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What course order do my capstone project quiz 1 patrick smith essays for scholarships ´╗┐welcome to LC sees Public Safety sexual assault prevention and response we're going to talk about some of the things that you can do in your everyday life to be safe while at school at home out on a date we are a law enforcement agency we work directly with Homeland Security Eugene police Springfield Police Wayne County Sheriff OSP FBI to name a few some of the things that we do our Criminal Investigations background checks fingerprinting we make arrests we respond to medical emergencies today we're giving you this presentation from a law enforcement perspective presentation goals for today we're going to share information on the prevalence of the problem provide prevention information give you suggestions on what to do if you're assaulted and what to do if you're a victim of a sexual assault we're going to go over personal safety enhancements resources that are available for the community and we're going to give you an opportunity to ask questions these are the areas that we're going to focus on today dating daily activities stockings talking like behavior we're going to go over restraining orders confidence in your everyday habits strategy for what to do if you're on a date what to do if things go bad one of the ways that you can reduce your chances of sexual assault while dating you want to establish personal rules for dating when you go out on a date or you could have a friend call you during your date you know why something that you're safe stilwell 11 if your date is going bad and that could be an easy way out so you have your and call you an hour in your date and you can excuse yourself if there's something wrong like you know if they're being strange or they're not giving you a good feeling you could as a way to get out safely say you have an emergency I have to go or you just have your friend call you anyway and yep everything's good on the state I'm fine and what about alcohol you drink on a date when you go to the airport and you're checking in your bag one of the things I tell you is they ask is has anybody packed your bag for you have you left your bag unattended the reason why they ask you that is because they don't want somebody else putting something in your bag that you're not aware of so if you are going to drink on a date don't leave your drink unattended because somebody could put something in there and the date rape drugs are odorless tasteless that make you feel like you're drunk and you're not drunk or if you're not drinking alcohol pick an alcoholic beverage and you start feeling woozy and not right then that just means that somebody put something in your drink so don't leave your drinks unattended whether it's alcohol or non-alcoholic use your inner sense when you're out on a date if if something doesn't feel right it's probably not right take charge of that and no know how you feel and make sure that you know you take care of that and make sure you have clear communication so when somebody's being creepy and you know they touch you or they want to be close with you indicate no no means no no mean no doesn't mean maybe sometimes but clearly indicate that you want anything further to do with them can I be telling what are some indie of abusive behavior telling you what to wear what to order making that choice for you I'm not a know where you a salad you're gonna have what I'm going to have what about telling you who you can go out with telling you who you can call or accept texts from emails or rides or anything like that those can be some indications of abusive behavior we talked about alcohol with date rape drugs they may feel drunk at a much faster rate than usual feel dizzy nauseous may sweat make sure you get out call a friend talk to an officer talk to somebody but don't go with them some of the daily activities that you can do and be aware of your surroundings watch when you're walking to your car at night or even during the day watch for anybody lurking around following you watching you taking photos of you have your cell phone ready have your cell phone preset to 911 or our emergency number which is 55 55 have your keys ready in your hand unusual observations a couple summers ago we had a male in his vehicle that was masturbating to females watching watching them as they walk by he did this for I don't know weeks until we were able to catch him but we found out that had been happening for a while so it's important that you report any unusual observations we finally were able to catch him when these females walked directly by his vehicle called in the plate number we got him and it with that behavior it it can escalate so he became not our student anymore he was caught at the UFO actually touching himself and tried to touch other people so with behavior like that it's important that we get notified the police get notified so that the behavior can be stopped and that we can be made aware when you're walking to your vehicle or the smoking shelter or ltd loc with confidence walk with purpose walk with your head up like you know where you're going and being watchful of your surroundings in old time stocking and stocking like behavior we get more than two dozen cases of stalking a year here what do you think stocking behavior what do you think that it would entail being annoying and unwanted phone calls unwanted texts not really getting the hint which you know that's where the clear communication comes in one of the other things we do we have a handout that will let anyone know wanting to get a restraining order how that they can go about to do that that is some of the things that people can do but the main thing is you know they may seem annoying by sending texts showing up outside your classroom but it could be a precursor to escalated behavior which is serious so please report something like that that is something that we investigate the timely reporting on this kind of important by kind of important we mean the last couple cases we've had they've in a matter of days gone from annoying type behavior to full-fledged stocking waiting outside of the classroom waiting at their vehicles this is kind of consistent of their big Savior that we've been saying so you can get an email one day maybe two emails the next day and also in there waiting outside your classroom the next day so the earlier you report hey this behavior is inappropriate and I've told the guy to leave me alone the sooner we get involved the sooner we can make sure you have a safe situation what what is it do you think that we do and if you were to bring us a restraining order we run criminal history check we want to know who it is that we're working with so that's what we do we want to know who we're dealing with if they have a warrant we've talked about some of the things that you can do to be safe in your everyday life we've told you about how the department operates some of the things that we do what you can do to prevent an attack now what we're going to talk about is what to do if the worst happens some of the things that what we suggest is we suggest resisting and one of the ways that you can resist is running away if you can corporal Riker you want to talk about the knife vs. gun 21 feet we tell you to resist but you have to take the tality the circumstances of me you're not always going to be able to resist and so I can't tell you it knowingly that I'm going to have an answer for you in every situation I teach the self-defense here we'll also be doing assault prevention class here in two