Sgai International Conference On Artificial Intelligence 2018
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Sgai international conference on artificial intelligence 2018

Sgai international conference on artificial intelligence 2018 do my enterprise risk management framework singapore documentary reporter on drugs ´╗┐joining me now is Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina senator welcome back to Meet the Press why have you haunting I assume it's dark calm I did not agree to do this oh because you're a glutton for punishment sir okay hey welcome let me start here look the president said that Russia was on his mind when he was making this decision how concerning is that to you when it comes to him admitting that was among the things in his mind when he made this decision to fire James Comey well I think we need to have Comey had come before the Judiciary Committee and cleared the air did the president ever say anything to the director of the FBI that would be construed as trying to impede the investigation the president called me about the firing and he referenced the Comey testimony last weekend and the Judiciary Committee about how bad it was so that's all I know but I think it's time to call the FBI director before the country at large and explain what happened to that dinner and if there are any tapes they have to be turned over you can't be cute about tapes if there any tapes of this conversation they need to be turned over I doubt if they are but we need to clear their air there also look let me put up that tweet where the president put the word tapes in quotes so we don't know quite what that means but did did you think that constituted a threat to Comey I think it was inappropriate I think it requires somebody like me a Republican to call call me before the Judiciary Committee to let him explain that conversation right now I do not believe President Trump is a target or subject of any investigation regarding collusion with the Russians that's what I believe but this tweet has to be answered I would advise the president not to tweet or comment about the investigation as we go forward the Russians did interfere in our election I don't think they changed the outcome I have no evidence of collusion but the president needs to back off here and let the investigation go forward we need to call call me and get to the bottom of all this and I think it's time for an FBI agent to lead the FBI when it when you talk about a new person to lead the FBI how about an FBI agent once above reproach why do you think it has to be an FBI agent at this point why not a US Attorney somebody prosecutor somebody like that it could be it could be it could be a lot of people but how about the idea of an FBI agent leading the FBI promoting with within the ranks there's so many good agents men and women out there capable of leading the agency this is up to the president he has a duty and obligation to pick somebody beyond reproach outside the political lane I think he'll do that I hope he'll do that I'm ready to move on and pick a new FBI agent I'm ready to get to the bottom of what Russia did I have no evidence the president colluded with the Russians at all nobody on the campaign that I know of has colluded with the Russians but we don't know all the evidence yet we need to continue forward and protect these investigations while we're staying on the FBI director eight people interviewed yesterday at the Justice Department one of them is a colleague of yours Senator John Cornyn to where women could be the first woman to ever head the FBI it would get a former FBI agent and a former member of Congress let me ask you this in this political environment do you think it's the right time to have the first-ever FBI director who had a political elected political background which is what it would be if either Mike Rogers or John Cornyn were named no I think it's now time to pick somebody that comes from within the ranks or as such a reputation that has no political background at all that can go into the job on day one you know who does the FBI director work for it to miss like appointing a judge the president actually appoints a judge but the judge is law to the law the President appoints the FBI director but the FBI director has to be loyal to the law John Cornyn is a wonderful man under normal circumstances would be a superb choice to be FBI director but these are not normal circumstances we got a chance to reset here as a nation the president has a chance to clean up the mess that he mostly created he really I think did his staff a disservice by changing the explanation so I would encourage the president to pick somebody we can all rally around including those who work in the FBI we ask you something about the Russian interference I later in the show I have an interview with the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson I conducted it yesterday and he he would not give an explanation as to why the issue of Russian interference wasn't even brought up during his meeting with foreign minister Lavrov we went could we go back and forth and not once was it thought of as a top priority can we move on in a relationship with Russia if we don't confront them on this absolutely not I don't know if they privately talked about it but secretary Tillerson did a masterful job in the UN Security Council talking about the threat of North Korea I understand wanting to engage the Russians in Syria because they're part of the solution if we ever find one but here's what I believe I'm a thousand percent certain that the Russians interfered in our election it was the Russian intelligence service that hacked into Podesta's email the DNC to create chaos they tritt they did try to undercut Clinton I don't think they changed the outcome and I do not believe we can go for as a nation until we punish Russia I have bipartisan sanctions against Russia for interfering in our election and my goal is to put it on the President's desk and I hope he would embrace it Russia didn't change the outcome of the election but they sure as hell tried and I want to punish the Russians and I hope the president will see their interference as a threat to our democracy I want to talk about the investigation we're just out of the field NBC news/wall Street Journal poll I got to put up this number here I'll read it to you I know you know the screen who should investigate Russian interference only 15 percent think it should be you folks in Congress senator 78% so that means it's a bipartisan group of people would like to see an independent commission or a special prosecutor do you understand why the public doesn't trust now the politicians to do this yeah but here's what I think about the investigation right now it is a counterintelligence investigation not a criminal investigation so you don't need a special prosecutor I trust Deputy Attorney General rothenstein to do this if he gets to the point that he can't do it and it becomes a criminal investigation will have a special prosecutor an independent Commission takes it outside of Congress I think the Intel committee the Judiciary Committee we're doing a good job so I want to keep it inside the Congress I'd like a select committee where we all work together but right now I see no need for a special prosecutor it's not a criminal investigation I see no need for an independent commission yet all right well you though have called for a special counsel a number of times during the Obama years for the Clinton emails oh yeah I'm sorry yes for the Department of Justice supposedly targeting reporters leaks as White House leaks of investigation the idea that Joe Sestak might have been gotten a job offer and exchanged my point is why does lighting to all those meet the test for a special counsel but this one doesn't this is a counterintelligence investigation we're not investigating a crime yet if it becomes a criminal investigation of the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians during the election and mr. Roth enstein doesn't believe he can do the job then we'll have a special counsel there's a process in place I'm not worried about polling I'm not worried about anything other than trying to get the right answer the Russians did it they need to be punished Trump's not a target of an investigation yet lead this investigation alone Congress is doing a good job in my view if it gets to the point we can't then we'll take it outside of Congress you are been looking at the president's finances the president has made a big deal that he sent you a certified letter from his accountant which all that means is you signed for it and that's fine but why does it matter in this case shouldn't you want to see the tax returns from one of these LLC's that run a golf course for instance there's this report out there in North Carolina that the trump National Golf Course may have been financed with Russian money that's not going to be in the president's tax return that's going to be in that LLC of Trump national and Charlotte that has that are you going to be able to get your hands on those records I have yet to find any evidence of improper business dealings between the Trump Organization and Russia regarding the election or anything else however if you can show me there's reason for that there's a suspicion of that then we need to get financial you see and those rats for documents unless have a reason but the president should turn over his tax returns he should do that I don't have an evident to subpoena if I get that reason I'll do it but he should turn over his tax returns he should do that now all tax returns not just as personal but these LLC's because that's where this could be it's not going to be in his tax return if there's anything there if you can show me that we need to do that I will do it I can't say on television based on your question that's a good idea but I'm open-minded to all things Russia the bottom line is I think Russia tried to affect our election undermine our democracy I want to pay I want them to pay a price I've yet to find collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia there's a Washington Post story that Comey went to burr to get more agents and more money that's not true there's a lot of things being said that are true or half-truths let the process work I promise the people of South Carolina the people of the United States I do care about this I've got nobody to punish and nobody to reward then get to the facts Senator Lindsey Graham I hope you don't regret coming on now but anyway I appreciate you happy Mother's Day the most important message they said there you go happy Mother's thank you sir appreciate it NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and then click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching do my internet of things pdf 2016 The Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music.

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