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What is ap capstone research order

What is ap capstone research order write for me what do capstone means phd dissertation blog ´╗┐Ron James who's a great player we opened the show with him before the jpp trade he's fantastic and he's great but LeBron doesn't like the idea he said it's corny okay corny to have a tournament for the number one pick yeah the last time LeBron endorsed something it didn't exactly go well so I don't really care what LeBron has to say well what's the last thing he endorsed it was on stage in Ohio oh I'll leave it at that you fail or you go well he didn't win yeah let's go to Eddie in Rockland County hey Eddie Eddie how are you what's up alright what's up boys I guess the jpp is okay but it seems like the Giants you know show their hands in the draft now doing it a little bit early but if they can make a deal with Denver and take call up Denver and say we'll take the player you want and you take the defensive play we want and then get something on the back end then I would like that deal I think that's the that's where it makes the most sense if the guy they're eyeing his trouble that that's where it makes the most sense right right because to you and I Denver moving up to get a quarterback still would be something better for them long term because I don't buy Case Keenum yeah no III would not be surprised if they don't watch the quarterback I mean let's be honest Kevin in West Islip Kevin how are you hey how's it going how you doing job feeling better good luck everything thank you Tom yeah but the draft you guys talking about I'm a perfectly good I I actually think I'm not a giant and medoras if Josh Allen is available I would take him just because he's got the best upside and as Jets and you know I would take him as well the other thing I wanted to mention is with the draft and just in New York we do you guys believe that if the Knicks and Rangers or even pop Skylanders were in this playoff hunt there would be any or as much talk on the draft nice guys I think that's a very good point I think that's a very good point I think there would still be a lot of talk about it but would think that the fact there's very little going on adds to it yeah but there's also been movement I mean last Saturday the Jets are their trade and obviously today the Giants made their try right so I think there there's definitely a lot to talk about I think the draft stuff cools off a week from today if you know what I mean Yeah right and what baseball star sure if the Knicks were good okay seriously if the mix were good because I know this was out was you know when I mean back in the 90s when I was doing he overnight into the early 2000s the Knicks are huge the illness town when they're good and people would want to be talking about him if they were good I agree with him so I think that that that would there be a lot more talk about that now you still talk about the NFL Draft would still be a big story there's no question about that especially with the Jets and Giants pick at 2 & 3 no doubt about it but but if the Knicks were good yes will we be it be a lot of Nick talk totally great totally agree the KP injury took all the life at all the life out of him because I think even if they wouldn't be this bad if KP was healthy but even if they weren't in a playoff race I think KP playing right would be a big story so you know you'd be worth watching them just developed yeah there's nothing to watch Frank silicate and alakina develop it's not the same as watching noisiest about talking about these three point guards Burke who's been on line should start by the way hornacek if you're paying attention start this kid he's not an ex-con horny there's no doubt oh no I know that but how about giving something to a kid who's earned I live with this but clearly the best of the three right now question about it by the way weird I read somewhere that the mix it's gonna be black there they're saying bladder Jackson that's what I've heard well I saw that report from mark Stein and he's connecting the dots on black because Blatt has a history which deals with mills and peri right mills everybody exactly plate together Princeton yeah I don't know if that necessarily means anything only two guys we'll see I think it'll be a bigger search net than they're probably ship in Brooklyn ship hey guys thanks for taking my call I wanted to talk about tanking so I've been a fantasy football Commissioner for about 15 years now and I used to have a tanking problem until I put in a new rule that said that the draft order will be set based on whichever team adjust misses the playoffs so for example if they're if eight teams made them to make the playoffs then number nine see the number nine night best team gets the first pick you know you know what's funny that that Shiv you know what's funny about that Joe tell me if I'm wrong here so let's say the NBA had that okay the first pick in the draft goes to the first team that missed the playoffs if the Knicks are in a playoff race but you know you're not winning a title right are you sitting there rooting that rooting for them to just miss the playoff so you can get the number one overall pick explain this to me again saying the last team out of the playoffs gets cannot so in other words the team with the best record that doesn't make the playoff correct gets it up that's his idea and it goes in that order well it's funny I in my fantasy league in the baseball league we have a similar thing we have a consolation tournament and the wear of the consolation tournament gets the number one overall Peck so it's you know there are different ways to go about it I think if you're the NBA you want to you want to create something that benefits everybody having the players playing a tournament to get the last playoff spot benefits the fans the owners and even those veteran players that want to win yeah if you also get the number one overall pick that's the betterment of guys like want the number one overall I think the best the best scenario if you're never gonna have it we're like the NFL does it if the best scenario is what you said yeah this tournament and if you win the tournament you get the number one pick and you get into the playoffs exactly cuz you don't now you're playing for something exactly because I think as a fan you may say hey I really want this tournament for the number one overall pick and for the other Knick fan who says hey I want I want to be in the playoffs you never know you're both rooting and here's what I would do to I would I would expand it in this way cuz now you're adding what team to playoffs if you get the number one overall seed you get a first-round bye you're out of the first round yeah that's an option too I was looking at it as you have seven from the east seven from the West you have 14 teams and those last two spots go down in the tournament but yeah you could do that as well making make that make make make getting the overall number one seed give you something for that as opposed to just hold court advantage throughout the city yeah because you can see Joe how much the Warriors care about the number one so you don't care about right now you're right so now you may look at it right and not just them but you're right that's a great point that would also make the regular season maybe the the LeBrons are trying a little harder if they know hey I'm getting you know I'm getting some time off here I'm getting a would not an extra week arrest exactly if I get the number one see we got to get silver on we gotta talk I like that gets you know what that's the play