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Write for me capstone at vallagio yelp

Write for me capstone at vallagio yelp phd research topics in human resource management in india good reports on lexapro ´╗┐ladies and gentlemen welcome to the stage mr. Rick Pitino thank you and welcome to Louisville we appreciate everything that you do and what you're all about this morning I had four practices in between class time for the players then came back and spoke to another group then came it had an afternoon evening practice and then came back and someone asks are you tired I said no because I learned something a long time ago I was spoken I was speaking to a group of young people and we had a Q&A at the end and they asked me an interesting question they said if you were 21 back in college knowing what you know today what would you tell us and I thought that was a great question I said I wish I had tomorrow's newspaper to tell you some of the things that would go on in the future but in terms of the past and what I would learn I give you a quick synopsis of what I believe that every time you go to work what I call it my job between the lines that you've got to be passionate and positive and it started for me in a different realm altogether than you see I grew up with tall buildings on the east side of Manhattan no grass very little greenery but I had a dream come true at a young age I was named the head coach of the New York Knicks the team I rooted for as a child and I was so excited I'm so passionate so positive and then we're gonna snap 30 30 games into the season we're gonna snap the Boston Celtic home consecutive victory record of 31 we won 30 straight games at Madison Square Garden and the year prior to that two years prior they won 23 and 24 games so this was a great moment and we're playing the Los Angeles Lakers just came back from a West Coast trip will we played Seattle Phoenix LA came back Chicago Milwaukee came home won three out of five and we were in first place to driver I lived out in the country and the driver picked me up and said coach he looked terrible I said was a long road trip Walter but I'm so fired up tonight we're gonna snap the Celtics streak of 31 consecutive victories he said well look close your eyes we got a 45-minute Drive when we get close I'll wake you up would you like to listen to some music sure Walt anything you'd like hey coach you want to listen to the hottest thing out let's say what's that he said WFAN ball sports talk radio now remember this is about 30 some odd years ago I said well what do they do well they call in coach they're always speaking about you so I say you know what Walter everybody likes to hear some nice words once in a while yes should turn it on first caller now remember we're in first place 30 in a row go ahead Vinny from Bensonhurst you're on the fan hey the coaching of Knicks Pitino yeah first place right no they should be they should fire him right away the players are gonna have no legs for the playoffs he presses too much immediately I woke up I put my neck on the front seat I said Walter did he say I should be fired he said he did coach next caller Mike from Bay Ridge go ahead you're on the fan I couldn't agree with Vinny more they should wait too many three-point shots they should fire the coach now well I couldn't believe what I was hearing and I said to Walter to just go on every day he said actually coach they're pretty good to you you should hear what they say about the jet and giant football teams the head coaches and their wives so it was the first introduction for me into the negative cynical world and for the next two weeks because in New York you're always stuck in traffic I listen to when I later coined the fellowship and a miserable all these cynical negative people and I noticed one thing that happened to me listening to this for a half hour I got out of the automobile and I felt that I didn't like what they were saying about other coaches what they were saying about me no different than what you have to go through sometimes on Facebook or other social medias that's what you go through today you see the cynics you see the negative people well I said that's it I wasn't going to work in an upbeat positive mood ready to attack the Dave's problems ready to make my team better between the lines so now for 30 plus years I never again turned on talk radio ever again I turn away and turn off and and totally tune them out cynical negative people I surround myself with upbeat positive people because it raises the tide tremendously so that would be my first piece of advice to you if I was your age turn out the negative turn off the cynical turn on the upbeat positive people and surround yourself with those people because they raise up everybody's abilities the second thing I would talk about is about a book I've just written it's been out three weeks now call one day contract see two years ago we lost an NCAA game got upset by a local school called Morehead State and they deserved the victory we lost our best player up a few points with eight minutes to go he broke his ankle and they upset us and I thought for the first time about stepping out of the game I love my passion and go into broadcasting I had a good run and I thought about it and said you know what I'm letting a loss get me down and I'm running from the challenges that lie ahead I rationalized by saying I'm still going to be in it I'll go into something else because of failure all of you are going to fail how do you treat failure failure is fertilizer to help future future things grow in your lifetime don't worry about the adversity handle it with courage it's fertilizer you're going to bail but you must learn from it and grow even better from it so I decided to change and rebrand myself by writing this book it all started with a group of guys Wall Street financial brokers around a table after a game and I was the Nick coach and it came across the ticker that a player from the Atlanta Hawks was offered 21 million dollars for seven years and he averaged two points a game these Wall Street brokers said to me that's what's wrong with your game you're paying a guy seven million dollars for averaging two points I said well it's based on potential obviously they think he'll be a lot better they said nope you see in our industry one bad trade and with fired we live on a one-day contract so for the last 25 years I've thought about that and that's the title of the book and I said I'm going to rebrand myself because I was getting close to 60 years of age and I wanted to be just as passionate as sick as I was as a Knick coach at 30 so I said I start with I have to be more positive every single day and I have a routine the night before meticulous preparation now remember if all of you have one day and today I'm going to try to sign you on to this one day contract so tonight you're going to go to bed and you're gonna have meticulous preparation for the next day when you wake up you're going to listen to music on the way to work listen to your favorite band or whatever group you'd like to listen to for me this is going to sound extremely strange to you but I live part time in Miami and I'm a pit bull pen so I listen to a mondo Christian Perez pitbull every morning I drive to work I'm in there at 6:45 and I start focusing in between the lines you have to have laser sharp focus and you can't get distracted throughout the day because all of you have much more talent than I had at your age so you're going to fall into certain traps though along the way because remember I'm giving you advice that when I was your age knowing what I know now so here's what I have to tell you this is an addictive piece of equipment I know two years ago I was addicted so when I started the one day contract I said I won't play certain rules because I was constantly in the company of other people taking out my phone because it was buzzing off and then I realized I was insulting everybody but then I watched everybody I was with and they were taking out the phone looking at their messages and I said I'm gonna have rules on this one day contract that when I meet someone you're the most significant person in my life I would never insult you by taking out my phone and saying she excuse me one second this message is much more important than what you're saying so I never do that anymore when I'm in the company of people when I'm in the company of people you are the most important thing for people in my life www capstone library com Elmira College, Elmira.

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