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University of south carolina capstone scholars housing order

University of south carolina capstone scholars housing order darby senior capstone for money difference between 10k and annual reports ´╗┐you all right I did not film the beginning of this but I can't move my face hold on for a second no it looks like I can't move anything yet everything is kind of stuck to my craft sheet but can you see this concentric these concentric circles this was done from the drippings of this piece right there which I'm not ready to show you yet because it's not dry I'm still experimenting with pouring medium and I am having a blast I just have to tell you this it is oh my goodness so much fun here's another dripping and yes it's very thick there's a lot of paint and a lot of pouring medium in there but look at that well I will definitely reuse these pieces they're not lost and that's why I'm dripping onto a mat there's other bits here and there that you can't see but it's just oh so much fun but this is just fascinating to me it's a drop from this line right there whoops I just touched it and underneath there's like a drip halfway down it dried like that but as long as it was dripping it was coming down into that puddle and making these concentric circles they're just I could have watched this all day just watching the drop drop it was just so much fun okay so I don't know if you remember this trade that I showed at the beginning but this is what it looks like now I painted it teal and the bottom I painted it white actually this is just just so it's not really paint just because it's gonna get covered up with the pouring mediums mixes so I don't really mind that what I'm trying to do not only do I want to create some kind of a pattern but I have placed three little Dixie Cups because I want an experiment to see how like I want to pour everything and then once I've poured everything around the cuffs I'm going to lift them and I think that there's going to be a pattern created here so that's my way of thinking we'll see how it goes if it doesn't work you know we'll let that be so I'm gonna start with white well I'm excited so I'm going to I don't have I didn't mix a lot but should be plenty and I'm not even sure how this is going to spread how far it's going to spread I'm making circles for now okay so that was the white next I'm gonna go in with the darker teal and I'm gonna add oh I didn't want to do that I really wanted to add a solid shape like that I don't see if I can still do that oh well it's too late it's okay so I'll do another one like that I kind of like a scribbly and then I'll do one solid blob here solid one here it works a lot better when you have a spout like this as opposed to what I was trying to use in my earlier trials with Dixie Cups that was kind of difficult I have a skewer here I'm gonna try and remove the bubbles I like see them okay and McQueen it's always not to mix my colors here and okay so now I'm going to remove a cup and I know that the liquid is going to continue moving in these holes hmm this one created some kind of a void don't know why this one has been closed up this one is on its way to okay so oh look how cool this is I love it I love it okay so now I'm going to use the silver and I'm seeing that my white is probably not well done maybe I don't have enough paint but some of the colors are taking over the white I mean it's okay you know but you really need to have a good proportion see this one is not mixed will you shoot that one no I'll probably have air bubbles yeah this one got muddy I think it was because I I had some splatters going on and there's going to be some unpredictability to that for sure I know that for a fact and I'm okay with that whoops taint this one it kind of went Boop that's my cheap bottle but okay so I'm gonna add little bits of silver dots here and there so um I'm gonna I'm not gonna move the tray I'm gonna let that dry because I want the colors to mix by themselves it looks like the silver paint is sinking in I don't know why but I use the same process as all the other ones I don't know maybe it's the metallic that's not conducive to pouring medium I'll show you why I wanted to put the cups in there in the first place see what I did here it kind of like created this vortex and the colors kind of converged into that hole it did the same thing here here not so well because I had to add some colors because there was um there was a big void there but yeah that is the story so far yeah the silver is sinking in I can see here that it's being absorbed by the white hmm very strange I am so tempted to use my skewer but I don't want to mix the colors too much I kind of like these three areas that have been created at the beginning I don't want too many of those but I kind of want a few so let's see here maybe I can add a few elements like that that's kind of cool I think I need to bring that yellow in here though oops also keep in mind that this is going to keep on working until all the colors have taken their space and I just might end up with a total mess but I kind of like that I like the unpredictability of the whole thing this is way too much fun not to play with unfortunately there's a bit of yellow missing here there's a big glob of yellow one thing that I have to caution you about if you're thinking that some of these areas are missing a color and you're going to add some after you've poured