days I can't tell you when you're looking at a knife or when you're looking at a gun to defend yourself by trying to disarm the individual it's just not fair to you and it's inappropriate I also can't tell you what are not carrying a firearm or carrying a weapon yourself as a right choice for you myself on my concealed carry code I'm a carrier several the officers are as well and we've all trained in firearms so we can't make these decisions for you it's something you're not have to look into so fighting back we like it we like you not to give up the option I like you to keep that here for thought that you're a fight you're going to make it you know fight through it but we can't tell you to fight back you need to consider what corporal Rupp was talking about was within 21 feet usually takes a person that is carrying a holster designed for a draw you know second to a second half to draw an employer that weapon system and that time an armed assailant can cover or an assailant can cover 21 or more feet and so it's a pretty good amount of distance to keep aware of so by the time they get to where even the distance you guys are setting here inside your reactionary bubble so you're not going to be able to react it and potentially draw that weapon and employ it in time so it's something you need to keep in mind when you're when you're going to engage your opponent one of the other things we see is it's mostly females carrying pepper spray mace that sort of thing we suggest if you don't know how it's going to affect you not to use it because they can take it away and use it on you and then you're not going to be able to fight the OC spray and maces all these Pilates are are meant to be a stream application they're meant to target one individual and fortunately with them if you go through an OC course you'll learn that there's overspray there's the area gets contaminated around it and even though you have spray the attacker or maybe drinks from down the effects don't always happen immediately it could be several seconds in which case you could be in a physical confrontation or the person that's covered in this agent and you'll be exposed to it as well so it's something to keep in mind if you've never used this stuff before and you don't know how you're going to react to it we have to caution you about deploying it is if you're having experienced it before you you may be overwhelmed by the agent itself and instead of defending yourself you've taken yourself out of the fight so we don't tell people not to use it were just some education about it one of the things you can do is if you're a female claim that you're menstruating sometimes it turns them off and then you may have to think about it might make them angrier these are just some of the things that you can do and things that some people have done you could urinate vomit it a kid like I said it can make them angry they could turn them on but those are some of the things you could do scream always scream the more noise you make the better some offenders were talked to about what it is that drew them to their victim some of the things that they said was women that women or men that held her head down not paid attention to their surroundings not screaming and not fighting back those were the ideal victims so what we're saying is not to hesitate to fight unless they have a gun or a knife and if you know for certain that you're going to be killed if you do fight back there you go over some tests usually that's where i chime in a lot of the time we're in the FBI crime statistics and so is this the the likeliness that you're going to be attacked in some dark alley by unknown evil assailant is very low it's very very low it's much more likely that your sexual assaults going to occur in a familiar place with a familiar individual somebody that you already know are comfortable with or have been exposed to a number of times either socially or in a classroom or educational environment maybe a work environment these are the individuals that usually participant perpetuate these assaults and they usually aren't armed and being armed is very low on that and being attacked in an alley like you would think from Hollywood from the media would leave to lead you to believe isn't very likely I on it it's not to say it doesn't happen it's just not as likely as what will happen is the stocking like behavior turns into a sexual assault a lot of times individuals that Arsene have perpetuate these sexual assaults are are multiple offenders these are I think the FBI are saying sixty or seventy percent of them have done this multiple time so this isn't their first go-around on this they usually get uncomfortably close to you and then try to take advantage of a situation are you being intoxicated them using narcotics on you or I'm taking event at the situation socially so we tell you to fight back and scream the causing a scene a lot of times it towards these individuals that aren't out to just hurt you we suggest coding for the good stuff gouge out their eyes rip off their ears their nose kick them in the groin do whatever you can to fight dirty to get away we're going to talk about what to do after if the worst happens and after we want you to remember that you're not to blame and the most important thing to remember is that it's not your fault it wasn't anything that you wore it wasn't anything that you said it wasn't anything that you did no means no period one of the things that we want to focus on or several of the things that we want to focus on but most important is victim care we want to preserve any evidence collect any evidence and give resources we want to make the victim feel empowered with choices do they want medical attention do they want a sip of water sip of water is okay give them another space we would never assume that it's okay to touch them so if you're are helping somebody that's been attacked we want to give a warm blanket respect be respectful of their boundaries ask them if it's okay if they want to be consoled or touched don't you know just assume that it's okay just to touch them we want to give them resources be there if they need to talk if they need to cry if it happens on campus contact us contact Public Safety contact counseling student affairs the teacher 911 go to a safe place get medical attention call the emergency number 46 3 55 55 the victim of a sexual assault should not bathe shower brush or comb hair you sure go to the bathroom change clothes eat or drink anything brush teeth rinse teeth touch things of the crime scene more often though the victim of a sexual assault will want to you know brush the teeth take a shower we're talking to you about evidence preservation from a law enforcement perspective washing or showering could wash away any DNA semen blood hair fibers things that we would collect we are a mandatory crime reporting agency but if you wanted to remain anonymous you could still do so that's just something that we have to report here are some of the examples that of evidence that we would collect fingerprints by marsh broken fingernails documents to a March hair fibers paint glass that sort of thing here are some resources we've given some in handouts and other resources on campus Counseling Center the women's center health clinic off his sexual assault support services victim assistance mckinsey will I non-hospital sacred heart Florence cottage grove community hospitals get anything else to add nope think about got it okay you you do my capstone project on communication Tri-State College of Acupuncture.

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