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Wgu business capstone project cheap

Wgu business capstone project cheap benefits and challenges of a capstone project for money abbreviation for writing [Music] it looks great in the background got my green screen blocking my window because the Sun is like bionics super harsh right now there was a second toy but I don't remember anyway so today I'm going to show you guys my apartment this is been like my number one hook last video especially on Instagram by the way let's check out if you have a net so I can show you guys my entire apartment today where everything's from not going to spit you on the intro you might see at the point if you're new here be sure to subscribe there's an airport lying by you use you alright yeah it may be here short subscribe thumbs up if you like apartment tours and let's get into recent first i'ma show you guys just like an overview of everything basically I live in a studio apartment so it is like one giant room for like all of my living knees and then I have a bathroom and I have a kitchen a really really tiny closet so I'll show you the bathroom in the kitchen all that lads let's get into B major so first on the right when you walk in I have my sofa this is from West Elm if you told me a few years ago I was going to buy a blue so about it be like girl no but I think it actually works really well in here and I really really like it and then the throw pillows one is from Anthropologie the other one is there's Oh also my couch I have a blanket answers for me an apology and then next to it I have a floor lamp which my freaking love so much I actually got it from in the Amazon the base of it is like marble and then the a selection like this melt is cover and it's really cool and it's all over weekend description check it out and then in front of it I have a rough from overstock that I got nickels in this go actually kind of hate this rug I think it looks really nice but it sheds like crazy like I own a Siberian Husky and my rug sheds more and that's a whole lot whatever you sit on it and you stand out like your butt is covered in my cousin's it kind of sucks but it's okay on top of it I have a coffee table and I got this from where did I get that coffee table glued on okay so I actually saw this in a store in Los Angeles and it's pretty cool I like it a lot it goes with the copper marble be my guest I prefer love it there's supposed to be a mirror but I ordered this one from Anthropologie the first time came broken and then the second time I reordered it you got lost in the mail so there's a third one all the way if that one doesn't work out I just don't know I think just gonna have to cancel that whole also next to the door I just have my teeth I got that Aleutian chain from Francesca's it's still cute and then I have to put my ability on the door and I'd like it and why you flag over top of it for display next to the couch is one of my closets there's really not anything exciting in there I have a ton of clothes this is like my neater closet of the two the other one is just like kind of scary okay so next to the clothes that I happen to little shelves and these are from Urban Outfitters it was literally eight dollars each and in freaking love them because though that played again what are you doing next to that we have my mirror this is from Ikea I've had it for such a long time it's like the hub a obey I don't know how you say it in the corner I have a trashcan it's also Comfort Amazon and then moving on we have so next we have my bed which I freaking love so much so the bed is from shop called in the interiors click an australian-based Brad I was really nervous about ordering it because the reviews online are actually not so great but so far my experience with it has been awesome it's like a rose bowl oh they still kind of looks gold but like either way I just think it's really gorgeous and then on it I just have meanwhile you Bay and then at the end of the bed I have this like Moroccan wedding blanket that I actually got Etsy shop I will find that and make it for you too because that shop owner is so so nice but all the betta all of the pillows are coming and emoji every single one of those bills actually from Anthropologie and the sheets oh my god okay I am gonna like the sheets too because they're so soft my friend came over and he felt them and he ordered them within an hour he was like I need these in my life that was it you do they're only 30 dollars and then on me really I just had the little twinkle lights and then above it I had neon sign that says hustle and it is from neon MFG I think it's the shop I'm going to have that link below as well they are so so nice I should I sell my side table um actually I have a lot of questions about this in a different video I can you remember but it's worth less stuff a lot of people that as you target attention to what song and then the lamp on it is also from what moving on ahead my window which I've blocked right now but turn over I just have like a few little knickknacks on it I freaking love thank you that was like big big selling point when I expected this apartment because basically the toilet your across the street was blue before and behind it is apart so it's like actually we're really considering that like this is a inexpensive apartment on it's not like a super high level I'm like from Midway and all the wall to the window I have