing sorry Piper with the tackle it was actually pretty good no offense today oh yeah this is where billingshurst got a quite good counter attack honestly say with my feet and then Alan cleared it to Freddie Freddie still going still going then he tries to pass it I could then we got tangled hey come billingshurst again yeah sorry about the wind still and the noise in the background but Rafe cleared it but then I decided to go out to it and I managed to get to it oh I wanted funny to almost like go up quickly i wanta Freddie to go up quickly but then he didn't so I tried to kick it up to him but then that failed so yeah here comes Zach but then the keeper was very bad clearance yeah and yeah they got another goal yes that did go through so it's tuned it i think by then you could have gone three but again we lost count the school because there were so many goals in the end there were 16 goals and i'll just say that what's happening here I can't see that customers are the way back right back oh yeah Archie had to pass it back to me a bit of a risk but I kept our composure like Coco the clown brother friendly been great pals back to Erin Erin to Benji Benji keeps a bull then let's barber talked over the positive Rafe racing good skill good shot good save so who's this billingshurst on the attack again by on what looks like it then nothing happens there Harry barber to me they know no I'm stealing gold right billingshurst went on the tack and they scored yeah that's pretty close yeah the keeper managed to get to that I was quite unlucky so yeah I'll she attempted to take a touch there it did go to our attacker I can't see very well too because Benji who's the sub was recording this and he oh yeah I was good shot my father but basically he was sitting down basically but thank you very much too Benji for recording the clips uh-oh here comes them that was appalling from me I even admitted it to my teammates I said I'm sorry about that goal that was so bad so yeah I'm sorry I have to even show that on youtube please do not reward to look at it again keith has got the ball again I am shown in the camera for pretty much one of the first times with my new boots if you can see in the bottom right Alan trying to outmuscle trying to put a tackle in he sort of sweats it across the goal but they don't get to it I'm trying to control my defense but I defense pretty shaky at times Vincent doesn't stay on their striker I looked of it piper gets clearance away but then it goes to their left mid I think left wing left mid oh here comes billingshurst on the attack but then Zach managed to get onto it tackle them then there comes barber who plays in the new plays and Rafe Rafe Rafe is controlling it he's got a lot of pay so he can easy to get past them he keeps going get to cross in but that doing sighs defender manages to clear it away so his Rafe again I think pass it back to Erin Erin who has the ball now pulse it back to Rafe Rafe taking a few touches getting another cross in Zach was a very good chance barber hits the post it was from sickest but then we managed to put up my goal after barber had finessed it so we scored halftime ridiculously high score for them I'm ridiculously low school for them for our sorry so here comes halftime kickoff second half kickoff so when keepers put their hands up and already open again so billingshurst watching quite a good team they had quite a strong defense Pacey strikers even though we had quite Pacey players up front me a race Zack and me and Freddie Here Come billinghurst again they put the ball and back in the net again in the second half I went up front because I wanted to have a few shots at goal so here's bother getting past them he comes to me but I I dental was doing there to be completely honest I know what I was doing I gave them the ball then I decided to make up for I try and hurt tackle and I got the ball till I pass it to race that's right for the ball I asked him to pass it back to me that he didn't until right now I think I had to go to put it in sac guys i will say that was not a shot vincent freddie was recording that bit so that's why there's a city video oh that panel though that panel i'm benjy number two so there's Rafe trot is he going to play through ball to me at all almost they try to clear it over there but then yeah then they just clear it it's our throwing I'm trying to make a few runs Rafe puts the ball in but it's straight at the keeper keeper comes out he's waiting for everyone to go then he boots it up the pitch and hopes for the best Archie with a good header to barber barber scoffs up his past sorry that I had to say that Vincent played really well in this game actually he put some good booze up to Zach he got some good tackles in so did Zach and his Vince I just thought one or two zoom in on them it's just a joke so then that gives it to Vincent it runs on to it and then decides to throw it throw in what he's ready of course come on then barbour takes two touchdown then bother takes a shot very close great save and then he manages to boot it away I'm with a touchdown for me then you did not see that you saw the skill but not you did not see the shot I close my eyes and so some of some reason to go click anyway Zach let's touch on it but then he got a touch on it something else our throwing which was a bit lucky but Spurs are lucky so why can't we be lucky Benji has the ball but then they clear it then Vincent as yet another throwing to deal with throws it to their player then they get the ball Vincent with a brilliant tackle mugs that person off passes it there and then almost like a volley over than for Zach Zach then comes on the wing crosses it in I don't know what doing there that have been amazing if it's like the gyroscope Ian kick goal but then he clears it out Vincent again has another go fastening the attack but he didn't do anything there Aaron backing up out Archie there for some help he tries to clear it come to the billingshurst the midfield so then here comes me on the pressure but it didn't really work so them that's defender blizzard out Zach attempts to get the ball Benji does as well Aaron comes out passes it to me no Rafe sorry then is he gonna pass it okay then it comes to then it comes to the goalkeeper but I ran onto it lovely through-ball to sac and what a finish from Zach that was probably one of the best goals we've ever scored but the score was something like 51 by then we're apologize for not getting all of the goals we did actually I'm problem because we didn't actually know who was going to recall it so the person who the people who were recording this video were actually our subs so whilst they were doing nothing they just helped me by recording some clips so also just quickly saying thank you to Vincent Benji and Freddie very thank you very much for you guys for recording these clips lifesaver as I really wanted to upload this and now I'm able to anyway so billingshurst then get ball again I Aaron with few skills but then it goes there play rotos but tackling but doesn't work then I just decided why not go on a defensive run try to outpace them Piper who was our defender who did become the goalkeeper whilst I went up from here the standing goal with a brilliant scout yeah Brent catch and the safe but then here comes billingshurst again that's Benji passes it to barber deflection which goes to them well no it was put into a tackle that just watch this guy's just watch this okay great one by Rafe great goal however I wait it was they called it for offside but if you look back at that again guys please scroll back I stopped it full for where he was actually on side I even I I saw it back in slow-mo and it and he was on waivers on side that I left that for Rafe because he called for it then i put a little flick on to Rafe Rafe with another running good goal what an assist from me that little flick over and then ray for the beautiful finish over the keeper and into the bottom right right Vincent with the throne there was that a poor pass I'm not even sure probably was but then barber put some of his muscles into it and gets the ball lovely through-ball to Zach what does he do here I kind of remember he should have scored that to me I did ask for him to but then they got the goal but thanks guys for watching don't forget to Like comment subscribe and see you in the next video please subscribe I'm trying to reach 100 subscribers by 2018 see ya [Music] internet of things books 2017 York College, City University of New York.

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