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Tapstone energy okc

Tapstone energy okc write for me capstone projects denver edit thesis on gender equality due tomorrow ´╗┐when you look at the drivers of FinTech adoption amongst financial institutions there are a few different things that aren't the table in terms of white or so focused on finding things like cost reduction increasing consumer as centricity in terms of what consumers want from France institutions and increasing regulation and responding to that so there are loads of drivers out there for FinTech adoption so it's not going away and really there's an opportunity for and at the moment a stake a claim within the European and global context as a FinTech hope a place where there's a lot of innovation and a lot of FinTech activity when we look at from a from a sort of a recent history perspective we have a great record in terms of dealing with foreign direct investment and the benefits that it can bring when you look at the Irish landscape overall we have a great sports crossroads of innovation between financial institutions and technology companies that are based in Dublin and across the country to an increasing degree so we've a great history there in terms of being able to leverage off that the FDI investment and take it and develop an indigenous industry off the back of it as well so really we've we've a great opportunity there at the moment to try and create that vibrant Irish ecosystem in the FinTech space in terms of challenges that we face there are a few challenges out there and we have increasing I suppose competition on a global scale in terms of how we're perceived and who are the key FinTech players so you have jurisdictions like the US with East and West Coast activity in the FinTech space Singapore and in any in an EU context Luxembourg and the UK and in particular London all trying to stake a claim as as a preeminent FinTech location so we have a lot of international competition and also we've we've challenged because of the pace of change in the industry overall so if we look at and the emerging technologies that are there for example in the payment space is payments the best place to pay a bash or his payments actually sort of oversaturated already is an area of innovation and should we be looking at different areas like robot voice or blockchain so trying to keep up with that pace to change and work out where to place your bet is another challenge that we face from a skills perspective I think that Ireland across technology broadly does face a skill shortage in a Skills Challenge and if we look at the response to that that can take a couple of different forms in terms of the short term and the medium to long term from a short term perspective I think we'll be forced to look overseas and try and bring in skilled talent and that's happening already in terms of with a lot of people traveling from across Europe to relocate to Dublin and I think to facilitate that we need to look at a flexible and speedy work visa program for people traveling from torre de tu and also some potentially some further changes to our income tax regime to make Ireland an attractive place for them to move to and to live and work here I think also as well we have an opportunity with the IFS 2020 strategy and the development of an NFS brand for Dublin and for Ireland as part of that to Train packaged up and promote Ireland is a great place to live and work I think in the longer term we need to be able to define what are the the necessary skills that we need in the tech space and in FinTech in particular and for tech and FinTech to come together and define those and then go out and try and work with educational institutions universities or other educational institutions to try and develop programs that will meet that demand over time yeah in terms of supports for our own FinTech startups I think have been some welcome things in the last 12 months on the positive side we've seen the formation of intake and payments association which would be a great benefit to the industry in terms of giving the industry a voice with government and regulation sort so that's been very helpful I think the review of the the IFS 2020 strategy and the FinTech actions within that again has been helpful in trying to keep up government momentum in the space and the work to the ein idee a are doing in the hall promoting indigenous and FDI investment has been helpful as well also the recent European financial forum in Dublin Castle in January again was good in terms of promoting Ireland as a FinTech Frances services location so some some positives in the last 12 months in terms of things that we need to focus on I think there are challenges first in terms of regulation in terms of funding for startups in scaling companies encouraging entrepreneurship and encouraging incubation and acceleration and the partnership between large-scale financial institutions and fintechs and we've a lot to learn from what's happening internationally in that space if you look at some of our closest competitors like the UK they have a number of different actions that they've taken across those headings recently that we could potentially learn from in the regulation space Chancellor Osborne has said that he will issue 15 retail banking licenses to challenger banks before 2020 that's quite a big statement by the UK in terms of trying to disrupt and and look at banking in a different way so that's something that potentially we could focus on here in terms of our response to regulation underfunding and in increasing entrepreneurship agenda the UK have also looked at capital gains tax reliefs for entrepreneurs so they have a 10 million pounds lifetime capital gains tax exemption for entrepreneurs and gains from their own companies and they've announced in the recent budget that are going to extend that investing to investors who invest into scaling companies so that'll really promote their investment agenda broadly across the UK and that's a really interesting question in terms of the response we've seen to a recent PwC global FinTech survey we globally ran the survey in December of 2015 in January of 2016 and we'd over 500 respondents from financial services institutions and fintechs in 45 countries one of the questions in the survey focused on and the threats that companies felt from from fintechs and emerging technologies and over 83% respondents indicated that they felt that a significant part of their business could be disrupted or taken away by a standalone FinTech by 2020 we hope to launch our Irish a slice of the survey data in April so please keep an eye out for the Irish data in that respect and would be launching a time soon but what was interesting on a global level was that that FinTech and disruption is really a key area of focus for for c-suite executives and the challenge for them is around how to identify what technologies of what companies can really make an impact on their business and that's a challenge given that there's so much information out there at the moment so we've been working with our clients using a couple of techniques and tools we have in PwC to train had them to deal with that one of those is did and all of our strategic consulting tool which takes a sort of broad brush approach you're trying to identify the technologies that can impact on different elements of financial services and the other sort of part of our our consulting suite that that knits nicely with that is our innovation workshop program where we take financial institutions out to meet with FinTech companies so that there's a version of it that runs in in Silicon Valley in the US where we take institutions and execs over there for an intensive treat a program where they meet with fintechs to try and understand their technologies and come up with business use cases and prove four concepts for those technologies in their businesses in terms of interaction within text and trying to foster new technologies there are probably a couple of challenges there I suppose the first one is really how to engage with syntax and we've seen our clients take a couple of I'm sorry a few different approaches to that one of them has been just to go out and buy you to technology or buddy to FinTech itself and to be honest with you that's really far lower the fashion recently because our clients have found that when they bought a technology or about the company when they tried to integrate it into our existing larger scale institution they really lost the innovation and that they lost a piece of culture and fair enough they had the technology but that was it and things sort of withered away after that so they've looked at different approaches after back of that so some claims have set up a venturing arm which goes so to invest in fintechs and tres Catorce them in that way others have set up bespoke smaller subsidiaries to interact with fintechs order a subset of the larger organization and potentially that can sort of move into running an accelerator or an incubator for fintechs as part of that bespoke operation and then some clients are just trying to take on the really big challenge of how to just develop an innovative culture within their own organization which can be reach really challenged given this the sky size and scale of some of those what's worked well it's probably a little bit of everything so you take a little bit of all the pieces and try and put it together as best you can for your organization once you've worked out how to do that there are different operational challenges so things like IT security systems integration regulation data protection all those those types of issues train so trying to merge them together in an operational sense again can be a challenge but I think if we look back to what are the drivers of FinTech adoption so things like the cost control greater access to data transparency for customers then feeling more in control of drone transactions and greater speed to those transactions there are loads of emerging technologies out there that can help with that so if you look at technologies like blockchain in the in the in the transaction space in terms of increase in the speed of transactions and transparency and if you look at things like Robo advice which will give customers a greater impact and greater control over their own investment decisions or their own purchasing decisions in the in areas like insurance so there are there are loads of emerging technologies out there that will address that the drivers of FinTech adoption and consumer needs and it's just really having the the awareness of what technologies are out there how best to integrate them they're the challenges high school senior capstone project ideas Institute of Fine Arts.

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