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Technical background capstone project cheap

Technical background capstone project cheap do my term paper topics on technology personalized acrylic cups with straws ´╗┐hello friends this video on biodiversity and conservation part 10 is brought to you by exam for calm no more fear from exam so this with this we have bins towards the end of this lesson so let us quickly look at some of the questions and see if we have got it right question number one name the three important components of biodiversity now as I had mentioned before that biodiversity can happen at many different levels and based on the level of biodiversity there I have been divided into three components genetic diversity species diversity and ecological diversity so genetic diversity it talks about one particular species but even with that even within that particular species you see differences between organism and that happens due to differences in their genes the second is the species diversity where you do not talk about one particular species you are talking about different species but they all are present in the same location now since they all belong to different species so they have differences so the variety arises due to the difference due to their difference in species then the third level is ecological diversity which happens at an ecosystem level that means now we are not talking about the particular location it is not about the same location so it is a different different ecosystem so some areas will be rich in the number they will have more variety of ecosystems some area will have lesser variety of ecosystems so at an ecosystem level we talk of ecological diversity so these are the three components of biodiversity question number two how do ecologist estimate the total number of species present in the world now as I have told before also that it is a very tedious task to expect that a particular the scientist will go and they will they will just roam around in search of new species and then they them and then described them however there are certain methods using which they are able to get a rough estimate of the number of species which are present in the world so these estimates are done based on the species richness in specific regions now when I was talking about species area relationships I was telling you right that if you want to know how many space species are present in that particular area you can do that with the help of species area relationship and that is however of estimate is obtained so that is one brief bias because artists do this so following patterns help to determine the species richness now how do we know how many different species live in that particular area so one is latitudinal gradient now based on the location of that particular region if it is near the equator it might have moved biodiversity if it is far from the equator if it is towards the poles it will have less biodiversity so the latitudinal graduate that is the exact location in terms of the latitude can also tell us a lot about the species richness and the species area relationship so if you know the area for which you are trying to find out that species richness so the equation for species livia relationship can also help you to determine the number of species present in that particular area it's tabulating the data receive for they use plants and animals the total number of species can be estimated so here we are only talking about estimation so this is not going to be the exact data because it is all based on calculation and this calculation is all and it is a genetic calculation so you really don't know if that particular species have these many number of organisms or not so it is just a rough idea based on other factors which determine how biodiversity vary from one location to another question about you give three hypotheses for explaining why tropics show great level of species richness now this can be explained with the help of latitudinal Gregg in concept now as I said that as per the latitude as per latitudinal gradient diversity concept that is n DG it seems that those places which are present near the equator so if the Equator is somewhere here so the place is present near the equator are more diverse un compared to the places which are located at the poles now we have to give the reasons why this is so so one reason is the tropical latitudes remain undisturbed for years so these are the tropical latitudes so the areas or the latitudes which are present near the equator they are tropical latitudes whereas the latitudes which are present near the poles are the polar attitude or temperate latitudes so these latitudes they have not experienced much of disturbances whereas the polar areas they keep on experiencing very frequent glaciations because of which the entire species gets destroyed so that is one reason why tropical latitudes have more variety of living organisms suitable environment so the climatic changes in the nia in the polar areas are unpredictable and they keep changing very frequently so they are not very suitable for an inch so the organisms cannot adapt to such frequently changing environment and they do not survive there whereas in case of the tropical areas they have suitable environment they do they are quite predictable climates do not change very frequently so these are some of the reasons why the environment is suitable for the survival of animals availability of more solar energy so solar energy is something which is required for the sustenance of living organisms and due to the location so the equator receives more solar energy and due to the presence of more energy the productivity of living organisms is more and therefore they they are able to survive here better so these are some of the hypothesis which explains why the concept of latitudinal diversity gradient exists question number four what is the significance of the slope of regression in a species area relationship so let us quickly see what an species area relationship this wants now a relationship that is log s is equal to log C plus Z log a now if you remember the exact relation was s is equal to C a to the power Z so the relationship stated that the species richness s is directly proportional to the area a so when you take log on both sides you arrive at this equation so in this equation which is the slope now this equation is of the form y is equal to MX plus C so here Y is log s X is log a so what is M M is the slope so what is slope slope in this case is Z so Z denotes the slope now the question is what is the significance of slope now what what does a steeper show bottle a steeper slope tells us what does it indicates so the slope indicates the species richness in an area and how does it indicate that now if the slope is steeper steeper means the value of slope is higher so when Z will be large then the slope will be steeper so when this trope is steeper that means if we are actually finding out the species in a relationship for a larger area so we ready for a smaller area the slope is going to be smaller that as a value it is going to become smaller and it is going to be less steeper so looking the slope of the night we can actually decide which area you are looking at question five what are sacred groves what is their role in conservation so sacred groves are the name itself says sacred means something which is pure and holy so sacred roles I like sacred ecosystems so what do you mean by that so these are traps of forests of special religious importance and therefore they have been preserved now as I said human beings for their own benefit they keep on explain its striking special forests here and there sometimes because they want to build houses sometimes because they wanted for any culture sometimes because they want to grow a particular type of organism which is of commercial importance so do to say XYZ reasons they keep exploiting the forests now there are certain areas of the forests which are preserved just because they hold some special religious importance maybe some tribal people think that some deity leaves there and that area should be well protected so there's an the N number of the religious sentiments attached to that particular area and due to those sentiments that tract of forest is preserved so these kind of areas of forest are known as sacred groups and that is why we have the term sacred because it has some religious value associated with it so it is protected community because that religious thing is believed by a particular community so that community as a whole will protect that area so what is its role in conservation now even if it is a small tract of land or a big tract of land at least the good thing is that something is getting conserved so you have more green plants and that yeah you have some living organisms or that particular part of the forest is able to conserve the ecosystem so it helps in conserving a variety of plants and animals of a particular area so even if the rest of the walls got cut down but it is some part of it could be preserved so at least it helped the environment or the ecosystem in some way so it plays an important role in the process of conservation question number six among the ecosystem services are control of plugs and soil erosion how is this achieved by the biotic components of the ecosystem so the biotic component of a ecosystem at a living components of the ecosystem so that binding component of ecosystem which plays a major role in flood control and soil erosion are plants so plants greatly help to reduce soil erosion and also to control floods you know how that's because the roots of the plant they get deep inside the soil and they bind themselves to the soil so in a way they hold the soil together so they prevent the soil from being carried away by water and that is how it prevents soil erosion and again the soil is something which is porous so it has pores in it so because of which what happens during floods a lot of water passes through those pores of the soil so the the roots make the soil porous and these porous oil help to control floods and again since roots hold the soil in a very tight way therefore it prevents the soil from clean carried away by flowing water and that's how it prevents soil erosion so basically roots of the plant play a very important role in enriching soil by preventing soil erosion and also by making the soil porous because of which floods can be controlled so with this we have reached towards the end of this lesson conservation of biodiversity and I hope this lesson would help you so see you all in the next lesson thank you please visit to her youtube channel for latest updates thank you once again capstone church london Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Greenwich Village.

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