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The capstone of higher education for money do my capstone project milestone 1 practice issue and evidence summary guidelines citation of journal in apa format ´╗┐so we're here in the Bronx outside of Alex's apartment and we were coming up to go say hi I kind of got the sense that we were in the right place when I saw this we already said hi but let's walk in are you that's our we've already said hi before don't worry we're authentic here at TYT I'm not going to say that we haven't come in here before but we want to talk a little bit to Alex about you know where you've where you're coming from where you've been where you you grew up in the Bronx in this area yeah yeah so that's great so can you talk a little bit about why you want to be in public service because I know that you've worked on as a burny community organizer and we can see that from the sign out there yeah no totally I I grew up kind of between two worlds I grew up half in the Bronx my dad had a business here I was born in this neighborhood but then I also grew up half a little bit more upstate as well because when I was a young kid my mom saw the state of public schools in the Bronx and we couldn't afford private school we couldn't really afford tuition anywhere else so my whole family had kind of chipped in for a tiny little house upstate and I went to public school about 40 minutes north of here so spending half of my time here with my family where my dad kind of made a living and everything and then spending half of my time more upstate it really showed me how income inequality had an impact on children's lives and how the zip code that you're born in impacts your destiny and so that was always something that I was aware of but New York City politics is a crazy place to be and I never really envisioned myself there but you know I in 2016 I helped organize for the Bernie Sanders campaign and after that I went to Flint and I spent time in Standing Rock and I really felt like we are at a point in our democracy where we need to be firing on all cylinders and we need to be challenging the establishment everywhere that it is and this is my place in that broader revolution so can you tell me a little bit about the neighborhood here yeah so this specific neighborhood is called Parkchester it's actually a really historic neighborhood in the Bronx and it's traditionally been just a first generation community so back in the day either a lot of Irish working-class families that moved in they really built their families here and then that became very very strong Puerto Rican community and now we have very strong Bangladeshi first-generation families here and it's one of the few places in New York where you can actually own your apartment instead of renting it and so most other places you have to like buy your entire building to own where you live so that's what makes this such a strong engine for growth for working-class communities and so families come here kids can go to school here it's very family-oriented and it's really one of like the rare places in New York one of the rare pockets where you can do that there are a couple of other neighborhoods in the district actually in Jackson Heights Woodside Sunnyside where you choose old sewer districts which is also in my district yeah and yeah I mean homeownership I'm constantly being told is the cornerstone of financial success for a family yet especially in New York it's becoming even like almost impossible I don't know how you can't be a millionaire and owned almost in any area in New York Queens you know the Bronx even included it's just unbelievable absolutely the inventory of livable space but in New York City is shrinking but the ironic part about it is that in New York City these luxury real estate developers they're lobbying our local politicians everyone from Congress down to City Council to rezone neighborhoods and so we have these like really big we have these really big luxury buildings that are going up all over the city they're going up in Long Island City they're going up in Manhattan but they're empty right about I think there was a report this week that showed about over 270,000 nets are vacant in these luxury buildings that are going up and a lot of the times it's because just having the building provides enough equity in in a firm's portfolio that they're not even incentivized to fill them up right I mean that just brings to mind the fact that Jared Kushner's infamous building six six six six six Fifth Avenue and it's very satanic has 30% vacancy and he's poured you know billions of dollars into this it's just kind of a case study for how New York real estate has become so unbelievably expensive and in the real estate developers are really the ones running the show not the fact that its supply and demand or a healthy economic principle yeah absolutely and it also goes to show as well that this is happening not this is happening with the really with the permission and with the active collaboration of many of our public officials and that's the thing that people don't understand it's not just permission I'm sorry but the lobbying and the donation exactly that's exactly people think that the soaring cost of living in New York City in Denver in San Francisco that is happening just by accident or it's happening as an accident of the of the free market but really these corporations are providing huge campaign