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What is the password for my capstone library

What is the password for my capstone library research paper topics on supply chain management need someone to write research paper on capitalism due soon ´╗┐they had that recognition because recognition invites feedback you know a positive or negative unfortunate with the negative but it but involves enough feedback where we know if we're doing something and we're in for doing it right and I think that's a big part of what corrections or anybody in the correctional system lacks I haven't feeling that there's not enough of that and that's spread out through all the different entities of the correctional system because it's it's it's kind of deals would have forgotten population you know because once they get arrested they they disappear and then you're not reminded of them again until they make it out again but I noticed that some of the things that we've discussed before again I'm not talking about state specific just in general again because both of us still being active have to be very careful but um I noticed that there is an effort especially more on your side of things where we're trying to keep the good work that's done behind the walls and maintain that work outside once they're released but but as again the problem with that is sometimes is that people still hold on to that label of that individual when they went in and unfortunately because it's tough for them to let go of that label it's hard for us to get these programs in better areas because of the fear of what would be invited in so I think now I'm starting to see more now than ever programs that are continuing from what's being done inside the wall being taken outside the wall and I think that was a very big accomplishment because it shows that the work behind the wall is not being forgotten but plus from the inmates perspective of the person get rehabilitated it shows a sense of consistency I would absolutely agree and I think that speaks to the evolution of Corrections about the high degree of professionalism that's needed today to do the job as opposed to years previously you know it we're not operating in silos anymore it's one big continuum and that's why it's important again to have these types of events because it's a really an opera d to showcase the level of professionalism and the work that's being done right and on another note lacked it's also a good a good opportunity to network with these other different agencies because they do show up I mean you know you don't sometimes you'll be shocked but you may not always see people from corrections to MX you may see fellow police officers people from the federal government so I mean it it's a good way to network because when people see the positive from one agency people may want to hop aboard and then that can only enrich whatever is that we're trying to do you know because I mean again you know we this like you said it's not a silo weet weet weet we can only do so much when we're limited to just ourselves we need to have be able to branch out bring in other entities so we can kind of get a wider web and with that wider web it presents more opportunities both for the individual getting released but also for us to kind of fulfill the goal of the agency which is the rehabilitation um now what's cool about this now this is great is that me and you've been having some serious discussion about trying to make these events um you know different like I mean we you know every time we've talked sherry you know mean you were talkers so um we've kind of sat in and listen to events and we wanted to have you know we want to contribute we want to save things because the person in class may bring up a thought the instructor whatnot but we kind of times running thin so we can't really get our thoughts out and we kind of just stand and listen to the basic 101 and then we're like you know what what about if there was a chance to interact if there was a chance that you could present a seminar or a conference however it would be calling us a conference or an event in which its interactive and you get people who are comfortable in their expertise you know we're gonna have experts on this panel and they're the people that welcome questions like they're the ones that sit down and they want the questions they want to hear the questions even if they don't know the answers they want to know the questions because they know sometimes questions could present problems and maybe it's something they should look into so we you know you decided and we kinda I grew two hundred percent that what's wrong I think this is a great way to do like a what we do now like this training event on leadership and training is a panel a panel in which you have four or five notable people from the field of Corrections both with experience some in high levels some in low-level sharing together on a panel you know having their conversations but then looking right to the audience for that interaction so we can get some questions answered how if it's general or specific whatever the questions are asked but what's great about this is that we talked about how it provides both perspectives you know you got the perspective of the frontline who may have some concerns some questions that they you know may want answered and then questions from the higher our answers from the higher ups and vice versa you may have things from the higher ups that they don't know about that is now going to be brought to the attention of the frontline so how important when you just when you decide to do this panel first of where that idea originated from and how important is it to you now fabs panel well in terms of you know our larger conferences you know we always have a couple of plenary speakers addressing all of the attendees and at our maska event I think we had upwards of over 350 registered so it's not practical to invite questions in a large plenary session but one thing we've always held firm is that you have multiple breakouts for the purpose of trimming down the number of attendees in a particular workshop because if you're not allowing the workshops to be interactive it lessens the value of what's being done in the workshop you know NJCAA mission is very clear it's providing quality training and networking opportunities networking is the key and you need to give individuals an opportunity to share experiences to questions quite often people sitting in your workshop are going to have suggestions or answers to some of the problems that are going to benefit everybody in general and it's also a way to empower staff we're going to talk about leadership at this event and I know again the definition of leadership is going to vary from state to state from agency to agency some individuals are going to feel like they have strong leadership so you know in their eight within their respective agency some are not going to feel that way but I think it's important to consider that all of us have the potential to be correctional leaders you don't have to be in a supervisory title if you can inspire those around you to be a part of the team and to take pride in their work then you're a correctional leader and I think that's what we can do in terms of these panel discussions have the panel of experts discuss the topic and then encourage staff that are participating in the event to stand up and share and talk about their experiences and offer suggestions and that's just another way to empower staff to step up and be a leader within the industry yeah first obviously I agree a hundred percent hey I'm gonna we're gonna talk behind