your initial layer just be mindful meaning that it might not dry at the same level you might also disturb something that you don't really want to disturb so I mean not to say that you can't do it but it will definitely take a different form and I really really want a flat surface like I want this almost mirror like so that's why right now I'm removing some bubbles that I see there will be air bubbles because I had to mix I had to shake some of the bottles but I can live with some I just don't want to have any major one all right so I wish you could see the mirror like quality of this because it is pretty stunning let me just give you a close-up of some of the areas I don't want to move to tray to much because I do not want to disturb the natural course of these colors the beauty of this is that it's going to take a totally different look once it's dry let me see if I can zoom in without disturbing too much so this dip here was created by one of the cups when I did Dixie Cups that I had upside down and then I took a skewer and I ran over some of these paints like I mix them a little bit in this corner there's a bit of yellow missing but it doesn't matter I'm okay with that or some white maybe but it's too late now to add some more colors and I can see that my white was not mixed properly as you can see here because you can see some of the transparency of the mediums showing through like the white is being separated and that's because it wasn't mixed properly or it was lacking paint so it's you know it's it's a it's in a kind of quiet science I guess eventually I'll get it right but for the most parts I'm quite happy with it but I think definitely my white was not the paint was not strong enough so that's what it looks like and I will show you the fully dried tree I guess in the morning so I do apologize this video was supposed to be up on Monday um it won't be it'll be up on Tuesday okay I'm not gonna lie I'm a little bit disappointed this is the next morning and I just touched an area it's not dry so I created kind of like a little mini Mount Fuji so I'm not gonna touch it anymore I am very disappointed with the white mm sorry the white mix and I think it's because I did not put the same ratio of paint for pouring medium I need to experiment more but I also need to come up with a formula with different types of paints I think now I know a little bit more about how much to put and I'm really glad that I bought these bottles that have the measurements on this side because they're it will help me with my further testings this is attempt number one unfortunately I did not get my my tray oops I mean it it's still interesting let me just zoom in so you that you can see why I'm so disappointed so as you can see the Y kind of the white and this color the lighter turquoise kind of became a little bit transparent you can see that the yellow and the actually this is the same color I think the big culprit is the white I think that's what the bill the big culprit of all this is I mean it's still very interesting the fact that it couldn't bleak off to the side kind of created this weird variation here but that's okay I'm okay with that I love this part here this is my favorite part and I like this although I wish I had a white that was clearer than that more opaque but it's still very interesting I'm happy I did the tree although I need to repaint the sides because on camera it shows us being okay but in real life it's a little bit more blue than the rest of this so I'm gonna need to repaint that eventually okay I'm going to show you another part because this is quite interesting do you see this this looks like veins going through the white I mean it's interesting it's not what I wanted it to do but it's not as really wrong this is abstract so it doesn't really matter but it's not what I had envisioned what I was looking for is a strong white like this year right here that's what I was looking for so all in all though I'm quite happy with the fact that I actually did it that I was brave enough to tackle a big project like this what I was going more for was a blend like this see the white here is quite opaque so I don't know what happened I don't know if I should have shaken the bottles just before pouring or let them sit for a little bit cuz whenever you shake a bottle you create bubbles so I don't know to be continued this is test number one I just happened to make a trade don't go and do that I was fooled by my own experiment but um I'll do some more testing and I'll try to write down you know I'll be more precise as to how much paint I put in the bottles and how much medium I kind of went like you know without a plan really so but anyways it's kind of interesting I like the tray anyway so that's it I on Friday I will show you what I made with the drippings of my other experiments because they're sitting on my desk and I don't dare to put anything on top so it's kind of annoying so I've already started prepping a canvas and I'm gonna do a collage with the skin slash drippings some of them are dots so it's quite interesting I'm gonna do that on Friday and I thank you so much for watching if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below if you like this video please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already done so and I will see you later bye do my capstone turbine corporation zoom info New York State College of Ceramics.

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