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Vodafone australia internet of things order

Vodafone australia internet of things order do my capstone uwaterloo russian in deutschland reportage sur ´╗┐flm wide open thinking world-class work and far-reaching results now with locations in Minneapolis Columbus indianapolis in Washington DC a strategic marketing and communications company dedicated to serving clients who specialize in the business of Agriculture and the life of rural communities congressman kurt schrader from Oregon's fifth District thank you for joining us you bet Spencer thank you well for starters can tell us a little bit about your district and the kinds of agriculture in it it's got all kinds of Agriculture or the garden spot of Oregon say then maybe that's California gardens part of our country it's a very specialty crop oriented district runs south of Portland north of Corvallis from the coast to the mountains the pretty much the entire well I'm at Valley so we've got a lot of vegetable crops a lot of fruit crops we do a lot of seed work we have Christmas trees you know quite a variety of crops out there actually so it I enjoy working on the AG issues as farmer and as a veterinarian I've made my living off the land my whole life now let's talk about that experience as a farmer and a veterinarian because there's not a lot of people in Congress that can claim that level of exam we see as a result of that the type of legislation we have some of the problems we had get in the farm bill through people just didn't understand what was going on they assume it's all big agribusiness on my side of the island that's not true family farms are alive and well my son is right now taken over our farm so do you think the level of representation that farmers have in Congress and not necessarily their their representative as in the person who represents their district but farmers themselves serving as congressman do you think that level of representation is adequate I'd be honest with you know it could be a little greater I think agriculture in general has to step it up a notch the world is changing and the consumer is changing we see it with legislation on how the FDA does things the GMO craze that has no safety or health validity at all in it people are disconnected from where their produce comes from that wasn't true 30 40 years ago they understood it was grown somewhere now they assume it just miraculously appears in the grocery store we have to do a better job of relating to the consumer and telling our story about who we really are we have the best environmental standards in the world the best working conditions in the world the food is the safest in the world and we just don't communicate that very well and we need to do more of that so what made you want to take the shift from farmer and veterinarian to congressman that's a good question I ask myself used to be the most trusted member of the community as a veterinarian and farmer and now I'm downwardly mobile as just a politician but no I din it back home back in Oregon I was on the Planning Commission for my little town area was interested in the quality of life preserving farmland was a big part of what we did as urban areas grew when I got into the state legislature again was a big advocate for the farming interests right to farm legislation worried about land use planning that would encroach drive up the value of farmers property to where they couldn't farm so Oregon has actually a very unique approach to that to make sure the farming can stay even in and around urban areas I don't want to bring that message to Congress as part of what I ran for I ended up getting to a point where I wanted to retire sell my veterinary practice turn the farm over to the younger generation as I said and it seemed like I had learned a few life lessons there are very few people in Congress in my opinion that have raised a family run a business and actually had some experience with legislative body and some of the problems you have and trying to get things passed it's not like writing your business overnight so I thought I would be value-added here with my background now in previous terms you served on the house agriculture committee you don't anymore currently serving on budget and Energy and Commerce right so why do you think it's important for I mean there's no shortage of people on the house I your culture committee without your culture experience why do you think it's important for people with agricultural experience to be on other committees as well well because we have to tell our story as you know in Washington DC committees have broad jurisdictions the energy and commerce committee sees about 75% of all legislation that goes to the House of Representatives FDA is in our view the Food and Drug Administration so it's important not only to talk about the production end of Agriculture but the regulatory side of Agriculture and I think at a voice that understands how produce is raised how animals are raised some of the good husbandry practices that are out there can push back on the urban mythology about as I said before what goes on in agriculture so it's really important I think to have farmers veterinarians other people with farm backgrounds on these other committees so they can help tell that story that is sometimes get so written out of control by folks that really don't know what goes on on the land now what can you tell us about those committees and some of the things that might fall under their purview outside of agriculture well a lot of farmers worried about GMO you know is this big craze by a few mythologist to say that somehow GMO food is better and safer that's absolutely false while the AG committee has some jurisdiction that's basically a labeling issue which is food and drug administration which is the Energy and Commerce Committee that I'm on so it's important to have representation on these other committees to back up what we know on the outside of things about how food and produce and livestock are raised so that the consumer can get good information we're all in favor of that but not information that could be misleading and I think that's that's our sacred mission if you will as a member of Congress to be good information lists for the people out there that some of these issues are pretty complicated you read a blog you get an Internet and you assume something's true and it is not and our job is to hopefully be honest brokers refer information for our folks back home now your experience in farming involves being not just a firm but an organic farmer yep now in your time in production in your legislative experience how have you seen the perception of organic farming change well I sure changed remember way back in the day was that early 80s when I was actually part of tilt which is Oregon's organic overseeing a agency really was a non-profit helped write the guidelines way back in the day for livestock they didn't have many folks that knew a lot about livestock at the time to make sure livestock was grown organically and we were cutting edge you know trying to get community sustainable organizations out there have people come out by organic produce either pick your own or we for you and it was tough to make a dollar now it's a great business it's a great adjunct to a lot of conventional farms I have some Mike conventional farmers next to me that have an organic section if you will because they see it is a great market opportunity and some people frankly are sensitive to that stuff there is a legitimate health issue there for some folks that some of the pesticides some of the additive some