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University of south carolina capstone housing

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to the next level and do that one and after that I'll cut it sir filter nice like the newspaper article it's really really love the art style okay Barry as its home Jenny se quoi you know what I mean okay okay yep they should be doing but they're not doing Oh let's handle this alrighty got a place in second or higher I hope I can do it I think I can do it I think I can do it Ricky Tracy's in Mexico and Canada he's moving on to the next leg of the race in the red boost highway yes went on a hand your dad killed a mere to help in this task diners are encouraged to study the most popular tire treads good luck Mick and good luck hungry matron I'm going ahead and I'm trying to get these missions done first because this level is not very forgiving really really is this level is hard I mean a quarter the police treat it was 1911 Thurman that's for sure however be careful not to point this out he won't i was in trick I don't know how I can't turn around and I didn't take the extra coverage now enough about me let's talk about you you're not driving oh come on stupid rocket launcher from the side see when you put these will place grenades right here and here's a boost keep their boost perfection here we go to come on come on come on come on come on damn it I don't know if I've said this before I probably did but I still think also Schwarzenegger still probably one of the best action heroes of all time warner like I think I said that before though be real being real just me all right here we go yeah I get that booster I'll of getting boosters in racing rules they're just beautiful that was my bomb that nobody ran into that's great I only got one racer behind me and I think it's Johnny turbine her up I wish I could don't think so Johnny you I got first place on a well placed a homing missile beautiful that was beautiful but I never got the police chief back to the station so well folks I just did what is that four to four levels five levels just now so I'm guess I guess I'm caught up now so I don't have nothing to worry about but anyways sorry for the lack of commentary and the lack of things to talk about and stuff but you know I'm more focused on just trying to get this video up and ready to go because i had the video with all the commentary ready to go and then it completely got trashed so I was just trying to catch up that's all I was doing but be sure next time that it's going to be a little bit more commentary and a lot more funner that's now that we're caught up so anyways that's just in this I'll see you guys next time please like comment subscribe share dislike whatever you want to do I don't I don't care this is completely for your entertainment and for mine a little bit and I'm lovely so I'll see you guys next time capstone project melbourne university Canisius College, Buffalo.

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