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Washington monument capstone laus deo order

Washington monument capstone laus deo order rn capstone course chamberlain college nursing writing workshop materials ´╗┐old people old people in love finally there are two Simpsons episodes about grandpa's romantic prospects and by finally I mean produce 20 years ago by TV standards these episodes feel almost as old as grandpa so let's get to it old money vs. lady Bouvier's lover the long-awaited grudge match between B Simmons and Jacqueline Bouvier which is the Fedorov so you might be wondering why old money versus lady Bouvier's lover well obviously because they're both episodes in which auto drives senior citizens on a bus also something about grandpa feeling lonely or thirsty or something like that but seriously though this is a unique showdown because even though they share similarities in premise they are produced in radically different eras of the show old money in down-to-earth season two and lady Bouvier's lover in the well insane wackiness that is season five as always we'll start with age before beauty this is the case for old money ok so I know what your objections to old money might be as an episode you might be thinking it's just that stuff the episode about grandpa from season two and by me saying it's down-to-earth that's just code for slowly paced how dare you but I would contend that at least compared to the other episode old money is basically Citizen Kane in terms of its storytelling it is a meaningful story told about characters we love actually maybe Citizen Kane isn't a good comparison maybe it's more like it's a wonderful life but anyway the first reason why old money is superior is because it has better characters I think a lot of this comes from the choice for grandpa's romantic interest be Simmons is an infinitely more compelling character than Jacqueline Bouvier Audrey meadows delivers an absolutely dynamite performance here giving be a warm and caring personality she and Grandpa have charming conversations together and enjoy musical montage so you'd understand why he'd be so smitten for her the other episode has Julie Kavner graveling her way through an elderly character while the writers try to figure out what her personality is then there's secondary characters like Homer an old money Homer tiptoes the line of being totally negligent and oblivious but also genuinely caring that grandpa was mad at him when grandpa's gonna gamble away his money Homer gets genuinely concerned and swoops in to save the day in the other episode aside from giving some dating tips homer makes it clear he doesn't really care either way furthermore Marge and the rest of the family members are merely supporting characters more involved in Bart B plot in old money I really enjoy how Lisa in particular is portrayed as kind of childish and bratty still but ultimately comes around and delivers a genuinely thoughtful piece of advice I would argue that Lisa's speech is more thoughtful and coherent than anything in the other episode speaking of which that's point number two for this case old money is superior because its story is more coherent which is kind of sad because the third act of old money has grandpa fielding money ideas and then going to a casino and is visited by a ghost but the other episode is just so all over the place it is practically bouncing off the walls someone take away its coffee old money story follows in a logical manner first grandpa being unsatisfied by his family balanced out by his budding relationship with B then after she passes trying to figure out what to do with the money while figuring out how to make himself happy there's a self-esteem theme here where grandpa struggles with hallows family and the retirement castle treats them first they don't care but then when he gets money he's suddenly getting weird rubdown offers you throughout the episode they go out of their way to show how rundown and awful his living conditions are it underlines these themes and ties together with the ending of the episode you can see the care put in the mixture old money feels like a full package overall old money just has to be the superior episode because it's more meaningful than the other one like the other episode I don't care about in the slightest in fact I forgot its name for a moment when researching this project there are almost zero stakes to it and the story therefore leads to zero lasting impact it's just a bunch of stuff that happen old money on the other hand actually makes a point about the elderly and the way we treat them sometimes it may be a little too schmaltzy and corny in its presentation at the end but I will prefer an earnest expression of an idea any day of the week and that's basically it for old money the more coherent and meaningful episode filled with better characters now let's open our big book of pop-culture references because this is the case for a lady Bouvier's lover all right so I think it's real cute how the other episode touts of storytelling and characterization and things like that like it all sounds super intellectual like it's the centerpiece of a twenty page research paper but what the other episode forgets sometimes is that The Simpsons is a comedy show and if it isn't full of laughs the rest of it doesn't matter lady boobies lover is the better episode because simply put it's funnier than the other one I'm not even gonna preface this by saying the