Michael Pateros back for a second but don't worry I'll make sure he gets a copy of this by the way Michael Petero is a proud member and I an employee of american military university so i owe him a lot because he got me in contact with the people that now help sponsor my show which is a big thing guys because I only took this sponsor because they believe in Corrections trust and believe they believe in Corrections because to help me do some maneuvers um behind closed doors that may help us in some positive way again we sometimes we have acted emia behind behind you you know pushing for that national recognition for law enforcement whatever it is it can go a long way because it's an educated voice and then complement that with experience we can't lose when you just can't lose but again we have to be motivated and we have to make sure that people see us United you know we're not United and we don't have to collect the voice together then obviously people can divide us so if we gone for a movement that can benefit us you know we all have to get together because if we don't get together and move as one no one's going to stick behind us because we're not as powerful now the cool thing about this and I thought this was great kind of hey Mike how you doing you know Mike I had a show what Mike before we talked about transformational leadership and the reason why we talked about transformational leadership is because that that's going to be a big piece of what this conference it might say no it's a conference right yeah okay what this conference is going to be about on april first at mercer county college and trenton new jersey and part of its gonna be about transformational leadership and also training we're gonna talk about a little bit of what we believe should be implemented in where we're at with training especially more training with the mentally ill including ourselves in some cases you know staff as well as i would like to talk about cross perspective training but we had a nice great show a couple weeks ago on transformational leadership and again i've also had another show up mic on anam of staff suicide which was great um Mike's knowledge is tremendous but Mike arm focuses on empowerment and and the ability for leaders to transform their employees into future leaders they're not York they're not your competition there their reflection of you so you know you have to look at them as potential leaders give them empowerment and make them feel responsible for the job that they are doing if they feel responsible they see themselves as a team and and Mike was tremendous and spelling that out I want to ask a question and just kind of understand why we brought Mike to the table first off um he is the centerpiece of this conference um he's a big part of this conference so I want to thank Mike because Mike again has a Correctional background got himself educated and now was trying to bring a lot of what he's learned back into the correctional system and it's great because it's education complemented would experience which is in my mind it promotes growth so in this case here sherry why why did you pick Mike and well first of all how did you meet Mike and yeah because I think that's a pretty cool story and then why did you pick him as a important piece of this conference okay again this is a topic that I have been wanting to do for quite a long time and usually the big conferences we've always had a leadership track and it just seemed to go away over the years and you know different relevant issues in the field these days like you know re-entry and and different tactical trainings and there's a whole host other things that just took center stage I was determined to do something on leadership so what I tried to do was identify somebody within our field that could speak to either transformational leadership or leadership skills for you know correctional practitioners or just something that they could bring to the table and I basically was doing internet research and I stumbled upon professor Petero and one of his articles and transformational leadership and you know it was a very short article but it was very concise and very clear and easy to understand and it just made sense so I happen to look him up and find out he was on linkedin and I sent him a friend request and he emailed me back almost immediately and said do you want to collaborate on anything and I said be careful what you wish for because yes I do and it turned out to be an outstanding connection I haven't met him personally but we've corresponded quite frequently you know through email through LinkedIn we got him set up as our plenary speaker he will be speaking on leadership in the culture of Corrections we're very excited about that and I think his background is perfectly suited for this topic you know because he's done a variety of jobs you know throughout the whole continuum he definitely qualified to speak to you know just the values and skills that a correctional leader should bring to the table well he was he was a frontline employee get me what you know so I mean that that alone holds a lot of weight and as I said I've had him on the show before and he really knows a lot about the field a lot about going through some stuff only something he keeps current even though he you may think he's removed from the field I think personally he puts himself back in the field every day because he listens to our issues and he writes a lot of articles based on those issues and what I and I think he's kind of doing what I've done in the past is I've been taking like waiting when I bought my book on manipulation i take theories that are kind of outside in the normal world and i try to apply those theories into our world and i think that's what he is done with the education and and he's really not just taking the theory and said here is how it's gonna work no he's adapting and he's he's not he's making it fit on the environment which is great you know and that's where the transformational leadership comes from because it's not a theory that you would usually see in Corrections but he knew from his experience that it could be applied to Corrections and I I believe in that I believe in motivating people to want to be leaders so that's something that it's funny we see it as common sense now but it takes someone like Mike to smack you in the face with it and wake you up with it and say hey yo this should be applied here this should not be just limited to the outside world and and that's what we had a great conversation about and then now when you have him at the event and he brings it up as a centerpiece well now you're surrounded by all these upper echelon who have a chance to listen to this and then maybe go back and see if there's a way that they can employ this whether it's maybe having their supervisors before they come supervisors sit in on a training you know I mean there's so many things that can be brought back to I always say institutional level guys don't don't don't get me wrong my background is in custody so sometimes you find me being myopic and go but but when I mean that I want to generalize that out of course you know that that's let's put it out there for all different apartments but but going back to where I was is that now after he gives which I'm sure is gonna be a great opening um he we're going to be able to hide restaurant will sit there and say hey yo this is something that maybe we should be implementing and at any time someone becomes a supervisor they get a sense of train in relationship to you know ee ryerson capstone Cayuga Community College.

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