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Write for me american college of education capstone experience handbook

Write for me american college of education capstone experience handbook examples of dnp capstone projects for money do dissertation hypothesis on nursing philosophy for cheap ´╗┐obviously we're excited to play and they've worked very hard to get into the season as I try to remind them this is actually our eighth game together not maybe all together yet because of 100 didn't do but we want to continue to build on it we want to play like we've played together some and I thought the unselfishness showed I thought we made improvements from Monday night to tonight especially with our defense now there were times we gave up too much off the dribble and we have to learn how to play the scattering port defense a little bit better and take certain things away and that area but I thought the ball movement i thought the body movement I thought our transition defense and offense we're very solid I thought we got through the paint but again the ball movement and there's so much room for growth you know when you look at it as a coach to understand our spacing and things of that nature even wear more cuts can be but they are really looking to move the ball and the challenge at halftime was to get better in the game and if we're going to build and be a good team then we can't take steps back in the game and it's not about not playing the score what we're going to know what the score is we want to play better and I thought we shot the ball better from the foul line obviously in the second half than what we did in the first we only had I think in the first 15 minutes when to turn over to yes that was much improved because we need to learn that that even a couple of our turnovers there a couple sloppy plays but but the back tips we're going to see that from people like SMU we're going to see that from Pittsburgh we're going to see that from Louisville so the game is always giving you something and it's always teaching you something for another game and to me the big thing for us was to be able to to get the ball advanced which we done a better job of in the second half really thrown in a head continuing to use more of the court and with some very good up so she said was outstanding but some very good individual performances Jeremiah was was not cleared until today and it was great to get him out there and in certainty he's not all the way back his conditioning is not even close because he's pretty much been full court as much today as he has been since he's been back this week but it was good and the doctors had cleared him to go so it was good to get him out there for that did not go into the game thinking that Max Olson would play the point guard at any point but he didn't do a bad job you know we've done that a couple times in practice he lost it I mean this is like I said this is Indiana where dreams come true when you get to max total 68 point and he did a good job he did a nice job and he's got a scores mindset but he did a good job of trying to make plays and being put into a situation that we don't spend a lot of practice time up I thought our freshman guards did a very good job of getting better inside of the game and robbers had a very good week and just continues to improve his defense continues to be even more tenacious because certainly we saw that in him when we were recruiting them and saw the his ability for that I'm excited that he got to play in front of not only his family but his coach was in the back Ryan maribel he got to see a product of his work because you recruit not only good teams you want to recruit great programs and you want to recruit from places that really know how to coach and we were fortunate with that we were very very fortunate with that with a guy like Rob and James and Max and Tim perilla those guys they've been coached so it helps us to shrink their learning curve a little bit but all in all we improved in the game with our largest lead with just under two minutes to go and I thought for the most part our guys didn't play the score and they plan to improve and and guys came in even at that's five minute mark and and try to do the right things and I'm excited about that something for us to build on first question Justin you talked about Maximus boring but he had nine rebounds two I mean how much since you guys have gotten there not much better has he gotten in that area just going to the boards and how good can t be another what we felt he could be a good rebounder we felt he could move on without the ball when we recruited him certainly a shooting get your attention but but he's got he's got some he's got some athleticism I mean if you can see the play he got hurt on in practice when he went to just absolutely rear it back and try to dunk on hunter you see his athleticism and he's just going to get better and better he's right in there with Rob's Robin James and how hard they work week we have walked through today and we're working some of the other guys out when we're done and there goes Robin and James and Max right two ball handling drills you know that that's that's the legacy than a victor on the depo leaves in the program and and those guys really want to get better and and what I like about all of them is in this case with max Easy's is little loose and carefree he's a fine young man but at the same time he very very serious about getting better and he knows to play on this team because that they're looking around they know there's some guys that aren't out there right now that could be out there when they get back or we'll be out there when they get back and rebounding there's going to be a key component for who's going to play extended minutes on this team Terry talked about the contribution you got from honor than I both ends well the biggest thing about hhonors this is consistent work ethic in in practice and there's there's times that he looks better than others but there's really not been times that he's not up to par he's definitely improving and I think you can see it in his footwork he's had a very good offseason he just we just want to keep it on truly truly day by day with him because that's what it's been and that's what it wasn't before so that's where the difference has been he was not a day by day player all right he was a day to day player and now he's day by day and that's what we want to continue to build on and then in and then stretch his game as we go forth but his footwork as good as confidence is growing he's got to get even better rebounding the ball and getting it out leaded it's gotta get used to getting boards and let's get the break going and we're asking him to do a lot without a lot of substitution right now so there's a little bit of pacing himself we want to get him out of that there's there's there's definitely a list of things he can do in a short period of time to get better but the most important thing for him is that he just stays consistent with his work ethic in his effort said he talked a little bit about I guess some of the turnovers how much was a team like this that can be efficient they can space the floor do you feel like because it's still young at the same time you need to talk them through some of those things and how much do you maybe let them just sort of work those kinks out again because this is a team that maybe can figure some of that it's both it's both I mean it's both we don't want to be risk adverse I mean we don't we want we're going to run and we're not even running close to look we're going to be able to run that that isn't it doesn't everything to do with the points we're not even we're