other one has better character humor and this one's more wacky and referential the jokes in this episode are just better watching these two back-to-back really shows how things change between season 2 and season 5 the episode opens with a sideshow Mel joke with monkeys playing kazoos and ultimately attacking him and this probably isn't the most random and absurd part it's almost mesmerizing how completely all over the place the jokes are sometimes it bounces around from armored hot dogs and chicken tonight references frozen Charlie Chaplin and Jimmy Durante limoges complete with lawyers hands Bart a Mary worth phone gives a shout-out to the Flintstones and ends in a parody of the Graduate also referenced the judge reinhold but who knows who that is Lady Bouvier's lover comes from the last exit to Springfield school of comedy just putting characters together in funny situations letting them play off of each other and throwing in a few references for good measure it's not a complicated formula it's just supposed to be fun what it's not McGee's birthday it ends up leading to a much faster paced episode always pushing forward to a new scenario it understands that the individual moments don't need to be dwelled upon we get our mileage out of Maggie's birthday let's move on to the Jackie and Grandpa stuff now let's bring in mr. Byrnes and play around with that dynamic for a while look at how pouty and pissed-off Smithers gets hilarious it's almost as if the writers were well aware that Jacqueline Bouvier love story was a hard sell to the audience so they opted to keep things brisk no offense to the Bouvier mitri arc but I think they made the right choice Marge Patty and Selma are much better at nuance and could support a slower paced and character driven affair Lady Bouvier's lover is smart because they basically just put her in the center and let all the craziness revolve around her and finally I would say that Lady Bouvier's lover is better because it features a fun B plot having a B plot isn't inherently a positive attribute of course but this one is pretty memorable and fits the episode well it contributes to the general breeziness of the plot add some hilarious little character interactions and even manages to intersect with the main story they've done better B plots of course but this one is solid and is in the plus column in this evaluation and there you have it the case for Lady Bouvier's lover it's the funnier more fast-paced episode with a solid B plot to boot in a comedy like The Simpsons that should count for something let's go to the verdict so here we are the moment of truth two ladies stand before grandpa Simpson the charming B Simmons and the gravelly Jacqueline Bouvier which way should we go for me old money feels like one of those episodes that does a lot of things well but nothing particularly great I like being grandpa together I like his relationship with Homer and how that changes I also think the episode is sneaky funny and slipping in odd innuendos or just absurd premises the lion safari is fun in it's dumb penis and how messed up the trip becomes I think in later seasons this set piece would have been expounded upon for bigger jokes it's just there are other episodes that pack a little more emotional punch that are also filled with good characters old money is solid but not super remarkable lady Bouvier's lover is the opposite it's basically something that does one thing pretty well namely it's jokes and everything else doesn't matter I don't give one flying obscenity about a band Jacqueline honestly this is just a vehicle for jokes and the jokes are good it's not a top-tier funny episode or anything and probably is a little over indulgent with its references but as a whole very funny episode sensible chuckles all the way through so if I had to pick only one episode I think I would go with Lady Bouvier's Lover pretty close call here but I'm gonna go with the episode that makes me laugh old money is solid in all but I don't think it quite gets there and making me feel strongly about it it has to juggle three different angles one grandpa's relationship with B and/or passing to his evolving relationship with a son and three grandpa figuring out what to do with the inheritance being grandpa's relationship is fairly short and they don't dwell or get super introspective with grandpa they're trying to make a much larger point about the way we treat the elderly so they can't let things get super heavy I wonder if maybe Homer is the problem here and minimizing his importance would tighten things up a little adding a father-and-son plotline might be too many angles for this story to support I don't know because old money doesn't quite hit that emotional impact for me I had to go with the episode that makes me laugh I want to make this decision completely about old money because Lady Bouvier's lover does have a ton of great laughs in it I laugh every time grandpa jumps over that couch and terror or how everyone seems to be perfectly fine with punching a ten-year-old boy in the face great stuff so that's why I landed for this showdown lady Bouvier's lover is the superior episode do you think I made the right choice or should I gone in a different direction let me know in the comments but for now this case is closed write for me enterprise risk management aligning risk with strategy and performance executive summary Hebrew Union College.

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