Ernie's efforting silver said we'll see which means probably not robbed silver Ohio well bro the golf course is only about four weeks away my friend yeah hey listen thank you contact Mike to a lungo nation 10th race at Gulfstream 15 to one morning life try to get some info yo see yeah that's out of my realm anyway I got to send v8 I get the phone why my concern is did the teams that are doing it some of these locker room guys are probably cleaning up because they're probably betting against them probably bet against them team or even some of the lower and plays have probably put some action in like Arizona probably did those plays in it didn't of college yeah because you know why you have a lot Arizona no it's a different kind of the selves right yeah I think that there's a lot of guys battling for jobs that's why the guys on the corner always trying that's why it's the front office who's taking not the players yeah I'm telling you I that the idea is that I that's the idea bro you hit it right ahead one game apply one and out like an NCAA tournament one and out if you win them if you win that tournament you get the number one pick and then you also get into the playoffs and and the team with the best record overall gets a bye in the first and guess what the first week of April when you have this tournament we'll all be locked into it right we'll be breaking it down yeah CJ in the Bronx CJ morning guys appreciate you putting me on the line anytime anytime calm because I heard advancing the work who sent you from our giant Island those are the same words to use a breakwaters four or five years ago that's a scary word to use we talk about a quarterback but mostly I was talked about in the number two pick I wanted to trade down but the night right now we're in this in a fabric show I think the Giants always had a problem for last two three years we haven't that's full of tea fairly chug maybe Harrison Phillips in the second third round a couple other plays I think we'll be back in the running again dr. Jim Bishop I Lisa gain the division race I think that if you are set it's kind of what we're talking about earlier with the Browns and a quarterback if you believe one guy's better than the other three you go take him and I kind of look at it the same way with the Giants because if you're focused on one specific guy let's say it is Bradley Chuck that's the guy you want you are posing a risk by trading back because I can't rule out that the Browns wouldn't take him at for why not right you'll be drawn in by the fact that him and miles Garrett on defense could be benchmark that they build around for the next decade yeah yeah yeah that's true it the Browns take a quarterback at one they could want to take they might want to take job it for you're right John and Brooklyn John hey how you doing what's going on John oh not too bad hey this is directed towards the net state they lost another wonderful game yesterday less grana it's crazy this guy actus is making me sick but I got to tell you the Nets made its two trades you know at the time right evident and Joe one was Okafor and and how bad is Okafor that this guy was a former number one pick of 2015 and he can't even crack the starting lineup on the next yeah and every time I watch Russell I understand why the lake is traded this guy he is a turnover waiting to happen or sporadic shooter doesn't doesn't want to play defense forget about if he puts his hand up there would be a miracle okay and and he I just don't understand you know where the talent is you guys said that the Nets have you know a lot more talent than you expected the only guy on this team that I wouldn't trade is Chris labert I like I like the other kid hollis-jefferson a little bit you know what everybody else I mean what soul Okafor well I treat anybody for the right price because they don't have a franchise player now I think when they make the move for D'Angelo Russell they are they gambling a little bit they did give up a first that turned into Kyle coos most at a very good year forget Brook Lopez they were moving them anyway and they took back a terrible contracting Timofey Mozgov they were risking hey Ken Russell become a star and tell ya I've watched him for a full season even though he missed a bunch of time with the injury I don't see him as a franchise player not yet doesn't mean I'm giving up on him doesn't mean he stinks but I've seen this guy disappear way too much in the fourth quarter of games including last night the Okafor trade it's not a bad one for this reason they traded Trevor Booker that's it right and in the short term that they're heard of not having Booker yes that's fine but they basically said let's move Booker let's take back Stauskas let's take back Okafor get a second-round pick and see what happens you know jahlil okafor doesn't fit this system and unfortunately for him Joe his game does not jive with the modern NBA yeah now he's a low post guy you're on a percent right about it I mean you know what if what a miss he's been I'm like look I don't I don't the Nets took a flyer on him it's worth the shot but you know what I wouldn't miss thank God the Knicks didn't get the second oh yeah oh my god no and that's the difference you know for the Nets they gave up very little the Russell trades different because they did take back a bad contract in Mozgov and I did give up a first-round pick that should not be ignored in that whole trade another thing to with that is that you know it's very risky look I know call Anthony towns has certainly turned out to be a terrific player plenty of guys that have been wanted on Anthony Davis no doubt but that sometimes the risk of these one-and-done guys you know cuz you don't you know who knows what they really are you know what I mean yeah and I just think that it's unfortunate it really is for Jalil cuz he's got post moves he's got glitch just especially with this Brooklyn team he just doesn't fit yeah that's not what they're doing and in this modern NBA the Rockets are the greatest example of it it's shoot threes from everywhere on the floor yep shoot threes from God knows where and pick and roll with harden and capela yeah that's basically what they do yeah I understand and for Okafor you just can't get on the court but I'm totally good with it it was one of those deals I was worth the shot finish Wow yeah always worth they're a bull for that man it wasn't a bad Wofford and that's a tall no I think the biggest problem in Nets have moving forward is where are they getting that guy to build around because I get Russell yeah I give more credit for going after all these young guys that he is gone after I that's you know he's he's done the best he can considering you know the way we did the Billy King mess yeah got another year to wait in the next year yeah there'll be a lottery pick and guess what to quote you he better get it right understood better get it right understood baseball season is a week away and the good news is the latest forecast for Mets opening day 56 and sunny Oh went up to 56 Thursday six oh my now it was thought to get there down in business now time the long-range forecast for Yankee opening day the good news is no rain the bad news is the high right now is only 49 but here's a bottom line what would be in a press box for that yeah we'll be we'll be okay let's be open up the window and let all the air come in well but is a bottom line baseball is almost here and if you want to get out to the ballpark that do my research paper on technology management pdf Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh.

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