contributions to City Council folk to our local congressmen to take over these political machines to rezone New York City into a place that's virtually unlivable financially so this is a bit of a off topic but I just think it's also another example of lobbying in the city so uber I tried to take uber as little as little as I can because New York City cab drivers were just continuously going out of business and uber apparently spent more on lobbying last year on the federal level than Walmart I think it's completely taken over and seeing the demise of the cab driver in Manhattan it's just kind of a case study for industry and working-class individuals in the in the city being unable to kind of make ends meet like they could have a few decades ago yeah we're totally in crisis and in New York City we've we've had about the fourth cab driver suicide right tied to financial despair last one was in front of City Hall mm-hmm for the viewers mm-hmm and what people don't realize is that uber is essentially subsidizing this and so when they subsidized like falsely low fees what ends up happening is that these drivers make less than minimum wage and the drivers who actually other yellow cab drivers that work unionized labor sure the fares are higher but they're the the fares are actually reflective of the cost of a ride whereas when uber takes in all this private equity they're subsidizing and the fares aren't actually low it's just that uber is paying for half your fare we had this total farce of a bank lobbyists bill that got passed with the help of 16 Senate Democrats it was 16 and angus King yeah absolutely and so you have Heidi Heitkamp and you have all these folks saying oh yeah this legislation is to help small community banks and it's a farce it's a lie I mean really what we're talking about with these banks this was a giveaway to huge huge huge bags and they had the audacity to call them medium-sized just because they're not in the top four or five American Express and Barclays were yeah exactly Barclays is has a stadium in the in Brooklyn I think that they're doing okay there now that you mean any mom-and-pop shop they're not but by conflating those two things they try to kind of clean I don't there's as other their champions the Buster we're on right now the queue 44 is if I'm not mistaken it's probably the only direct line or one of the only direct lines that goes straight from the Bronx to Queens the subway everything else you have to take you have to go all the way into Manhattan and all the way out so this would either be in our subway ride to get from Queens where it takes 15 minutes via bus but the thing is is that the bus is the only way you can really get directly from one borough to the other so it's some it's just like really emblematic of the community overall you have to navigate it by bus when people think of New York State public transit they think of the subway but for outer boroughs outer boroughs tend to be heavier bus users because the subways really kind of designed with Manhattan as the hub so the subway line that was just built as the queue that goes to the Upper East Side it's pretty emblematic of inequities in New York City that that's the the line and the area that got priority with the subway system yeah and that's where we choose to expand and that's where we choose to invest in our public transit systems but it's the surprise to no one here in New York City that we have a crisis we have an infrastructure crisis we have a subway crisis because our government really our governor isn't investing in the infrastructure that we need down here in the city so speaking of the governor he has a primary challenger obviously more progressive very interesting case because she has amazing rhetoric when I when I listened to her I agree with everything you know she's for single-payer she's for anti-corruption et cetera but I was wondering where you stand on that issue because it's it's it's heating up the primary will coincide the same day as Cynthia Nixon verse for verse Cuomo yeah well I think one of the big that we have to face as New Yorkers is especially as has New York City residents is that I think that a lot of our voting issues sometimes is less about the stances and it's more about the execution and I think we really need to have a real conversation about corruption in the city we need to have a conversation about corruption in the state because everyone runs up the Democrat but except for you know some other communities but in New York City almost everyone runs as a democratic but there is so much corruption that we tolerate just because a person put this D in front of their name and we is it's of my opinion that we need to a fool of our elected officials more accountable for what's going on I am personally as a voter I'm profoundly disappointed in the governor's inaction on my EDC on the governor's in action on single-payer on what's been going on with our subway system or his corruption investigate his chief aide for people that don't know was just convicted on corruption charges and I think it's a it's a really big issue in this state and it's a really big issue in this city and I think we deserve to have a referendum on that I really do because it's one thing to talk the talk but a lot of people aren't walking the walk you do my capstone for nursing The Ailey School (Alvin Ailey American Dance Crew).

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