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Use one arduino to program another

Use one arduino to program another write for me capstone mining chile spa leadership education and training let 1 book ´╗┐ladies I'd like to just first start we're at the second annual Trailblazer series obviously there's so much excitement around it second time around how does it feel to be part of this moment in this event surely this is what we're we've wished for since we the league of their own ended with something for these girls to have the same opportunity that we had to play baseball and that's why it's so important for us to come out here encourage them and just just have have a great time well I don't know what she's talking about but what I'm talking about is I think it's the most wonderful thing since say that word I'll get in trouble anyway it is the most wonderful thing in the world to give these girls an opportunity to play the game that they love not softball these girls want to play baseball it majorly has finally come along and has given them the opportunity now we want to keep it going and ready to have these same opportunities that Shirley and I have it's the most wonderful part of her life and I've pushed into softball if girls want to play softball that's wonderful because I love to play softball also but baseball is in my heart and so many of these ferals is baseball but they've always been pushed maybe you were quoted recently saying that you know it's exciting when you watch young women lace up their spikes and take the field Oh God have you ever have you I'm sure you have put on a pair of spikes I mean that's not that rubber stuff it's like and you put it on and you walk down the cement and you could hear click click click it click it's like music somebody can write a song about that because I one time I went over to big 5 sporting goods store about you're going this everybody says I want a Paraclete she brought me over this rubber stuff and I says I don't want those rubber cleats i watch spikes he looked at me like I was out of my mind you know maybe we should lock her up and I said no I what spike so will her got me a pair I got up and I walked on their cement for quick quick right back so much so much thrilled to me and then I went back and said well thank you they went out the store and he still was scratching his head as I was walking out what the heck was that all about I love ladies we've come so far what's next what what's next in this movement and this you know your future is female surely well what's next is just look what we have been talking about we want to get something for for girls baseball from the beginning of when it started in the 1800s up to now the present and on into the future and that's actually what what we're striving for is to get these girls a place where where they can have their own Hall of Fame they can have their own ballpark they can be recognized as women baseball players and not have to compete with them that's our goal that makes me weak at the knees because yeah it's my dream before I under the ground instead of this side of the grass and I only got about five years left so we got to get that museum umpire school educational center please just like the boys have in Williamsport we need that for girls and we have the facility there in Rockford all Dow as we need a lot of support and help and we would have this because I don't believe that women should be inducted into the Hall of Fame like so many women would like because we do not and we're like capable a biet and the same league is about hitting all these homeruns at all of this because we're not capable but in our own Hall of Fame we are the tops so let us have our own Museum and honor our girls all through the years that have outstanding just like the bed let's talk about a league of your own a league of their own there's a line in the movie you to know something a little bit about what is talking about well I think so can you tell me about that if it's easy everybody would be doing it that's what I liked Shirley oh I don't know there were a lot of lines in there that I liked I don't know right off that that line particular was stood out I think in the movie but of course the no crying in baseball saying that was more fun thing then you know it was fun making the movie we had a ball being there there's so many stories we can tell you about that movie that I had time oh I could think about two hours to tell you what we did well one thing that impressed me was when doubled on who went up against the fence and leaned back and they dropped the ball into her bit like you know she had made that sensational cage catch out there and left fielder centerfield whatever she was things like that that went on and they had a tennis ball covered in horse hide so the older ladies that to wear play of the movie stars wouldn't get hurt so it was a tennis ball covered with horse hide looking like a baseball and that was really something we can we can go on and on and on stories like that about the making of the movie itself but the movie when you say ensuring about ninety percent right she did a good job she really did she showed the few Hollywood's that were in their drunken managers things like that but on a whole she showed that what it was like the camaraderie between the girls among the girls and everything the only one I was disappointed in with the chaperone the chaperone was a very important part of the league especially for the teenagers and the way she was portrayed in the movie I thought because they could've did a better job with that haven't heard don't dirt in her face and poisoning her do you know ladies my last question for you individually is the advice that you're giving to these young women who are trying to continue to believe the trail that you Forge what do you say to these young women when they come up to you Shirley well what we try to do is to is to encourage them encourage them to stick with it because at some point they're they're going to get pushed into softball I mean they come up through Little League and that and they're it's fine and and maybe they get into high school and that but then once once that happens that's it for them and what what we want to encourage them to do is to continue to strive to and if we get enough girls interested and maybe someone will recognize that we have all these girls wanting to play baseball and perhaps someone will make a big donation and we can have another league of their own yeah that's what we're striving for is a league of their own that I'm going to be there throughout the very first pitch when it starts because we have to do it for these girls to give them the opportunity it's a shame you know they have to go to high school practically and drop out of baseball because there's no place for them to play baseball none whatsoever so now the girls believe it or are making the high school teams a fool of them and it's really great but beyond high school men's become you know they develop and just get stronger run faster jump higher or whatever but we are our tops of our level but we can perform and we should have that legal it up do their thing we don't want them to have to compete against men no wait we have so many skills they women have so many skills that they could show off but they're not going to do that on a major league feel against these men no way and there's no girl that's going to hit a ball 450 feet there's no girl that's gonna throw up above a hundred miles an hour so we need to let people know about the skills that these girls have on a against women not against men absolutely I've agree with her for a change it's something that we have to do we have to give these the girls the opportunity that we had that opened the doors for title died but we are moving and if all of us women stick together and some of the guys come along which they are now if they God realize that we'd like to have our own league and especially the men that have daughters now their understanding but their daughter is going through I wish they'd have more daughters instead of more sons right now so they could realize what they're fighting for you just tell me what it was like to play catch with Jennie Finch earlier today oh Jenny she's a great gal she's quite a gal and it was fun Ginny and I did a little spit for Fox News some of the years back together and it was real nice she's a real great gal good role model for the girls very good softball robot do my internet of things home security system State University of New York at Purchase.

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