of the stuff that goes on on the farm that fine for ninety five percent of the people some people just have sensitivities to and organics the way to go and some for some people it's a lifestyle they prefer to have that lifestyle choice and as I said earlier I think it's board for the farmers to be ready to meet the consumers demand if that's part of what the consumer wants we ought to be able especially in America where it's going to be honestly done I worry about getting organic stuff from Chile or Peru or Russia or pick your country I don't think they have the same safeguards we do in this country we spent a lot of time in the farm bill last Congress making sure that organic was represented in a fair way working with and alongside our conventional farmers not in opposition to and so at this point in time organic is getting be conventional and I think it's really good that we have a range of choices here in this country for people to choose to see how they get their produce and I wish I was in it at this point in time my son is actually trying to go into organic cops right now so it's see if he's able to cash in where I was just a pioneer now for the last couple years we've seen different states different counties across the country take an approach to GMO labeling laws within their within their respective jurisdictions it was widely seen that 2015 was going to be the year of the food fight in Washington that there was going to be some kind of a national GMO labeling standard now the House passed a bill regarding GMO labeling what was your opinion of that legislation and where do you think the solution will ultimately lie in regards to some kind of agreement between the house and the Senate on GMO labeling boy last part I'm not sure I can answer it stuff Senate does its own mystical things just as days I'm sure think we do our mystical things that the biggest concern I had as a scientist a veterinarian and as a farmer with the GMO shoe is that a lot of the lot of the allegations were not based on fact and they somehow impugned conventional agriculture and for the longest time I had trouble understand what is the issue we have genetically modified stuff from the beginning of time what was done in the field is now done in laboratory this is 21st century I don't see any difference there it's not a question of more chemicals or additives or anything like that it's a question of gene changing if you're into organics be honest with you that should be a good thing instead of having to spread excess pesticides or herbicides you can genetically change the plan so that you don't have to have these sprays or potential toxins in the environment so I was really mystified for long sigh Spencer what what is the problem with this and I think cut to the chase to be a very honest it's a lot of people don't like Monsanto and taking it out azra on them as a result of this GMO labeling thing two different issues and as a legislator and as the scientist I just really bothers me severely that people would indicate that there's any safety or health issues with GMO food there just is not it's never every study Department of Ag every that's not the case but people do argue especially my state while cheese curd I want to know I just want to know you know I I get I'll buy what you're saying it's not unhealthy and it's not on say I just want to know now maybe it's again that lifestyle choice and the bill that we came up with got to that it actually said all right you know we're not going to force everyone to label GMO because there is no health and safety concerns and that's what FDA FDA's role should be only get involved if there's health and safety concerns or you know nutritional content so what we did is say all right here's the deal will do it like we do with organic and some of these others if you want to know what's in the produce or or if it's GMO or not you can have a GMO label you apply to have the GMO label you have your production set up that way you have a candor process that way then you can get a GMO label but not every food stuff out there that has in genetically modified forever needs to have that label so I thought was a good compromise of course the true believers don't think that was a good compromise the Senate is hopefully got something going they're talking about doing a two year may be modest preemption at this point I think that's a tough sell Spencer without some sort of federal legislation in place to make sure the people again have the right to know and let's look a little bit broader here at really your time in in Congress as a whole you've been up here for for a few terms now how have you seen Congress changed since you were first elected well alright got here Democrats are in the majority overnight we were in the minority Democrats overreached I will argue respectfully I think some of the base policies were good for America everyone wanted health care changed we were looking at going to a more anew Abal energy future whether you whatever cause you ascribe to climate change everyone I talked to is pretty aware of the climate has changed you know we're worried about the banking structures but you know Democrats tried to go it alone and with all honesty Republicans weren't going to cut any deal with this on anything anyway so both parties dug in if you will and as a result Democrats lost the majority Republicans are in power at this point but I'll say this last say the first been here eight years I'd say the first three years modest product very very productive intervening two or three years very unproductive in the cat presses I think rightfully castigated us to some degree but I'd argue that this last year in particular maybe it's because my Republican friends have to show they can govern since they've had both the House and the Senate at this point we've been very productive the Energy and Commerce Committee that I'm on a great bipartisan committee I actually really enjoy the committee I love the AG committee because it was run the same way I don't know if that's still the case but it was a great bipartisan committee when Colin and Frank were heading it up we got a lot done we got the farmville done huge step forward great for my corner of the country I think it showed the work and do the direct payments so keeping faith with the modern Americans consumer about where AG fits in and on Energy and Commerce I mean it's been great we've done some great things on the healthcare side despite the fact Republicans and Democrats disagree about Obamacare we passed a 21st century cures bill that gets products to market faster and yet still safely we ended up fixing the the issues that seniors have seen doctors we just have had some great wins I think in that committee and frankly recently outside of my committee we just had a reauthorization for the first time what 10 15 years to Elementary and Secondary Education Act you know for schools for kids at K through 12 that's been tried long before the partisanship has gotten to the where it is now same thing on transportation first long-term transportation reauthorization bill in 10 12 years now and those are nice wins but they don't get talked about because we're not fighting each other it's not about ISIL or some controversial issue but for everyone at home most important thing I think is educating folks and getting goods to market if you're a farmer that's probably pretty darn important you to congressman Curt trader from Oregon's fifth District thank you for joining us hey thanks Ben sir capstone homes for money SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

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