not even close to how fast we need to become to get up the court you know with our outlets with with the first push would see in both sides with running to the corner you know with getting down the middle we haven't had really an over-the-top basket yet those things will come those things will come for us and there may be some turnovers with that the key is can they improve and I thought the second half is where we got better and again to go 15 minutes believe right JT 15 minutes and only have two turnovers inside of that what was was improvement so if you're going to play fast and if you're going to try to have a lot of possessions there's going to be some that you wish you'd have back but the best thing is when you're moving the ball and you're moving bodies and you play with unselfishness you have a chance to knock those down but give them credit they were aggressive and and we haven't quite grasped how important it is to get the ball out in front yet in fact James was trying to bust it out in front and and had a turnover on that so we're learning and and and James and Rob are being asked to do a lot and they're capable of that so with that will come more growth just like it just like it does for everybody else on the team Alex how much does does Ryan burn give you kind of spelling honor and being in the front burner without that's tonight what we saw from him is really what we would expect from him and and our challenge to him has been to be more physical and and play with more confidence and create the first contact and you saw tonight he moves without the ball and he didn't play tentative tonight you know we want him to play confident and and and but he's got to be he's not going to gain 25 30 pounds over the next couple of weeks but he can he can get lower he can play with better technique he can like I said make that first kid give to give the first contact but he can stretch the floor I think that first shot did wonders for him you know knocking that down cuz he's definitely a good shooter and there's another guy he's been very well coached by Scott Davenport he was very well coached in high school he's a 396 student I mean needs person he's got a lot going in in the kelley school and he's got a lot going for and we'd love for him to help us in games and not only in practice Pete Tom controller becomes for like the rock star on how much he's going to play but every time he goes in there's a jolt from the crowd what are you looking for from him and you get a kick of it well I think the biggest thing to me is that Tim knows who he is right now but at the same time Tim doesn't have any clue how good he can be and it's not all of a sudden he's going to become a windmill dunker and we're not going to be throwing a lot of value to him and things of that nature but his position players very very conscientious he doesn't want to make mistakes but he's gaining activity he's light on his feet and he's got it he's got a sprint a little bit better he's got to run into the boards a little more he's Vicki but he wants to learn he's very hungry to learn and I think there's going to be a night he's going to knock down a couple of threes and and get hot and that's one of the reasons that we recruited him he was a fifty two percent three-point shooter in high school but he's got to be a position player he's got to be a guy that can position himself for bourgs and be active with his hands and and that to me is really really important moving forward for him so that the crowd likes him I think that's nice you know but you know I see him sometimes and I have my reminisce and being a child watching scooby Doo and seeing shaggy you know especially when he grows that little three-day beard of his butt but other times I see a guy that can be could get better and his teammates level I mean his teammates loving and because he really wants to be good he really wants to work at it he wants to do the right thing so I'm excited for us is growth Rick Blackman was sort of characterized as the best shooter freshman in the country coming in this year and yet first exhibition game he had 10 3 thursday at nine more tonight is he developed that part of his game in terms of he's not just settling for perimeter stuff well it's both but we still wanted to eat passed up an opportunity for an open three in the second half to take one off the dribble he sees almost as good off the dribble three as he is off the catch and shoot three which is very unique he's just an excellent shooter but but he's he's going to get better because he's going and we saw some improvements tonight in the sense of putting the ball out in front dropping his shoulder he's got to use the glass better you know sometimes he floats the ball up rather than shoot the ball and to me he's very very conscientious about being an all-around player he takes defense very personal he's really working at that to get better with his footwork and a lot of it is it's not athleticism it's footwork it's getting is getting the details of his feet down and understanding how to play people but we don't want it to get away from knocking down threes but at the same time as he gets more explosive with pushing the dribble out drop of that shoulder and as a strength Cantonese gained a lot of strength in a year I mean a lot of strength so his body's still growing into that game still growing into that so to speak so I think he'll continue to improve and he's very hungry and that's the bottom line when you got a guy like that that that wants to be great it's very serious about his work that doesn't take himself seriously is confident but he doesn't take himself seriously Zahl this or he's all that he's got a tremendous work ethic Rob's the same way I mean those two those two spend a lot of time in that gym and that they're not just in there playing horse I mean they're in there getting after it and working on their game when you have that they're going to continue to improve I thought Rob's improvement in a week just with his head up in the game playing with his aiza has been has been big you know because we knew it's going to come and and now it's going to continue to come against better opponents we know that but he's seeing the benefits of playing with that head up and what can happen and how we can find people and it's at the same time get to the rim so they're growing into their games and I think they'll continue to do that one more question Sam talked about this is the efficiency of the industry very important I didn't even have a look that far head into it oh well I hope so I mean we shot it well tonight we got open looks and i'm not i'm not as it's way too early to start you know i'm in the defensive rebounding percentage numbers and those kind of things i'm not as into the offensive efficiency and things like that because we're still learning how to play i'm wearing two what's our spacing like you know are we reading our cuts what's our footwork like when we switch in our defense so he offensive efficiency will come are we going to have a chance to score points absolutely but it'sit's we've got to continue to understand how they come we've got to get more second chance points and we haven't even begun to put in any pressures and yet what we're getting up into the full court and trying to create even more turnovers we got outscored on turnovers tonight so the offensive efficiency will come the more layups you get the less turnovers you have the better that efficiency gets and we've got a ways to go to get there okay all right thank you research paper on iago in othello State University of New York State College of Optometry.

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