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Surgical capstone project examples online

Surgical capstone project examples online health capstone topics up the yangtze movie review [Music] welcome to the give-and-go my name is Tim and thank you for coming back for episode 2 of our 32 432 series as we look at all the different teams the NFL their offseason priorities and what they have to do this offseason today we're looking at the New York Giants New York Giants that went 3 and 13 this past season and even though they were my Superbowl pick and to get to the Super Bowl for the NFC they highly disappointed throughout the entire season let's go ahead and look at the New York Giants but first I have to I have to talk about one of the biggest news stories that broke yesterday with Josh McDaniels decide not to coach Indianapolis Colts and decide to stay in New England as offensive coordinator the heir apparent to Bill Belichick so I do believe that I will be pushing that episode back until they find a head coach and we see this philosophy so next tomorrow we will be looking at the Houston Texans Tuesday now to the New York Giants so this year they were horrible you'd have to say that I gave them an F for the 2017 NFL season they had high expectations we didn't as I said I picked them to go to the Super Bowl after in 2016 they made the playoffs and made a big splash overall and whose fault is it either many players fault first off it's been not to do the head coach who was fired in November he destroyed and lost trust throughout the locker room it was an Eli Manning versus Geno Smith fiasco they should have played Davis Webb they were going to play someone and they decided to play Geno Smith Eli Manning he broke his consecutive start streak and it was all for nothing in my opinion that was one of the worst moves Bennett back and you could have made the Eli Apple versus everyone scanned you basically started punching teammates and then McAdoo couldn't handle it you couldn't handle the locker room whatsoever especially the big personalities Odell Beckham not wearing a marshal on that team got Eli Appleton Norris Jenkins did they had many big big personalities he couldn't handle them all and better players couldn't step up Brenda Marshall as I said he was one of the worst will you explain he was not playing whatsoever well and wait Harris who didn't even play probably played burden even if you wouldn't have played that tells you you look at that defense defense a pretty good but there were some players on that defense that did step up throughout the year there was no offensive line whatsoever on that team Eric flowers would it is a bus right now right now he is a bust in the NFL use a number two the overall pick five years back out of Miami and he has not performed up to expectations they need a new left tackle this season right now and honestly there was they were just a little bit unlucky as well they were team riddled with injuries that Odell Beckham go on IR with his broken fibula at Brandon Marshall sterling Shepherd Jonathan Casillas DJ Fluker Justin P Western rich burgundy Robinson all missed time for the New York Giants this past season but there were some bright spots for the 2017 NFL season Orleans Darko played well down the stretch and he's a free agent this year and made some big moves maybe he can find himself a team they realized early that they have to find Eli management and it's no question they either have to find it in the first round this year and just let him go or develop someone behind it Davis Webb's not working out they want to go to there are a couple options in for agency and in the second or third rounds of the draft one thing that I think the biggest player that help that for him exceedingly well throughout the 2017 NFL season with ebony groom he is an elite tied in the making like a Travis Kelce like a Jordan Reed like a Grunk like an Olsen like a Jimmy Graham he's really good and he is solidifying himself in a top echelon of tight end in the NFL the core defense from a year ago is still intact so that is also a bright spot so they do not have to go spend as much money on that defense but they do have to perform better now the 2018 they have many changes so far to the 2018 season they fire their GM they fired Ben McAdoo and then a whole new front office David gentlemen who used to be with the New York Giants was with Carolina last year and he was fired he's a great GM he's a great talent evaluator but he does not mess with people he's a no BS GM look at Josh Bowman look at the CE Smith DeAngelo Williams Craig Olson that's passing as well as Thomas Davis all those players had trouble with him and honestly he needs to develop relationships with these players and not try to cast them out I'm not trying to be team friendly with those contract deals and he needs to get rid of the locker room cancers and not locker we're trying to make sure that they have some accountability the one thing I am worried about is this contract negotiation that's gonna come up that we'll talk about a little bit later to the coaching staff they brought a patch Shermer the former Cleveland Browns head coach who really didn't get his fair shake in Cleveland he didn't awesome job in Minnesota this season with a backup quarterbacks puzzling case cam and turned an elite quarterback this year and in the playoffs they beat New Orleans on that big throw spawn digs you know what I'm talking about and it's looking like you will call the place we don't know the offensive coordinator adds them now but this offensive corner is James better he was previously the defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals and he did a great job with that secondary and learning to deal with the loss of town look the Ross plays Campbell they lost a bunch of different pieces on that Arizona team and he did really well with that team last year so to the needs and priorities for them they need a quarterback it's no question about it Eli Manning he's getting old who's dropped in 2004 and that is almost like 114 years in the NFL he might have a couple years left in him but is he really an elite quarterback maybe go get Josh knows Josh Rogin you'd be great for that market in New York you fit right in if you want to if you want to go after somebody agency may be her cousin without a mean that you would have to get rid of Eli not develop that quarterback maybe a Mason Rudolph in the second round my work just to think about it again we're running backs if you watch the video yesterday go ahead it is in the description for the Cleveland Browns I talked about wearing the backs say qualms Bartlett if you're not taking a quarterback number two overall go grabs a core part that is my personal opinion he's the best running back out of this class in the past five years definitely better than Leonard fournette McCaffrey Karim Khan Alvin Kamara he is an elite running back in the making and should go after and what they're not grabbing a quarterback in that first round and again they need an offensive tackle to go protect whoever the quarterback so the one who couldn't contract negotiation I'm gonna talk about right quick is a Beckham negotiation you know odo Beckham he is by far one of the top three wide receivers in the NFL right now boyo Jones Antonio Brown and know about them he's young and he Dave gentlemen he might not be willing to pay him and if I'm a New York Giants fan where I would want to do is either to pay him the big bucks or just pray or because you do not want to deal with the contract negotiation with a diva over the next two to three years and try to deal with this Kirk Cousins thing with the wider scene it's not gonna happen yan'er decide now to keep him and paying the big bucks over a hundred million dollar contract or decide to let it go it's your choice so they also have some offseason weapons so that you get to use they have 21 million dollars and kapor not that much if they free up some capital by cutting some of those older veteran players that don't belong maybe and they only have three picks in the top earner they have the second overall pick the 34th pick in the 66 so thanks for tuning in today 2:30 to 4:30 to on the give-and-go tomorrow we'll be back looking at the Houston Texans and what they did this previous season the coolest Korean team will be on hold until further notice until this Josh McDaniels situation settles down so thanks for watching and see you tomorrow on 32 432 research project report on international business for money LaGuardia Community College, Hunters Point, Long Island City.

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