another little mirror and it's an apology and then the runner-up under my bed is easily like my favorite in the apartment right now and I just do I get tired together and that is kind of high up and so I'm like not you stopping really high bed so it's not like super empty under it so I got this rug from a shop called SF dogs and we have them linked in the description I think we're actually gonna work together do it that way just the shop owners so so nice I think so much people are the greater public to do something it's perfect at expressing love so I will have a chocolate down below a few guys updated in duplicate play on the last thing I have is my console table that is where I had lycra TV and everything add another neon life in the same shop that's really really cool and then I stab like some books and like flowers and stuff on it and then above it I have a wall hanging and this this from I think the artist is Britt bass Turner I'm not under Justin sure but I will try to link that as well I just think it's a really cool piece and it kind of matches all the colors of amber oh and then last but not least I have some lights up on the ceiling and that is because there's actually no ceiling lights in this apart yet so the sales guys are wrong I actually got this from Amazon um moving on for you get out of here also have my kitchen and I think it's just really really cute I was just kind of trying to have like a lot of fun with the kitchen the right I have the kitchen is from the Anthropology and I actually just folded it in half that way it would fit kind of like a roadrunner so it's actually this way bigger everybody looks light on the wall I have a map and that is Ribbon Outfitters and then on the back wall I have this little like New York alphabet the wall I mean that I got from Chelsea Market it gives so she's adorable and I just have like some marble accents and stuff I will like type where everything is from because I can't remember everything off the top of my head I also have a cutest plate sets from Anthropologie I'm dying over the thing I really like is the refrigerator I just kind of decorated with like anything and everything I have like a cute little timer I have some postcards and mixing polaroid pictures out let's move on to Africa but there's not really anything super special I do like that it has a big window in it obviously you just have to be careful that you're not like flashing people but I do think it has like such a great view the mirror actually opens absolutely huge channel that's where I put all my makeup stuff on the countertop I ever really cute so dispenser if you consider soap dispensers you retrieved apology has to the sink I have my little toothbrush holder it's actually just a flash made I'll have a little basket I think this is from cd2 thank you a lot of us I have a little back mat and that is from anthropology so I think that is everything if I forgotten anything I will grab it linked or I'll go in and do a voiceover but that should kind of like hear up everything so before we go I'm going to answer any of your questions that you guys had on Twitter just about living in your apartment and if you ever have any questions I want to ask you something Twitter is totally the place to do it and on there all the time so a lot of your corner you can click really loud and purchase sleep I am somebody that likes when my head hits the pillow I'm done like I'm gone so Hermes I've really been a problem I also hate sleeping with it's like super dead silent like that drives me crazy so for me I like the street noise but like I know a lot of people don't but for me I don't have a problem with it someone wants to know what is my favorite part and least favorite part about living in Newark I think my favorite part is that like you basically have access to almost everything like I need to go run errands or pick something up for a video like odds are there is a store in the city that is going to have what I need so that's amazing I think my least favorite part what like I miss about living like not in New York is a mishap so far and I could your I chair but it's just like really not worth it because so just say that I would have to pay for parking spot it's just like not even remotely worth it so one of the other questions I get all the time is is it expensive to live here and it definitely is I think though what you'll find is like with living in any big city it is going to be more expensive but you're definitely out there if you wanna comers but I will say if you are just looking to work in this we'd probably have the opportunity to make and if you're not being far that can help you so like yes is really really expensive but there are kind of like ways to balance it out so no outfit how are you living on your own I think the hardest thing is like kind of getting started living on your own there's just so many things that you need that you don't even think of like I was building furniture and realize I don't have a screwdriver and that's something I would have just dragged downstairs dashboard so I think it's just kind of hard getting all the random things that you don't even think about anyways I don't just be able to be like 20 minutes long even though I feel like it's probably going to be twenty minutes long so I have to go [Music] internet of things trends for money Cayuga County Community College.

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